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Neoquest 2 Insane Difficulty Survival Guide

by catwhisper1


MERIDELL - So you've beaten Neoquest 2 on normal and evil difficulties. Now it is time for you to play it on insane. You can feel the anxiety welling up inside you as you begin the game. Your heart beats fast and loud because you know that this time will be the toughest. Perhaps you wish that someone would guide you through each step of the way. Well, this article, and the subsequent articles, will do exactly that.

I have read over the guides at help sites and have found them to be lacking when it comes to Neoquest 2 insane difficulty. This is especially true when it comes to the choosing of skills. Many of the help sites tout the use of skills that will be useless in the final battle against King Terask. Therefore, you will need to choose skills that will not only be helpful along your way, but will be beneficial in that final battle.

This guide will take you through each Chapter, and lay out for you the necessary skills and tactics needed to be successful in beating Neoquest 2 on insane mode, and receive your 50,000 NP and gold trophy. Not to mention the rather rare item you receive as well.


In this section, I will help you to become familiar with some general essentials in the Neoquest 2 game. Since you have already played Neoquest 2 on Normal and Evil Difficulties, you are probably already familiar with some of these. Purchasing weapons is one of the essentials.

In every section, you will have many opportunities to upgrade your armor and Weapons. Also, you will be able to purchase new damage potions, hasting & slowing potions, and healing potions. One rule of thumb is that you should NEVER need to purchase healing potions. This is also why I suggest that you always use the healing potions that are being replenished at the time.


When choosing your weapons & armour, be sure to choose wisely. Every town will always have weapons available from which you can choose. However, it may not always be in your best interest to do so. You need to keep a few things in mind before you choose whether or not to purchase the weapons being offered.

As I’m sure you already know from playing previously, you will pick up weapons along the way. Sometimes in battles along the way, also every time you beat a boss you receive at least one new weapon. The ones you pick up in battle will increase or decrease some of your skills. Be sure to take this into consideration when you decide whether or not you should equip it. Therefore, higher damage doesn’t always mean it’s a better weapon. Also, when you go into a town, you need to keep in mind that you may pick up more weapons and armour before you reach the next town. As you probably already know, you get less gold in Insane Difficulty than you received in the prior difficulty settings. So, when you spend, you will want to spend wisely. Therefore, even if you find that the weapon does more damage, you have to ask yourself if there is enough of a difference to make the purchase a wise one.

For example, in the town of Seaside, the weapon and armour I had for Rohane were at 12 damage and 12 defense respectively. Mipsy’s weapon and armour were at 6 damage and 6 defense respectively. The upgrades for Mipsy would have given her 8 on each, whereas the upgrades for Rohane would give him 20. I considered it to be a wiser decision to purchase the two for Rohane, and hold off on the purchases for Mipsy.

Now that you’ve purchased your armour, you have one more very important step to perform. Be sure to equip it. Believe it or not, that is one of the top mistakes in this game. Another thing you will want to do is to sell the old ones that you no longer need, since this will help you to be able to afford more weapons later on.


You will have many opponents that you’ll come up against in this game, from the little guys to the big bosses. So, having some tips to help you to know how to handle them is very important also. One thing to remember all through the game is that whenever you’re in a cave or a castle of some sort, the enemies will always be tougher. Many times you’ll find that the ones on the other end of the cave are even easier than the ones inside. They tend to do more damage to you. Those are the places that you end up using a lot of the healing potions. This is one good reason why when building your skill points, you’ll want to have the hasting skills take a semi-prominent role. These will help to speed up your battles, and reduce the amount of damage to you, during each battle.

Another thing to consider is the hasting potions. Shortly into Terror Mountain you will start building up Mipsy’s group haste. After that, you shouldn’t need any of the hasting potions until Faerieland. Of course, hasting and slowing potions are great in any battle. However, I tend to reserve them for just the bosses. They may speed up some of the battles, but they tend to really make a difference in boss battles.

Well, now that you have info on the enemies, it’s time to take you through Chapter 1 of Neoquest 2, Meridell. This will be discussed in the next section.


I suggest that when you start out at Trestin, you do not go more than two steps away from the village until you reach level 4 then between there and level 6 you can branch out. However, do not go into the Cave until you reach level 6. The main reason for this is that after each battle you will most likely need to go see your mother in order to be healed. At level 6, you should really only be at the mouth of the cave for the same reason. At this point, your enemies at the mouth of the cave and around the trees outside the cave should have between 40 and 55 HP.

You will want to use Hunting mode, so you can build up your Experience points more quickly. At first, you should focus on three main skills Damage Increase, Critical Attacks, and Innate Melee Haste. You will also want to throw one skill point in Stunning strikes at this point, since it is of some help at this point in time. Overall though, you will only put a few of the skill points into Stunning Strikes.

At Level 9 you’re ready to go against the Miner Foreman. You should have the following approximate skill levels:

Critical Attacks 2: Serious Hit

Damage Increase 3: Assured Stride

Stunning Strikes 1: Confuse

Innate Melee Haste 2: Melee Haste II

You will find that with these skill levels at the time that it will be easy to beat this boss. Take the teleporter to return to the surface. Switch to Normal Mode and head to the east, cross the bridge and head southeast to White River. You’ll want to pick up some Blast Potion. The battles inside the cave heading to where Zombom’s lair is will not be easy. You will most likely need to return to white river and stay at the inn several times in order to refill your HP.


