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How to Celebrate an Unforgettable Illusen Day

by likeshshnia


It’s the 16th Day of Running, and you are running frantically throughout Neopia trying to find everything you need for the big day tomorrow. What’s tomorrow? How could you not know? It’s Illusen Day, of course (trust me, I won’t tell her you forgot)!

Illusen (pronounced ill-oo-sen) is an ageless faerie of Neopia. She is an Earth Faerie, to be exact, and loves plants, nature, and helping Neopians. She lives in Meridell at her glade, and is very famous for her quests she gives to Neopians. She loves peace, but dislikes her bitter enemy Jhudora for all the things she has done to try to make Neopia a horrible place. Anyway, it’s not her day, it's Illusen’s. She is one of Neopia’s favorite faeries and today is the day we celebrate, party, and boogie! This article is a plan from me to you, like an idea on how to throw the best Illusen Celebration Party ever. Enjoy!

Wake-Up Time

7:00 – 8:00 A.M. NST

The alarm goes off, and you’re on your feet. With a couple of yawns here or there, you roll out of your Illusen Canopy Bed, and head over to your Illusen Wardrobe to pick out something to wear. After brushing your teeth (you actually do that, right?) and hair, you’re finally ready to go prepare a breakfast for yourself or guests.

Breakfast Time

8:00 – 9:30 A.M. NST

You open the doors to your kitchen, and there it is. Something you and your friends have been waiting for all year. One dozen Illusen Day Doughnuts! It’s a bite of heaven, because you can’t decide which part is better. Could it be the soft delectable dough, or the cool refreshing frosting on top? You be the judge as you indulge in these delectable treats and chat with company.

Play Time

9:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. NST

There is nothing Illusen loves more than the great outdoors! As you leave the comfort of your home and head to backyard, time will literally fly as you and your friends play catch with your Illusen Bouncy Ball. Before lunch, you also find time to play numerous games in your Illusens Glade Treehouse. Once done there, feel free to play with your new Illusen Kite. What could possibly be more fun than playing, relaxing, and enjoying the company of great friends, good times, and the outdoors?

Lunch Time

12:30 – 1:30 P.M. NST

By now you have been playing outside for nearly three hours, so you and your company must be starving. Everyone pulls out their Illusen Lunch Box, and inside you all find an Illusen Day Sandwich! Its tasty bread and leafy green contents make this lunch something way better than normal. After your sandwich, you take a swig of juice from your Illusen Flask. Now that you are all fueled up, you are ready for the rest of the day.

Trip to Meridell

1:30 – 3:00 P.M. NST

What better way to celebrate Illusen Day than to visit her home town? With so many games, activities, and shops to see, the possibilities are endless. You could even go and see Illusen herself, in person! What a memory that would be, and to top it off, you might even want to complete one of her quests. And maybe if you're there, you could even pack or purchase a snack. One of my favorites is the Illusens Cream Cookie, or if it’s a hot day you could have an Illusen Ice Cream.

Go to The Battledome

3:00 – 5:00 P.M. NST

Neopia’s evil-doers are going down. One thing I am sure of is that Illusen stands for truth and justice, for everyone (mostly everyone, you know who you are). When trying to fend away creatures of destruction, havoc, and ones that are just plain naive, maybe use some of these Illusen-approved weapons. Most important is your safety, since you don’t want to hurt yourself. To protect yourself, why not use Illusens Silver Shield? To show your opponent who is really the boss, take them down with Illusens Blade. With a cheaper budget, you can use the very handy Illusens Potion, and for those of you who are an expert at Illusen’s Quests, feel free to use Illusens Staff. That will show them that good always prevails over evil, any time, any day.

Dinner Time

5:00 – 6:30 P.M. NST

Once again, after much action and work, it’s time to refuel! Think about it, if you have been so adventurous all day, you don’t want to waste time making a grand buffet and slave over the oven. It’s perfectly fine to serve something easy on Illusen Day, but more importantly, to serve something tasty! You could try the Illusen Day Hot Dog or the Illusen Day Burger; both are classics and feature leafy, earthy bread with a meat filling of your choice. There is also the Illusen Leaf Burrito, for those of you who enjoy that spicy kick of a burrito. If none of those appeal to you or your guest, making or ordering a couple Illusen Day Pizzas is always a fantastic option. Whatever you choose for the day’s main course, keep in mind that it’s a must to serve it with a delicious Illusen Day Drink.

Dessert Time

6:30 – 7:00 P.M. NST

After you have put away all that food, you and your guests might be looking for something more, and when they want more, chances are they want something sweet. Dessert is the key to any perfect day, and will be the thing that will have all your neighbors talking. Some of Illusen’s favorites are the Illusen Day Jelly and a Chocolate Mint Swirl Illusen Cake. After everything you and your friends have done today, this is the perfect way to end it: tasty treats that can’t be beat!

Reading Time / Bed Time

7:00 P.M. – Until you Fall Asleep

What a day that was! You rounded up some friends, enjoyed breakfast, played outside, ate lunch, visited Meridell, went to the Battledome, and enjoyed dinner and dessert. It’s all done now, and I’m sure you want to relax. Why not jump right into bed, and cuddle up to a good book? Two great novels about Illusen are Illusens Novel and Illusens Ixi. These novels will put into perspective who Illusen was, and why you were celebrating today. Now that is the way to Celebrate Illusen Day, the right way. Have a great Illusen Day Y11!

Illusen Day Gifts

Now keep this in mind, this article was written in the form that you are the one hosting this Illusen Day Celebration, but what happens when you are the one who got invited? Here is a list of great gifts to bring if you’re invited to a special event like this:

Illusen Heart Charm

Wind Up Illusen Doll

Illusen Snowglobe

Handcrafted Illusen Plushie

Thank you for reading, feel free to contact me with reviews and comments! Another thank you to Kelsey (bitne008), Juliet (crazy_girrl), and Marissa (missybear23) for some grammar help/tips. Thanks again, enjoy Illusen Day!

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