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Five Ways to Prank your Guildmates

by tentilio


Ah, guilds!

We all love them. They’re a very important part of Neopets. With them, we make neofriends and just have fun! Though I bet you’ve found yourself wishing you could prank your guildmates and got stuck in the ‘how to’ part. No need to worry! It took me a while of dropping down ideas and ticking some things off. But I finally came up with five awesome ways you can prank your guild. Just a bit earlier than April Fools, too, so that you can plan out what to do. After all, pranks take time and organization. Right, pranksters? So, put on your prankster hat and get to work!


Name: This is NOT my guild!


  • Admin Powers
  • A coded layout
  • Creativity
  • A side account

Are you the leader of the guild?


Want to prank your gullible guildmates?

If so, here’s a cool prank you can do. Now, we all have themes for our guild. Some of our guilds are for fans of expansive items, a certain type of pet or even holidays. But, what if it was to change? That’s what’s going to happen with YOUR guild.

First, make a guild on a side account and set it to ‘private’. Why? To make sure your guildmates don’t see it. You know, in case they know about your side account. Now, come up with a new theme for your guild. Do NOT make it similar to the theme you have now. Use your creativity! Make it COMPLETELY random. For example, if you have a paintbrush guild, change it to a guild for Dr. Sloth fans. Now, some of us confuse random with opposites. Do NOT change your theme to the exact opposite of what you had for ‘added fun’. For example, don’t change an Illusen fan guild to a Jhudora guild. Why? Because your guildmates would know that you wouldn’t want a Jhudora guild and therefore get suspicious.

Alright, so, you got the theme? Good. Now’s time to make the layout! Either you can make it, get a premade one or ask someone else to do it. But, either way, you should end up with a coded layout reflecting your guild’s new theme. Use the private guild you created on your side account to test the layout. Make sure it’s perfect and just the way it should be. When you’ve done that, add in the information for the welcome message. This could be quite fun. You can say whatever you want. Apologizing to your guildmates saying that you chose to change the guild’s theme might be a good idea. Make sure that’s perfect too before you make up the new name. That’s right, a new name would sell it big time! When you finished with ALL of that, just copy what you have in your private testing guild and paste it right into your pranking guild. Everything would then change to exactly what you want in a blink of an eye. That way, if some people are on at the time, they’ll be pranked instantly.

Awesome, right?


Name: WHAT???


  • Poll modification privileges
  • More than half of the guild helping
  • Creativity

Have poll modification privileges?

Looking for an awesome way to prank using the guild poll?

If so, this is the prank for YOU! What would happen if most people in your guild vote for something completely stupid? Would you be shocked? Probably so and, guess what? That’s what YOU are going to make happen.

Get a guild poll made that asks members whether they want something absolutely stupid to happen. Examples include closing the guild, changing the theme and deleting all members below the one hundred post. Use your creativity to think of something cool and believable. After you made such a poll, ask the people helping you to vote ‘yes I do’. Seeing as they’re more than half of the guild, the poll will be more on the ‘yes’ side. So, when the people you’re pranking vote and see the result, they’ll be totally surprised of the outcome. Hey, you might even get some confused messages in the message board.

Easy, right?


Name: I SO didn’t see that coming


  • Creativity

Want a simple prank?

One where you don’t need much?

A prank you can do easily and fast?

Well then, boy will you like this one! It’s extremely easy. Though more of a beginner’s prank than a pro. All you have to do is change the topic of your post in the message board to something nifty. Have it say something like: “You are cooler than me” or have your name and then “is more awesome than me”. Things like that. Use your creativity and make it funny. DO NOT say anything that’s offensive or against the rules. Say something that’s nifty, but harmless. Remember, this is a prank for fun. Not one that’ll freeze your account or ruin your friendship with someone. After you’re done posting, just wait!

People usually don’t read the topic before replying. Most just reply randomly and post. So, soon enough, other people will reply to the message, posting with the same heading as you. It’s quite hilarious, really. Makes you think how observant people really are. It’s quite fun to wait and see how long your topic will last. It could last for days if you’re lucky!


Name: But I liked this guild!


  • You've got to be the owner
  • Creativity
  • Side account

I come to my most favourable guild and see no layout. Instead, it says that it has moved to someplace else. Alright, no biggie. It has a link to the new guild. I’ll just join the guild it was moved to. Except, look! The link takes me to my old guild. Oh, oh... what now? There are people still left over. How about posting some messages, maybe they know what to do. But, look! They’ve posted confused messages too.

Well, that’s what your victims are hopefully going to be thinking after this prank’s pulled.

First things first, join the guild with a side account nobody knows of. Post messages pretending to be someone new to the guild and chat a bit with your fellow members before saying that you got to leave. Next, wait a bit so the others wouldn’t be suspicious. The wait should be about an hour or so long. Then, log into the account that owns the guild and use your creativity to write a paragraph or so about why you’re moving the guild. Make sure to say that you’re making the guild on a side account. Say that the account owning the guild’s not going to be used anymore and isn’t deleted only to hold the guild so the rest of the people will see the message and join the new one. Include a link saying that this is the guild people should join. Except make it the “moved” guild’s link. This way, the link would only bring the victims back to the old guild. Now delete the layout and put this plain message up instead. Make sure to SAVE the layout and its coding before you do somewhere in your computer so you wouldn’t lose it.


Good! Then write down all the members in your guild, log off from your account and wait a while. The wait should be about an hour or so. Don’t make it too long. When you’re done, log into your side and check out the message board. If your guild’s active enough and all went well, there should be a couple of confused messages in there somewhere. If there aren’t enough or nobody posted anything, wait.

Why did you write down a list of your guild’s members?

So that if anybody leaves, you can neomail them. Hey, it’s possible.


Name: I NEVER knew that!!


  • Creativity
  • Partners in Crime

Want a prank to do with a couple friends?

One that doesn’t require much, but still is pro?

One with awesome results?

Then this prank’s for YOU! First things first, make up a fake rumour. Maybe a fake upcoming plot, a soon-to-be released paint brush or perhaps a new avatar. Talk about this with your partners in crime and find a good one together by neomail. A good tip is to also to make up different stories of how you ‘heard’ it. When you do, go to your guild’s board and chat with each other about it. Tell your stories and make it sound casual, like it’s so obvious and that practically everyone knows it.

Your other guildmates will probably ask what you’re talking about. Remember, the more people you have helping you, the less suspicious they’ll be. Try doing the same thing in other guilds with different side accounts too. Then, who knows, if all goes well and you don’t break it to them, this might very well be a site-wide prank.

Cool, huh?

If you’re wondering whether or not a site-wide prank’s against the rules, it has been done before. Plus, if this got published, it probably isn’t. It doesn’t have anything against anyone either if it’s only a harmless rumour. Just make sure it’s an upcoming thing. So, don’t say things like, “There’s a new avatar you can get if you donate a million NP.” THAT is against the rules.


There we go! Five awesome ways to have fun in your guild. Well, I hope you didn’t fall asleep in the middle of my article and have fun pranking!

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