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Easter Negg Hunt - Easter Cybunny Style

by jasminepavin


The Easter Cybunny. For years he's been hiding neggs from little Neopets, expecting them to find the neggs themselves. Well, this year, why not give the Easter Cybunny a taste of his own medicine and hold an Easter Negg hunt just for him! In this guide, I'll suggest the top ten hiding places you can hide your neggs to make his search just that more difficult.

10. King Roo's Throne - Let's start our countdown with the basics of negg hiding. A negg must be concealed and remain hidden in its hiding place until found, right? If King Roo himself is sitting on his throne playing Dice-A-Roo, it may take the Easter Cybunny a little while to discover what's beyond the cushions. King Roo might even invite him to a game and if he is lucky enough, win the negg himself.

9. Under Edna's Hat - *cackle* Now the Easter Cybunny will be looking into every nook and cranny Neopia has to offer to search for these neggs of yours. One home he wouldn't want to enter, though, is Edna's Tower. To make it just that little more difficult if he does dare to enter, place it under her hat. Of course, she won't know it's under there; you'd have to do it while she is sleeping.

If by some chance he manages to snatch the negg from right under her hat, I doubt she would cast any spells, though, to help him with the rest of the hunt.

8. Meerca Chase Game - If you see a field full of young Meercas darting around, why not throw in an extra negg? It will stay well hidden within the other neggs and really, why would the Easter Cybunny think to look for your negg in a pile of neggs? He will have to be fairly quick, though, to reach the negg before the hungry Meercas do.

7. Tarla's Shop of Mystery - If you make your way up to Terror Mountain, why not ask Tarla the Ixi for a little favour and place a negg into one of the dozens of mysterious boxes just waiting to be opened! Even if the Easter Cybunny does feel a magnetic draw to the negg in waiting, it'll sure take him a while to find it in all those boxes...

6. Turmaculus - Sneak up to Turmaculus and sneak a negg under his belly. He won't notice it during his deep slumber and if neggs are as tough as they say they are, the negg won't feel a thing either. The Easter Cybunny will be intimidated by the Turmaculus' sheer size and will think twice about waking him up to search around. Maybe he would have more luck with a petpet?

5. Punch Club of Altador - Here the Easter Cybunny will be looking for two things. First, if he wants to find his way to the Punch Club, he'll have to search the arches of the Colosseum for one of its members. That will sure take him a while. Hide your negg in a cream pie or some punch. He might be hungry and thirsty after all his searching today and we don't want to be too harsh.

4. Snowager's Lair - On your next visit to the Snowager's cave while he's asleep, why not stash a negg in the pile of treasure he's already guarding? He won't notice another little ol' negg and it'll take that much longer for the Easter Cybunny to search the caves for your negg while the Snowager is sleeping. To stir things up some more, why not bury your negg underneath some snow? Have I told you how the Easter Cybunny just loves digging?

3. Negg Cup - Reverse psychology at its finest! The Easter Cybunny won't know what hit him. Who would think you would hide a Negg in your daily negg cup? How diabolical.

2. Yes Boy Ice Cream Concert Crowd - Now this hiding place may sound a little crazy... and it is, but let me explain. The Band Yes Boy Ice Cream will be playing this Easter and assuming you can get a backstage ticket, throw your negg off the side stage. Yes, that's right. Let your negg do a stage dive. This will cause the crowd full of thousands of screaming fans to carry around the negg to well, basically nowhere. Congratulations, you are the owner of the world's first crowd surfing negg. This may seem like an easy place to spot a negg, but the hard part won't be finding it, the hard part will be catching up to it. ;)

1. In your hands - Yep, I know what you're thinking. How can you hide a negg in your hands? Well, let me explain. When you explain to the Easter Cybunny you want him to participate in your little negg hunt and are explaining the rules, you're holding out a negg to well, basically show him what a negg looks like, to suit the theme, to make it look like a tv show prop, I don't know; I'm sure you can think of something. But from the time you say go, he won't be thinking of the negg in your hands. Oh no, he'll be thinking about the neggs across the lands of Neopia you set out for him. So when he comes back with nine neggs and says, "Yo, where's da last negg?" (Ok, I'm not 100% sure he actually talks that way), you can explain to him that you were holding on to the easiest to find negg of all!

Well, that's my countdown to the ten best places to stash your Easter Neggs this Easter to give the Easter Cybunny a little taste of the "excitement" you feel every Easter. Maybe next year he'll feel so much gratitude he'll deliver them straight to your refrigerator rather than out in the garden where nasty petpetpets can nibble at them... or worse still under your pillow. *yuck*

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