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All About Neopia Test!

by rainpool10


How much do you know about Neopia? That question has always haunted users of Neopets no matter if they are one week or six years. Well, now you can finally answer that question! Take this quick 18 question quiz and find out if you have the sense of a Newbie or the smarts of a Premium. At the end you can count how many questions you got right and find out where you rank. Be on the lookout for hints. They will guide you as you franticly search your mind for the answers. The questions are based on Species of pets, Shops, Games, Characters, Colors, Plots, Avies... basically anything at all! The questions could be multiple choice or just plain questions. You might want to write down your answers, though, as I will give you the answers at the end to see how you did. Now go answer those questions!

1. Which Neopet has a favorite pastime of Diving for Treasure? (Hint: They are believed to have Tentacles on their head.)

2. Which of the following Neopets has a knack for magic?

A. Kacheek

B. Aisha

C. Lupe

3. Where can you find the Brilliant Winged Amulet?

Hello, you can find me-

4. Which game hails from a prehistoric land and involves many explosions of multicolored blocks?

5. Who is Evil Death?

6. Which species is Evil Death and where does he hail from?

7. What free food source does Sabre-X guard?


8. In the game Hasee Bounce, how do you extend your time?

9. One of the two hasees in Hasee Bounce is not painted. Which of the following colors is the other painted?

A: Split

B: Purple

C: Orange

D: Red

E: None, they are both unpainted or the color is not yet available.

10. What Faerie is the arch enemy of Illusen? (Hint: They are rumored to be sisters.)

11. What species is Reginald from the Tale of Woe?

12. What weapon from Wondrous Weaponry in Shenkuu will cause your opponent to break down laughing?

13. What species is ‘Trapper? (Yet another hint: Yooyuball.)

It’s not nice to throw me around!

14. What color is the Book shop?

A: Yellow

B: Green

C: Red

D: Blue

15. How long does the Snowager sleep?

A: One hour

B. Two hours

C: Half a hour

D: He is awake all the time.


16. How do you get the Pack Rat avatar?

17. Which of the following pets is NOT limited edition?

A. Draik

B. Cybunny

C. Chomby

D. All of the above

18: Which petpet can be bought in Dubloons?

A: Quadrapus

B: Angelpuss

C: Snoogy

Well, that’s the end of it! Hope you had fun! Now you need the answers to finish the test, so I guess I have to give you them. Here they are!

1: Acara

2: Aisha

3: Altador’s very own Magic Marvels

4: Destruct-o-Match. I really miss the old games.

5: Eliv Thade

6: Kacheek and Haunted Woods

7: Giant Omelette in Tyrannia

8: By collecting the letters in Hasee

9: Purple

10: Jhudora

11: Lupe

12: Pocket Feather

13: Poogle

14: Red

15: One hour

16: By having 1,000 unique items in your SDB.

17: Draik. I understand that some might be going “WHAT!!!!!” But it is true. A Draik is not limited edition, though it is rare. You can not create one through Create a Pet. The only way to obtain one is to get a Draik Egg. Therefore it is not a limited edition pet.

18: Quadrapus

To rank yourself, count how many you got right. Then look at the chart below. The sections are ordered from best to worst.

14 or more right:

You know enough about Neopia to last a very long time. You’re always on the lookout for more info and tips. You know all the best Wheels to spin and the best route for freebies. You are an experienced user and are proud of all the pets you have. You should spread the knowledge to new users.

13 to 8 right:

You are still learning about Neopia, but you are experienced. You make mistakes from time to time. Your pets sometimes go hungry. You don’t know the games like some users and don’t have many trophies. Try getting some help from older and wiser users; it will do you good in the long run.

7 to 4 right:

You aren’t the brightest block on the street, but you are growing smarter every day. Every time you get a high score, or complete a Faerie Quest, or beat a villain in the Battledome, you gain more knowledge of the ever changing world around you. Try new games or go to new places. They may open doors that you never knew were there.

3 to 0 right:

If you scored this much, I’m surprised you even figured out how to click the mouse! You have as much sense as a user who hasn’t even signed up yet! Your pets go hungry every night. You spend all you money on stuff you don’t need. Does one of your pets not look too good? Like they’re sick or something? Well, they are! My advice, look around for free stuff, cheap stuff, and stay away from Wheels and Scratch Cards! They are money suckers. Get yourself a nice tutor and let them help you.

Well, there you are, folks! I really do hope you fell under the 14 or more section. That way I won’t get any angry mobs coming after me! *chuckles nervously* Oh! And before I forget, this test is not accurate. You could be actually a very caring owner with painted pets, zapped petpets, bloated bellies... If that is the case, I think you should get out more! Explore the world! Games are not the only way to earn points, you know. Or maybe you are just really lucky and guessed. If that is the case, I say go for the Luck and Chance section of the Games Room. You could earn major points doing this. But 60% of the time, this quiz is right.

Well, that concludes our little test! I hope you are a wiser user than before you read this. I want to thank all of you for giving this article a chance. I also want to thank TNT for putting me in the Neopian Times. Goodbye!

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