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Your Neopets: Are They Really Happy?

by 5qua5h5qua5h


Have you ever wondered if your neopets are really happy? If perhaps their happiness status and default picture hide their true mood? Well, this article can certainly help you find more ways to bring joy to your neopets. After all, they do deserve some love, don’t they? =)


Feeding your Neopet

Many owners make a vital mistake by thinking that they don’t need to feed their pets. Yes, the only thing that noticeably changes is your pet’s picture and hunger status, but leaving them starving all the time really makes them miserable. (Wouldn’t you be?)

A common assumption made by owners is that throwing their pet in Cockroach Towers for the month will make everything just hunky-dory. But that’s even worse. Now your neopet has to live in a petpetpet-infested hotel and hardly gets to spend time with you. This is just wrong.

For starters, feed neopets food from your inventory. Avoid feeding them gross or poisonous foods, for obvious reasons, and treat them to a bit of Krakuberry Mocha or Orange Juice. Maybe they are in the mood for pizza, in which case a short trip to Pizzaroo would please them. Feeding them omelette or jelly proves to be an inexpensive way to feed your neopet; just be careful that they don’t get sick of eating that stuff all day long.

Perhaps, you can even save up for a trip to Kelp! What neopet can’t enjoy a gourmet meal with their owner?

Dressing your Neopet

Few pets like walking around without anything comfy or showy to wear. Thanks to the relatively new feature of customization, your pet can now enjoy wearing a wide variety of clothes, from boots, to t-shirts, to sunglasses. However, throwing an Ultrafashionable Potato Sack on your pet and calling it a day does not solve the problem – your pet has to look decently dressed and enjoy what they’re wearing.

Dressing appropriately is a must. Is it winter time? Stock up on Brown Winter Scarves for your neopets! Is the weather warming up? It’s time to switch to T-shirts and shorts!

Obviously the personality of your neopet can affect what he/she wants to wear. If your neopet feels like becoming a superstar, something flashy or showy is a must. If they want to be casual, making a quick stop at the general store to pick up a Basic White Shirt and Blue Shoes can’t hurt.

Finally, we have backgrounds. Obviously you want them to fit your neopet - you wouldn’t put your Fire Blumaroo in an Underwater Background, would you? (I will cry if you say yes.) Mostly, it’s just common sense. Where would you put your Snow Bruce? The Ice Caves seems like a decent fit. Is it your neopet’s birthday? Use the 8th Birthday Celebration Background!

Mix and match to find the right clothes and background for your pet (and of course make sure the background doesn’t clash with the clothes. ;D).

Playing with your Neopet

Playing with your neopets is (hopefully) a no-brainer. However, owners often just pick the cheapest toy they see – say a keyring – and hand it to their neopet thinking all is well. Have you ever thought that maybe your neopet wants to play with you? Taking time out of your day to play with your pet will really go a long way.

For example, purchase a Red Bouncy Ball and play a ballgame with your neopet. Not one for running around? Pick up a Deck of Cards at the toy shop and play Go Fish! (Though being active outside with your neopet is strongly recommended.) Time spent with you is invaluable to a neopet. Remember this next time you make a quick stop at the toy store.

Another great game to play with your neopet is Kacheek Seek! With so many different hiding locations, your neopet will have the time of its life finding the right nook or cranny to conceal itself from you.

Just remember as a general rule that you can use practically anything to play with your neopet. As long as both of you are having fun, your neopet will be happy – and so will you.

Going out with your Neopet

Yes, it’s time to spend some quality time with your neopet. With so many different locations in Neopia, there is no reason to stay home and make excuses about how there’s nothing to do.

The Roo Island Merry Go Round will please just about every neopet who isn’t easily made nauseas (in this case, bring a paper bag or just avoid the ride.) Pick a Uni, and round you go! This inexpensive attraction is one of the best ways to treat your neopet!

Another fun location to take your pet would be the Tyrannian concerts. With a wide variety of bands, this famous stadium will please any neopet who takes a liking to music. Who knows? You may even walk out with a spiffy souvenir. =)

Mystery Island has some fun locations. The obvious one would be the beach. What neopet can’t love fun in the sun? (No sarcastic remarks about Halloween or Zombie pets, please.) Bring your suntan lotion and a towel, and you’re equipped and ready to go!

Another option in Mystery Island would be the Tiki Tours! Your neopet can relax as you’re pulled around to enjoy all the different and unique sights of the island.


If you feel your neopet is responsible enough, why not give them a petpet? Having something to groom, feed, care for and dote on will simply delight your pet. Obviously, different petpets need different levels of care, so before throwing a Cofferling at your petpet and hoping them to bond, take some time to think what your neopet would really love.

If your neopet is painted a certain color – Maraquan, for example – the best way to go would be a Maraquan or Mystery Island petpet. Same goes for all colors, though exceptions can certainly be made based on your pets liking.

You also may want to pick a low-maintenance petpet if your neopet isn’t that responsible, or else you may be the one who ends up caring for the petpet, and I’m sure you don’t need another pet to care for, right?

Painting/Zapping your Neopet

Painting your neopet is a large chunk of neopoints from your bank and down the never-come-back drain. However, your neopet will love you (or hate you) for painting them.

Careful thought about what to paint your neopet is extremely recommended. After all, you don’t want to paint your happy-go-lucky pet, Grey. That just leaves you with significantly lowered savings and a miserable neopet (not just because of the color, mind you.)

Does your neopet want to soar in the skies of Neopia, a Faerie Paint Brush will do. Maybe they dream of venturing into the deep ocean blue. Use a Maraquan Paint Brush! Perhaps your neopet just wants a simple pattern on them. Striped, Split, Speckled or Cloud Paint Brushes fit the role.

If your neopet is the type for holidays, Christmas or Halloween Paint Brushes give you some options to choose from. Just be prepared for year-long celebrations. (Yay! Presents all-year round! Poor Santa...)

Zapping your pet is completely different, however. If you want to maintain a strong bond with your pet, avoid this. It makes your pet miserable just to know you’re letting them take the risk of turning into something unspeakably unpleasant. (You do notice how distraught and nervous they are when you visit the lab, don’t you?)


I certainly hope this article will help all you owners whose pets could use some more love. The most important thing to remember is to spend time with your neopet and to show your genuine, full-hearted love for your pet. I guarantee you they will love you back. =)

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