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Oivend and the Adventure of Token and Future: Part Four

by anfkc112093


“Oivend... Oivend, are you okay?!”

     DaLila grew frantic, slapping her friend’s face and throwing the occasional snowball at his head... anything to wake him up. She grew so unhappy and worried, she began to cry.

     “Oivend... oh, Oivend... please wake up...”

     DaLila placed her hand in Oivend’s fluffy mane, burying her head into his chest.


     As DaLila deepened her sadness, she noticed a glow come from under her palm.

     “What’s this...?”

     The Pink Cybunny lifted her paw, and, with an ecstatic expression, noticed the light faerie token glow and glisten like it never had before... and Oivend woke up with satisfaction.

     “Oh, Oivend!” the Cybunny shouted, throwing her arms across his head.

     “Whoa... what happened?”

     “You were hit by the Snowager and fell unconscious, but I think the light faerie token healed you and brought you back and...”

     Oivend looked down to his mane, and pulled the token up to his gaze. It looked powerful, as if the wrath of a herd of ferocious Grarrls couldn’t take on this tiny charm.

     “I... I think it did!”

     “We finally got the charm to work... when we needed it the most!”

     The two friends walked back up to Terror Mountain, arm in arm and extremely proud. They were almost at the top when they bumped into a Christmas Bruce.

     “Oh! Hehe... excuse me. Welcome to Terror Mountain! DONT YOU LOVE IT HERE?! I just love the snow, and the slushies, and the dance competitions, and the snow faerie quests, and cliffhanger... man, that Tuskaninny is awesome... and the igloo garage sale, and the super happy icy fun snow shop... I LOVE TERROR MOUNTAIN!!!”

     Oivend and DaLila stood there; their eyes widened in surprise and their bodies leaned slightly back from the crazy Bruce.

     “Oh... hehe... sorry. I just really like this place. Allow me to introduce meself...”

     The Bruce bowed down in a gentlemen-like-manor.

     “Icy’s the name, makin’ snowmen’s my game!”

     “Hi, Icy. I’m DaLila... and this is Oivend, and Momo.”

     Icy eyed the two pets and balancing petpet.

     “Well how do you do? How do you like Terror Mountain so far? DONT YOU LOVE IT?!”

     “Um... yeah. It’s great. Say, we’re actually on our way home, but we can’t seem to find the right way. Could you help us?” DaLila asked.

     “Well, sure! Where do you live?”

     “Neopia Central.”

     The Christmas Bruce pondered. “Hmmm.....”

     Icy pointed to the east, far down off the mountain where a blizzard blocked their view. No neopets frolicked in that area.

     “I’m preeeeety sure it’s that way.”

     DaLila and Oivend hesitated.

     “I’ll accompany you if you want. I know my way around all of the mountain!”

     “Sure, that’d be great!” said DaLila.

     And so the new trio walked down the large snowy mountain... unaware of their next adventure that was blocked by the snow.


     About an hour passed, and Oivend, Momo, DaLila, and Icy came to almost a flat elevation. The weather became warmer within time, they realized.

     But, after a while, they came to realize that the weather had become very hot, and the land had started to become not a snowy white, but a barren brown. Off in the distance, the three saw a mass of prehistoric jungle, and a foreign chant of ‘uggs’.

     DaLila sighed.

     “Why am I not surprised?”

     “Tyrannia? Oh... ah... hehe... sorry. I guess I don’t know my mountain as much as I thought I did...” said Icy.

     DaLila just simply gave him a look.

     The three entered a village, known to Icy as Tyrammet. It was nestled in the Tyrannian Jungle, full of straw huts molded together by mud and dung found on the jungle floor. They viewed as hundreds of Tyrannian Neopets roasted unknown substances over pits in their huts, sharpened pieces of stone for tools, and plastered their home with fresh mud... and gross enough, dung. They passed through, finding a barren field of stone homes and stores. A large red Grarrl stood above dozens of orange spotted eggs which cracked from his loud and gruesome roar. A golf course was not too far off, and tiny miniature Tyrannian petpets roamed the land.

