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by emmabat_3


Some articles have been about socks. Some socks can be worn, and some socks are even edible. Those are the basic uses. But what good is it to know about what kinds of socks there are if you don't know how to use them? Here are a few ways that you can use socks, whether they are specifically made to be worn or made to be eaten.

Sock Puppet! - Who doesn't love sock puppets? They're warm on your fingers and can be made to be anything. Isn't that right, Mr. Bobsock? (Mr. Bobsock nods his head.) Mr. Bobsock is our trusty watchsock. He is as low-maintenance as a pet Rock, and a lot softer, too. Also, they can have any features you want them too. Unlike your Neopets, they won't mind wearing a fake moustache on their forehead and a pretty pink polka dot bow tied around their nose. The one downside to sock puppets is that they cannot be entered in the Beauty Contest or be painted. But they won't... go... on the floor and don't need to be fed, so wash a used sock and you're ready to go!

Mitten - Well, socks don't make the greatest mittens, since they are made for your feet. But in a pinch, on a cold winter night where you are stuck outside and are only wearing socks, they will do. If you have lots of time on your hands - yes, hands; if you don't have any, you shouldn't worry about mittens - you could always take a pair of socks, snip here, sew on there, and make a pair of nice, warm mittens. Or you could make something with multiple uses by creating mittens and then gluing on google eyes and other accessories. Now you have a mitten puppet! Both sensible, and for entertainment. If not, you could save your socks for the next idea.

Quilt - Again, you must get out your sewing needle. If you have too many socks in your drawer, you can take some out and sew them together into a square. If you are a very skilled sew-er, you can make cool patterns with the socks, but no matter what it looks like, it will still make a cozy blanket for cold nights. Sounds good, doesn't it? All warm and comfy... Wait! Don't go yet! We suggest that if your socks for the quilt are used, wash them before sewing. After all, socks do acquire a rather strange smell after a while... and really, who is going to use a stinky quilt? Of course, if your pets don't have noses, it might be okay, but it is strongly advised that you give your socks a nice scrub before these activities.

Go Fishing! - This has not been attempted, but maybe if you washed them with a detergent that smelled like worms or something else a fish finds tasty, you could use socks to fish. Or you could try decorating your sock so that it resembles a worm. Maybe the giant squid would be interested in a sock painted, let's say, a dull yellow and stuffed with Omelette and Jelly and other more squishy freebies. While we're in the water, perhaps a sock coated in a waterproof coating with a few extra holes would make a nice bathing suit for a baby Neopet, depending on the size of the foot that used the sock. Or you could put a baby Neopet in a waterproofed sock and use it as bait... but you'd probably get in trouble...

Play Dress-Up - This idea is for all the little Neopets (yes, you can uncover their eyes now). Really, the only dress-up outfit a sock provides is an Elephante. You put a sock on your nose for the Elephante's trunk, and a sock on each ear for Elephante ears. If you painted the socks blue... or red... or whatever color you wanted your Elephante outfit to be, you could go trick-or-treating on Halloween in this outfit. You could even do this if you were an Elephante. Of course, just because an Elephante is the only dress-up I could think of doesn't mean it is the only possible one. Feel free to expand... you could even use wing socks to create fake wings.

Cup Warmer - Don't you hate it when your Borovan gets cold? Well, no more! Now you can put your hot drinks like Borovan into (clean) socks to keep them warm. Er, let me rephrase that. Do not dump your drinks into socks; they will leak out. Put your cups full of your hot drinks into socks. You can even make cool designs on the socks with markers, like I LOVE BOROVAN, or tiny pictures of Snowbunnies drinking hot chocolate. If you used all your socks making cool sock puppets, well, they don't really care if you put your mugs full of hot chocolate inside their heads. However, only woolen socks are good at this. Thin socks will not insulate your tasty drink.

SOCK FIGHT!!! - You've heard of pillow fights. Maybe you've even had some, and gotten a little crazy and started throwing bedsheets, and your mom got mad and made everybody go to sleep before midnight. But have you ever stopped to consider that socks would work just as well? They are easier to heave at your friends, and cause less damage to windows and anything on a shelf. Yet they almost create as much havoc, and everyone has enough that it makes a giant mess. And if you happen to have some dirty socks, you can throw them at all your siblings who have noses to annoy them. Actually, you can throw clean socks at them and it will still annoy them! Who knew socks were so much fun?

Those are just eight of the many ways to enjoy your socks. I'm sure there are many more, and now you can't give your pets socks because they will start experimenting and you will probably end up with socks coating the walls because of failing crafts, and maybe a sock or two in the cereal box, who knows how that happened. But have fun anyway, and who's up for a sock fight?

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