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How to Make Your Bad Day a Good Day

by xepha


Are you feeling blue?

Are you having a very unlucky day?

Do you need something to make you feel better?

Well, this very unlucky day is now your lucky day, because I have simple and efficient solutions for you! If you follow my few tips, I assure you that you will have something to smile about before the end of your day! Oh, where is my mind? I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Antidepresseur, and I am an Island Moehog. Antidepresseur is the French word for antidepressant, and as you can guess, I was created to boost the morale of my owner, Xepha, a long time ago.

Before we start, here are some guidelines to follow:

Stop giving any importance to your problems. Forget about them completely. If you need help to do that, you can write it quickly on a piece of paper. That way, it will be out of your mind.

Smile! Now! :D :D

Prepare yourself to experiment new things.

Stay far away from the Grey Faerie.

Remember to follow Neopets Terms and Conditions at all times.

Are we ready now? If it is the case, I have four easy ways to boost your morale and to make your day better: Increase your social interactions with other Neopians, try something new, help someone and go on a shopping spree. We are going to detail each of them in a moment.

First, increase your social interactions with other Neopians.

While increasing your social interactions, I recommend you to follow one simple rule: Do not talk about what is going wrong in your day. Try to completely forget about it and instead, have a good time!

Perhaps you are shy or you just feel lost in the crowd when you post a thread on the Neoboards... however, I can assure you the boards are the best place to increase your social interactions. Talking with new people helps you to forget about what is going wrong in your day. Also, you are likely to meet people with similar interests and to make more friends. What is more supportive than friends? Nothing! Many chat groups are going on, so all you have to do is to pick a topic that interests you, introduce yourself and have a good time!

Alternatively, you could decide to be active in a guild. If you do not have one already, hang on the guild board saying that you are guildless and stating what you are looking for. You are more than likely to be flooded with guild invitations.

Second, try something new.

Many Neopians only come on Neopets to do their dailies and to play a few easy games. Losing at Tombola, being heavily blasted by the Snowager (and not getting the avatar) and getting Reptillioritus disease from Qasalan Expellibox. Boring, depressing and repetitive. Why don't you try to do something new today? Neopets is full of different activities, which insures you will find one that you like. Here are a few that I enjoyed myself, in no particular order:

Aiming for new trophies

Feeding a Kadoatie

Furnishing my Neohome 2.0

Restocking and Sniping items

Entering into the Beauty Contest

Playing NeoQuest II

Unlocking new avatars

Writing something for the Neopian Times


Having a new challenge in your Neolife helps you to adopt a positive attitude. When you achieve your new goals, you feel so proud of yourself and it motivates you to pursue in that way. Not to mention, it also makes your user lookup prettier when you have some trophies to show on there.

Third, help someone.

Another way to help you feel better is to be helpful. Why don't you give your time to new Neopets players or people who have questions on the Help Chat? Perhaps you could even send joy to people you do not know by donating items to the Money Tree. Vote for some Beauty Contest entries and Customization Spotlight pets by yourself. Knowing that you are helping and doing good around you should have a positive effect on you as well. It's like a mirror effect.

Lastly, go on a shopping spree.

You have been saving NP since forever to buy that expensive Royal Paint Brush or Draik Egg... But today you are feeling blue. Time to reward yourself and to go on a shopping spree! Buying items, forgetting about that goal you have been hardworking on, is fun! Yes, it means you will have to save more later, but for now... your morale is more important than your big goal. Buy items from your wishlist. What? You do not have one? No excuse there! Go and make one now! Then buy a few items to customize your pets and make them prettier. It does not have to be expensive at all. Most hats are funny looking on pets, and many were given away during the Advent Calendar and the Daily Dares, I'm just saying! Just changing your pets' look should make you and your pets happy.

In summary, do not isolate yourself when you are not feeling well. The best thing to do is to look forward, to smile and to have fun! Remember that even if you are having a bad day, the wind can always turn. You never know when you are going to read "Something Has Happened" on the top of a page... just to find out that Sloth has decided to gift you a Krawk Transmogrification Potion. A wise friend once told me that bad day or good day, we never know until the end of the story.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you found it useful. Now, this article is a perfect example of what you can do to feel better when you are having a bad day. See how I took time to do something new, that could get me a trophy and that will be helpful to other users. This is all what this article was about, and it surely made my day better to write it!

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