     They passed the jungle and went up the barren hill to find a plateau, where more was to come. They saw a concert hall made of massive mud walls, and a Tyrannian blue Techo was selling tickets to see “Chomby and the Fungus Balls”. A MASSIVE Omelette lay smack in the center of the plateau, where thousands of Neopets took tiny pieces. Oivend, starved to death, approached the massive omelette and managed to take a slice.

     Mm... Bacon Omelette. He devoured it quickly.

     There was an arena, dead center of the barren field of dirt, a wheel guarded by a Tyrannian Quiggle, looking more bored than ever, continuously watching the dial on his wrist. And, far off in the corner, was a raised platform in which several high officials of the Tyrannian army stood proud... a.k.a., the Town Hall.

     "Hey! What's that over there?!?!" Icy ran off in the distance, followed by DaLila and Oivend.

     The Christmas Bruce stopped in front of a deep, dark cave. He stood there, awed by adventure and daring desire.

     "Hey, Icy! Where are you--" As soon as Oivend saw the cave, he shuddered.

     "C'mon! Let's see what's in there!"

     Icy led the way, hesitantly leaving DaLila and Oivend to trail behind slowly.

     "I don’t know, Icy... this place gives me the creeps. Isn‘t this the cave they say is the lair of some sort of beast?" DaLila asked.

     “Pssh...” Icy said in an amused tone. “Do you really believe that?”

     DaLila didn’t answer.

     The cold air was surrounded by the only sound of slow dripping water as they entered the cave. Spider webs got in the pets’ way as they got closer to an unknown sound that sounded something like scratching. Up ahead, an old rope hang from the ceiling. Icy, with no hesitation began to climb up. DaLila and Oivend continued to trail behind.

     “Icy... I’m scared...” DaLila protested, but Icy shushed her.

     “We’re getting close...” he said.

     “Close to what?!?!” Oivend shouted over the faint silence.

     He was shushed by Icy and DaLila.

     As the three climbed up the rope, they emerged into a dank cavern. The only exit they could see was an opening in the rock, surrounded by several other jagged pieces of rock to look like teeth. It was just small enough for the three to pass through. And so, they proceeded.

     “Icy... I think we should...”

     Before DaLila could finish her sentence as she followed Icy and Oivend into the dark opening, a low continuous growl was heard. Then, abruptly, a giant beastly red Pterodactyl like creature emerged from the darkness, screeching at its visitors.

     We could only imagine our pets’ reactions.

     “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” they screamed in unison, unable to move from horror.

     Just under Oivend’s fur, he could feel the sensational glow growing more and more powerful. Just then, however, in the nick of time, another growl was heard above the creature... more familiar sounding, and at the same time a strong unknown force pushed them back out of the hole and into the cavern.

     As the three got up with faint dizziness, they saw a Tyrannian Kougra emerge from the opening where the beast had hidden. he growled ferociously at them.

     “What do you think you were doing?!!?? This is the lair of the beast... everyone in Tyrannia knows that. Nobody EVER enters the lair’s beast without having the desire to get killed! What is your purpose here?!”

     “W-w-we’re sorry, sir... we didn’t know. Our friend here was curious about what lay inside the cave, and so we thought... w-we thought...” DaLila stumbled.

     “You thought NOTHING! You couldn’t possibly dare think of entering this lair! Never enter here again, do you understand me?! And you!” The Kougra focused his gaze on Icy. But before he could finish his threat, DaLila started up the water works.

     The Kougra straightened his position, then slowly fell with grief and sympathy for the pretty, innocent Cybunny.

     “Please don’t cry, young one. It’s all right. The beast is gone.”

     DaLila didn’t stop her crying, and Oivend and Icy gave the Kougra a look, making him feel even more guilty, and he struggled to act like the warrior he was.

     “I’m Tyranny, defender of Tyrannia and member of the Tyrannian army.”

     “Some defender...” Icy mumbled under his breath. Tyranny sighed.

     “Please... please, miss. I’m sorry... I-I didn’t think... I wasn’t...”

