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A Descent Into the Maraquan Sea: Petpet Plunge Guide

by marwanshah_13


Edited by iloenchen

Deep down in the Maraquan seabed, there is treasure everywhere. Hidden from sight, it has not been found until now. The brave Skeith, Sir Pompadour, thinks he can get it and become as rich as he could ever imagine. Too bad the sunken goods are under water, but what would you expect from a treasure in the depths of Maraqua? Sir Pompadour does not want to get his neat hair wet, or else he will have to comb it all over again... Boohoo. His solution is to get Maraquan Petpets to collect the treasure for him. Thus the birth of a new game: Petpet Plunge!


First, you need to know what the point of the Petpet Plunge is. The goal of the game is to get all the treasure while using the least amount of shots possible. The more shots you have left at the end of the level, the more bonus points you get. Using up all your shots without getting all the treasure ends the game. So make sure you use your shots wisely!


It’s best to know the controls of a game before we play it. Without knowing the controls, we would not know how to move or do anything; we would just keep Sir Pompadour waiting. To collect the treasure, the petpet needs to touch it. There are two easy steps to get the petpet close enough to touch the treasure. First step is to click on the petpet to set its direction. You can move around the mouse and the petpet’s face will follow it. The next step is to drag the mouse away from the petpet in the direction you want it to go. An arrow will appear. The farther away you point the mouse, the larger the arrow; and the larger the arrow, the faster the petpet will go. Cool, huh?


This is about the items you can find in the game. The items are divided in three categories. First category is the things to collect to move to the next level. These are all the shells and the weird rock looking thing.

Let’s start with the shells. Most of them are normal ones, which don’t do anything special, but some of the shells do. The pink colored shell, purple swirl, and the yellow/blue colored shell increase your speed. Now moving on to that weird rock looking thing; it stops all friction on the petpet so the petpet won’t lose speed as it travels.

The second category is the bubbles. These bubbles bump your petpet into another direction. The normal clear blue bubbles pop after one bounce, the fire bubbles pop after three bounces, and the orange bubbles never pop.

The last category is the extra shot item. These items start coming up on level 10. You need to collect them along with the other shells in order to beat the level, but they make a new category because they are special. They are clams that open and close; you will get the extra shot only if you collect it when they open showing the pearl inside. If the clam is closed, then you wont be able to collect the pearl, but don’t worry; the clam opens and closes every second or so.

-For more information about the items, read the instructions page.


The obstacles are Maraquan petpets other than your one. They can move all around the screen and can get very annoying. Just make sure they don’t get in your way when planning your next shot or else they will react just like a bubble and bounce your petpet away, but unlike bubbles they don’t pop!


These are some important tips to always keep in mind.

1. Don’t rush yourself

Rushing does not do you any good. There is no time limit or time bonus, so why rush? Slow and steady is the best way to complete the levels. There are countless problems that can be caused by rushing. You could bounce into an area that you weren’t planning to crash into or you could mistake another obstacle as your own petpet.

2. Choose your direction wisely

There is a nice yellow arrow given to you when choosing a direction; I think it’s better if you use it. You can pinpoint exactly where you’re going to land with the help of that arrow. With the right angling I’ve beaten Level 2 in one shot, which (for a beginner) is very hard to do.

3. Pay attention to the obstacles

This is very important. Always pay attention to the other petpets that are swimming around. Make sure none are swimming near your direction arrow when planning your next shot. They will get in your way and cause you to bounce into random areas.

4. Fix that lag!

There are some computers that cause this game to lag. It’s best to stop the water effects by pressing the effects on/off button on the top right corner. If the game still lags, try closing all other programs or just playing the game in lower quality.

5. Take away any distractions

If there are any distractions that can possibly cause you to lose your concentration (yes, this game does require concentration), get rid of them, unless you catch treasure more easily with distractions. The ways I get rid of them before I play this game are: stop any random music that’s playing, close the window that always blows wind in my face, and replace that flickering light bulb above my head.

6. Enjoy!

This game is meant to be for fun and fun only. Nobody’s forcing you to play this game or get that high score. If you don’t like the game at all, you don’t need to play it; there are hundreds of other games in Neopia.


Q: How many levels are there?

A: There are 3 groups of levels. Each group has 4 levels, so in all, there are 12 levels in Petpet Plunge.

Q: I like playing the game for fun and not for the high scores. I personally think level 5 is the best. But I always have to play levels 1-4 to get to it. Is there any way to skip to level 5?

A: Yes, just play Zen mode. You can pick which level you want to play from those that you have already unlocked by playing Normal mode. But you can’t get a score by playing on Zen mode.

Q: How do I turn off the music?

A: You can turn off the music and/or sound by pressing the little circle shaped buttons under the Instruction button on the start up screen.

Q: Are there bonus/secret levels in the game?

A: Yes, there are. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. On levels 4, 8, and 12, there is one bubble that creates a portal when popped. Go into that portal and you get into a bonus level that has lots of treasure. You only have one shot to collect as much as you can. Then you move on to the next level. A portal carries you into another bonus level. You can get over 100 points in each bonus level, so they are very useful! One more important thing to know about Bonus levels are that they can only be obtained when you have beaten one of the 3 previous levels in one shot. For example, you would have to beat level 5, 6, and/or 7 in one shot to get the bonus on level 8.

Q: Do you have a Petpet plunge Trophy?

A: No I don’t, but do YOU?

Overall, Petpet Plunge is a great new game added to the collection of games that Neopia always has. It’s fun to control a petpet in the depths of the Maraquan seabed collecting treasure from uncharted regions while trying to dodge the obstacles from level to level. Who could resist? This game is all about fun, and that’s what all games are for. So don’t take the game too seriously.

I hope this guide to Petpet Plunge helped, and maybe you can get that shiny trophy that you’ve always wanted. Think about all the showing off you can do! If you have any questions about Petpet Plunge (that are not answered in the FAQ above) neomail me. Also, this is my first NT article; if you’re reading it that means it got accepted! Hurray!

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