When you finally reach level 13, it’s time to head toward Zombom. I recommend waiting until level 14 to beat him, if you want an easier battle. However, he can be beaten at level 13. If you go against him at level 13, you should have the following approximate skill levels:

Critical Attacks 2: Decisive Hit

Damage Increase 4: Calm Presence

Stunning Strikes 1: Confuse

Innate Melee Haste 5: Rapid Movements II

If you decide to wait until you reach level 14, you should add one skill point to Critical Attacks.

After you finish beating Zombom, it’s time to go get Mipsy, which will speed your game up a bit. Mipsy basically needs 4 main skills all maxed out by the time you reach Faerieland. However, while in Meridell, you need to be concerned with which skills will be more beneficial now. So, when choosing how to spend Mipsy’s original 12 skill points I chose 7 in Direct Damage and 5 in Innate Melee Defense. Some people prefer to use Direct Damage, others prefer Group Direct Damage, but there is no need for you to choose both of them. If you do, it is just a waste of skill points that can be better spent somewhere else. Hence when I use the term Direct Damage, I’m referring to either of the two.

It’s important to remember that while Mipsy is a hard hitter, she is also rather vulnerable. She has the least amount of HP in the game. Therefore, you need to be sure to protect her by building up her innate melee defense right with her Direct Damage skills. By doing this, not only will she hit hard, she will also be able to stand when she is hit.


Before you go through the Lost City of Phorofor, you need to stop at the city of Lakeside. As far as the purchase of armor and weapons, my rule of thumb is “buy sparingly”. You really don’t get as much gold this time, as you did the last two. So you need to be choosy as to how you spend the gold you do get. Also, keep in mind; you will pick up armor and weapons during battles. I usually end up purchasing the two most necessary weapons or armor, early in the game.

My suggestion is that when you get low on HP use the healing potions that are being replenished at the time, namely, the ones that give you the most hp. The reason I do this, is not just because it gives you the most, but because, those are the ones most likely to be replenished. So, you can use them, and when you move on, you’ll still have 20 of them built up.

Go into the Lost City of Phorofor with your party at level 16, and work your way toward the Giant Sand Grundo. You should be in the general area of the Grundo before you reach level 17. Be near him though, so that once you get to level 17, you can immediately battle him, with full HP.

Your Skill points should be as follows:


Critical Attacks 3: Decisive Hit

Damage Increase 6: Intimidate Foe

Stunning Strikes 1: Confuse

Innate Melee Haste 6: Rapid Movements III


Direct Damage 9: Extinguish

Innate Melee Defense 7: Diversion I


You should be built up to Level 19 by the time you decide to take on Ramtor for the first time. He won’t be hard to beat the first time. After you beat him you will be offered a free place to rest. Whenever you’re offered a free place to rest, it’s a good place to use to your advantage. Basically, you won’t have to use any healing potions in the near vicinity, because you can keep going back to Meridell Castle to refill your HP for free if you are nearby and you’re close to dying.

Since you are only going up two levels, between the Sand Grundo and Meridell Castle, the simplest thing to do is explain where you should put the two skills points you just received. For Rohane, you should put one point in Damage Increase, and one in Innate Melee Haste. For Mipsy, I suggest putting one in Casting Haste, and one in Direct Damage.


You will want to wait until you reach at least level 20 before you go into Ramtors Tower. The reason is that you’ll want to build your party up to level 22 before fighting against Ramtor. Keep in mind that right after you beat Ramtor; you will not be able to stop at an Inn right away. You’ll have to go through a battle with Leximp to retrieve the WordStone. Also, of all the enemies in Ramtors Tower, the one that is the most problem is the Demonic Grarrl. You’ll want to avoid battles with them if possible. If there is two or three in one battle against you, I suggest that you flee the battle. You can beat them, but they will deplete your HP during the battle, every time.

With this in mind, I suggest you do your building up while on the base level and in Dungeon level 1, then once you level up to 22, switch to Normal Mode, and go to the second floor and head right to Ramtor. You will want to have your party at these approximate levels in order to succeed fairly easily:


Critical Attacks 3: Decisive Hit

Damage Increase 8: Battle Wrath

Stunning Strikes 1: Confuse

Innate Magic Resistance 2: Magic Resistance II

Innate Melee Haste 7: Lithe Agility I


Direct Damage 10: Puree

Innate Melee Defense 7: Diversion I

Innate Casting Haste 4: Rapid Invocation I


These tips will help you to be able to get through Chapter 1 of Neoquest 2 on Insane Difficulty fairly easily. While you may use several healing potions at first, you will find yourself using less and less as you go further along. I have tried to submit a walk-through that would make it so that your battles with bosses would be fairly easy. I will be submitting follow up articles for the rest of Neoquest 2 on Insane Difficulty as well. Please remember however, that the skill points and levels are both approximations. You may adjust it as you feel necessary. If you find you’re having too much trouble, slow down a little, and take extra time. If you feel more confident, move a little faster. However, be sure to be careful if you choose to move faster. I try to work at a balanced speed. Either way, I think this guide will help you to feel more at ease when you’re playing, and more capable when coming against the bigger bosses.

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