     But DaLila kept crying.

     “Here...” Oivend crawled over to his friend, and nudged her shoulder. He took the light faerie token from his neck, and placed it around DaLila’s. Instantaneously, the strong powerful sensation sept through the Cybunny and she stopped her crying, and looked up at Oivend in happiness. Then, she turned to Tyranny.

     “I’m sorry... I...”

     She stopped him.

     “It’s okay. It’s just that everything we’ve gone through so far on our journey, I just thought it would end back in that cave and...”

     “We just want to go home,” said Oivend, finally.

     Tyranny pondered. “I will help you three return to your homes. Where is that, exactly?”

     “Neopia Central,” said Oivend and DaLila in unison.

     They turned to see Icy, whom they expected to say something like: “TERROR MOUNTAIN THE BEST PLACE IN THE WOOOORRLLLLDDDD!”, but he didn’t. He remained silent.

     “Neopia Central it is,” Tyranny said, unaware of Icy’s real home.

     “I will take you to your home, Neopia Central. You can trust me on that. I make it my duty to get you home safe,” said Tyranny.

     Tyranny led Oivend, Momo, DaLila, and to their surprise Icy across Tyrannia, through Terror Mountain, across to the Haunted Woods, and safely home to Neopia Central, where DaLila felt happy to be home. Oivend, however, still felt the grief of losing his owner. Tyranny noticed. Icy stayed unusually quiet.

     “What’s wrong, young Neopet?”

     “I’m home, now. Thank you. But I had lost my owner...”

     “OIVEND!” A most grateful shout was heard over a bustle of Neopets and owners in Neopia Central. Andrea, Oivend’s owner, came rushing to her Cloud Gnorbu. She hugged him, almost choking the breath out of him. His excitement increased to a hysterical rate as he came to realize the reality.

     “Oivend! Oh, Oivend! Where had you gone? When I came back you were missing... I had looked everywhere for you! Oh, I had thought the worst! You were gone for days and.... oh, I’m just so glad you’re home! In the woods that night I had came across something I found on the ground... do you know what it was?” She waited for his answer.

     Oivend shook his head.

     “It was a bag of neopoints! Oh, Oivend, we can afford a home, now! We can get furniture, and clothes, and toys, and there will be no more struggle for food... oh, you’ll never be hungry again! And... oh!” Andrea had finally taken notice on their company.

     “You’ve made friends!?”

     Oivend introduced DaLila, Icy, and Tyranny.

     “Oh, and you have a petpet, too?” she asked, eying Momo in the bottle. Oivend nod his head.

     “Well, we’ll just have to get a bowl for you, then. Won't we?”

     Momo shook his tail very fast. Andrea laughed. “I’ll take that as a yes!”

     She once again turned to Oivend and his friends. “Thank you all so much for helping out my little Oivend.”

     DaLila smiled.

     “Glad to be of service, miss,” Tyranny said. “You know, I must say, Neopia Central has grown to be a vast place nowadays. It’s beautiful.” He chuckled. “Makes Tyrannia seem prehistoric! And coming from someone Tyrannian, that’s something to say!”

     Everyone chuckled.

     “Don’t you have a family, Tyranny?” asked DaLila.

     “No... my owner abandoned me when I was little, and the Town Hall raised me as a soldier of theirs ever since.”

     “What about you, Icy?” asked Oivend.

     “Well... I really do love Terror Mountain... but I don’t have a home there. It’s a great place to visit and play in the snow, but nobody there is really one to care for me.”

     Oivend bowed his head in sympathy for Tyranny and Icy.

     “And my family... well, they just don’t really play with me or my brothers and sisters very much. My owner hasn’t for a long, long time...” DaLila sighed.

     “Well, I’ll take you all in! We have enough room, don’t we, Oivend? We can all be one happy Neopian family!”

     Tyranny, Oivend, Icy, and DaLila all had ecstatic glances.

     Oivend knew it. He knew this was the life he always dreamed of... the life full of toys, food, happiness, adventure, and most importantly... family.

     And it would always be that way.

The End. :)

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