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Solving Wheeler's Wild Ride

by fyora123123


GAMESROOM - Wheeler’s Wild Ride isn’t the newest game, and it isn’t the most popular game. However, it’s easy to earn neopoints in, if you know how to play it. This is a guide to solving all nine levels of Wheeler’s Wild Ride.

Controls: The controls in this game are slightly different than other games. You press the up arrow key to make Wheeler’s bike move, instead of the left or right key like in other games. These keys raise either the right or the left wheel of the bike. You use the spacebar to switch directions. To brake, you press the down arrow key. Also, the left and right arrows and spacebar make you do tricks while in the air.

Power-ups/Bonuses: Besides coconuts, you will see other things in the levels. There are berries and a coconut with a yellow glow around it. The berries, blue and purple in color, will change the multiplier of how many points you get for tricks. Purple berries double the score, while blue berries triple it. The coconuts with a glow put a temporary lid on your basket, so if you fall over, you will not lose any coconuts.

Losing the Game: Wheeler’s Wild Ride isn’t like most games where you have a set number of lives. The game ends when your number of coconuts gets down to zero and you crash one more time without collecting any more coconuts. The number of coconuts you lose per crash varies. I’ve lost anywhere between one and thirty coconuts at once. It seems to depend on the severity of the crash. You lose fewer tipping over than you do crashing into a pit. Also, if you run out of time, you will lose coconuts.

Solving the Levels:

Level 1-1 – This first level is easy. You simply press and hold the up key, and watch the scenery go by. There are two jumps in this level, and you can do a back flip by pressing the left arrow, or a front flip by pressing the right one. I, however, have found my back flips to be more successful.

Level 1-2 – Level two involves several jumps. To minimize the chance that you crash into a pit of bones, press the right or left arrows to make the bike parallel to the surface you’re landing on. If you get caught on the two bumps at the end of the level, use the right arrow key to hoist yourself up. Other than this, it’s pretty much the same as level one.

Level 1-3 – This level begins on a strong downward slope. You then go up a ramp and on to platforms of rock. However tempting it is, don’t attempt any flips. Your time in air isn’t long enough, and you are guaranteed to crash. When you touch down after the platforms, quickly press the spacebar to turn around. Many a time I have crashed into the right wall. When you reach the hills at the end, make sure that you don’t land vertically. Wheeler will most likely fall over backwards.

Level 2-1 – The 2- section introduces logs and danger signs. The logs are an obstacle, although it isn’t necessary to use your arrow keys to get over them. Just keep pressing up. The danger signs indicate where there is a pit of bones and other sharp objects, warning you to be careful.

Level 2-2 – Climb the hill at the beginning of the level. When you reach the rock, you can use the right arrow key to climb over it faster. You will continue on to the right, and then go down. There is a danger sign at the edge of the platform; when you see it, slow down. If you continue at a fast speed, you’ll soar over the rock wall and crash into the sharp pit. Keep going to the right.

This level has an interesting finish. You’ll go over a pit, and there’ll be a sign pointing to the right. When you climb the hill, you’ll see a sign pointing back the way you came. Reverse direction, and press hard on the left arrow key. Wheeler’s bike will hit a ramp, and you’ll soar onto the platform with the flag.

Level 2-3 – As usual, press the up arrow key to start moving. When you reach the hill, you can use the left arrow key to do a back flip. Keep going over the obstacles; I don’t normally need to use the right arrow key to hoist myself up here. Reverse direction after the platform ends, and keep going through the level. When you reach the sign pointing down, instead of continuing to the left, switch to the right and go down that way. It’s a lot faster than the alternative. When you reach the ramp, you can press the left arrow key and do a double back flip. (Don’t try to do a triple; you don’t have enough time.) If you’re lucky, you’ll bounce into the exit; otherwise, just go up the bumpy hill.

Level 3-1 – Remember what I said earlier about landing parallel to the ground? Well, forget all about it. When you reach the second jump, press the right key so that the bike is level as you’re about to hit the ground, and not on a slant. This will keep you from bouncing into the pit. After you reach the end of the second platform (the one with the arrow sign), quickly switch directions, otherwise you will fall into a pit of sharp coral. You will eventually reach a small gap after going down a hill; here, slow down. Continue smoothly over the gap, instead of at a fast speed. You will likely have safe passage to the end of the level.

Level 3-2 – Press the up key to begin the level. After clearing the first two pits, you will climb a hill. When you reach the other side, press gently on the brakes. If you go over the palm tree at the end at a high speed, you’ll fly into the coral. After you go down the hill, the next two sections will speed by quickly. However, once you reach the hill with a x3 power-up at the top, hit the brakes, but gently, and go over the gap more smoothly. Then, press the up key to speed to the end of the level.

Level 3-3 – The only advice I can give you for this level is to trust your instincts and look before you leap. There are many different paths to the finish, and every player is different. Just be careful when you reach the danger signs. Oh, and if you happen to reach a platform with a danger sign on either side, go to the left, and go slowly on the hill after it.

Congratulations! You’ve finished Wheeler’s Wild Ride! For completing the game, the underwater chef will reward you with extra points.

But how do the people on the high score chart get such high scores? If you play the game normally, you’ll only end up with 600 points or so. To get to 20,000 like the people on the high score chart, you’ll need something more. I have one word for you: wheelies.

If you press the right arrow key, Wheeler’s bike will balance on his front wheel. You’ll get five points for every second that the wheel is in the air. When the clock gets under five seconds, tip the bike over, and the level will start over, giving you a chance to rack up even more points.

I’m glad I’ve had a chance to share everything I know about Wheeler’s Wild Ride with you. Have fun biking!

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