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Apparently, You CAN Play With Food

by omega_hobo_gogeta


(Note: There are no worlds made of jelly, pudding, or any other edible material. In fact, I am not even completely sure why I wrote this guide. Sloth? Sure, that works. Sloth made me do it.)

Hello, fellow Neopian Times reader, today I am here to talk about a game known as Bouncy Supreme. In this game, you control an energetic Blumaroo (who happens to look delicious). Your objective is fairly simple: to run from your pursuer (which happens to be a very hungry Pterodactyl). To do this, you must use your surroundings to get away, all of which are made of Jel... Uhm, wait, let me think...


... Okay, I got it. As I was saying, you must use your surroundings to get away, all of which are made of Jumbo Exquisite Liquid, also known as JEL. In fact, not only are the surroundings made of JEL, but the pursuer and the pursued as well! I know what you all must thinking: “This would be an awesome cartoon!” Personally I think it would be better as a reality show. Either way, the fact of the matter is that these characteristics make Bouncy Supreme an amazing game.

How to Play

The mechanics of this game are fairly simple, allowing most people to master them in no time. Firstly, as aforementioned, your objective is to escape from your pursuer, but how do you do this? Simply, actually. Upon starting the game, you will notice that your Blumaroo is on a pillar, with another pillar to the right of him. Extending from the Blumaroo, you will see a line with a circle attached. This line guides the Blumaroo, telling him where to jump. This is done by adjusting the angle and the power of the line, and then by left-clicking with the mouse. Fortunately, you can see where your Blumaroo will land on the first three jumps. After that, however, you’re left to estimate. This will not be the only thing to change, though. Starting from your fourth jump onward, there will also be an arc of JEL coins leading to the next pillar. These coins are quite important, as I will discuss later.

While all of this may sound a little complex, it is actually quite simple once you become accustomed to it. Asking around, it seems to me that the biggest problem with this game is that people do not know where to place the guide-line when jumping. In fact, the most frequent question I heard in regards to this game would be:

“Hey Omega, how much of an angle and/or power should I put on my jump here: -inserts picture or description-“

I often reply with:

“Who are you? How do you know my name!? Was it Sloth? It was Sloth, wasn’t it?? WASN’T IT?!?”

Then, after realizing that my name is on my user lookup, I give them my true answer:

There is NO definite answer. Truth be told, I do not even pay attention to the angle and power of my shot. I just know where to click because of experience, and Bouncy Supreme is one of those games in which practice certainly makes you perfect, or at the very least, better. Therefore, the only advice I can give in terms of jumping would be to practice a little each day. Over time, knowing where to place your guide-line will become second nature.

Time and The Radar

Now that you know how to play, you should familiarize yourself with the time limit in the game. When starting a new game, you will have a 60 second lead on your pursuer, meaning that, if he catches up, you lose. That being said, the radar on the top of the screen show the position of your pursuer, allowing you to see how close he is to you. Personally, I do not use the radar much, because I know that the Pterodactyl only will only show up if I run out of time. However, if you insist on using the Radar, know that you will see your pursuer closing in if you fall below 60 seconds.

Regaining time is very simple. Every time you make a successful jump, you will gain an extra 3 seconds to your time. Also, if you grab every coin on your jump, you will also gain an additional 3 seconds, raising the total to 6. Typically, time should not be an issue, because it is quite easy to regain time faster than you lose it. However, if you are to run out of time, the Pterodactyl will show up and eat you. Funny, right? Obviously, this means that the game will end.


Points are awarded every time your Blumaroo successfully lands on a pillar. From what I have noticed, the first three pillars can dock anywhere around 20 to 40 points. After reaching the pillars with coins, you can dock around 30 to 50 points with each successful jump. I have heard rumors that collecting all of the coins in each jump increases the points you get when landing on a pillar. However, from what I have noticed, collecting the coins only affect time. I went through the game a few times, some of the times missing the coins purposely, and the other times getting all of them. From what I have noticed, the points docked on each landing were fairly similar. Either way, the coins still help with time, so they are worth getting nonetheless.

Earning Neopoints and Gaining a Trophy

As far as earning Neopoints goes, this game is both easy and fast, with a little practice of course. While the ratio of this game may change from time to time, the score typically needed to get 1,000 Neopoints is around 1,000 points. After gaining a little experience in this game, a score of 1,000 is both easy to get and fast to obtain. Usually, I can get such a score in less than a minute.

In regards to gaining a trophy, the best piece of advice that I can offer would be to not become intimidated. Throughout the month, trophy-spot scores have been known to range from 30,000 points to 100,000 points, so getting enough points can be both time consuming and difficult, but with enough practice, it becomes very possible.

To sum everything up, Bouncy Supreme is an amazing game, allowing for quick Neopoints, as well as a nice trophy if you practice enough. While it may seem difficult at first, I assure you that after playing for a little while, you will be as obsessed with it as I am. Either way, I wish you all the best of luck, and I encourage you all to give this supreme game a try.

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