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For The Love Of Gormball

by stariette


There is something incredibly Zen about clicking a button several times then making an easy selection of a number 2 through 5, hoping that it will cause something to explode in your neighbor's face. Oh, Gormball. It is a wonderful sport, and an even more wonderful game. Perhaps one of the simplest games on the entire site can bring hours of enjoyment and excitement. How you may ask? How can it not! If you haven’t tried Gormball yet, you might want to head over to the games room right now and give it a go. Nervous? Let me tell you a bit about it.

First off, you’ve got your eight players: Thyassa the Chia, Ember the Fire Faerie, Gargarox Isafuhlarg the Grundo, Ursula the Usul, Brian the Scorchio, Farvin III the Aisha, Zargrold the Grundo, and Kevin the Korbat. Now looking you may think to yourself, “Hey, there are two Grundos in there... I bet they’ll team up on me.” Fear not! Honestly, I think they care more about getting each other out than anyone else. Personally I always play as Farvin III. Always trust the Aliens. So pick your player and get ready to Gormball!

Most of it’s pretty simple, just click click click. There is even a counter to keep track of your points (and bonuses) for you. Watch out for that Steel Gormball; it’s a mean one. Now, it’s going to get around to your turn, and you’ve got to figure out what to do. Here’s the break down.

Two Second Toss: This is the optimum choice for you faint of heart. Got a little panic going? Think it’s going to explode any second? Choose the two second toss and get rid of it fast. Hope that it still has three seconds left so it can get the next guy in line or SPLAT! You’re gonna be out. If you manage to get your toss off in time, BAM, you just earned yourself 4 points!

Three Second Throw: So, you need a little more time to think? Not sure what to do. Two seconds seems too easy but the thought of holding on for four makes you sweat? The three second throw is the one for you. Hold onto it just long enough to get the guy next to you anxious but not long enough to be a real dare devil. Get this throw timed in right and you’ve earned yourself 6 points! Good going!

Four Second Fake-out: So you think you’re pretty cool, eh? You’re holding onto that Gormball, no big deal. YEAH RIGHT! I know you’re sweating on the inside. You can tell it won’t be long before this thing pops. You want to make it look like you know exactly what you’re doing. Don’t let them see you scared. If you can pull this one off, you’ve just earned yourself 8 points, mate! Way-to-go!

Five Second Fearless: Well, aren’t you just Mr. Cool over here. You’re just chilling, showing off even as you hold onto that gormball for a full FIVE SECONDS before passing it off. Why don’t you just go grab a sandwich or something before you hand it off. I hope you know what you’re doing, but hey, if you do, you just earned yourself a whole 10 points! Right on!

So, have you picked your style? Do you know where you stand? Well, there’s a chance to change your mind every time that ball gets to you so don’t get to worried over it. Do what feels right for that turn. But, wait! That’s not all. Oh no, my friend, this game gets much trickier than that. It would be too easy if they didn’t throw you a few curve balls. The good, the bad, and the bonuses.

The Pink Gormball: Look how cute! With its little pink and flowers! How adorable! This little ball will help you out and toss you a few extra points (usually between 1 and 7). Remember to thank it and maybe it’ll be nice and stop in again.

The Electric Gormball: What a shocker! This one will give you some bonus points in the double digits. Thank you, kindly gormball, keep up the good work!

The Fire Gormball: This one is red hot, really! Giving you even more bonus points, up to 30 is common! This is definitely one to tip your hat at and hope for more than a few visits to get your points waaay up.

The Space Gormball: Out of this world benefit! This one has more than a few bonus points to toss your way too. Stick them into your tally and look at your number blast off. Congratulations, you’re a lucky one indeed.

The Steel Gormball: This little meany always lives up to his name, stealing your hard earned points, but look on the bright side. You’ve got four good guys looking out for you. They won’t let you get in too deep, and besides, the Steel Gormball can’t steal what you don’t have. Your points will never go below zero. Hasee’s Honor!

Now that you’ve got all your Gormballs in a row go out there and take your opponents down! One by one eliminate them until you’re in the final face off. Oh you’ve got your blood pumping now. Now it’s a quick fire game of skill and bravery and who will last. Now, there’s no real loser because each way you’ll earn yourself some pretty points, but you know what, if you win, you win FOUR TIMES YOUR SCORE IN POINTS! Wow. Not to mention a really cool random item that you can sell, valued anywhere from 100-7,000 NP is common!

Take these items and throw them in your safety deposit box for a rainy day or sell them in your shop, either way this game has double the payout of most of the other games on Neopets and the surprise is always fun at the end. Now, why haven’t you been playing before?

Come on, you brave Gormballer. There are games a-foot. Go! Go! Go!

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