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Celebrating with Chocolate

by rider_galbatorix


The month of February seems to have a lot of free chocolate. Anyway, chocolate is a nice treat that you can enjoy all year long. If you're wondering what you might want to do with your chocolate, then I have some ideas for all of you that have way too much chocolate:

1. Feeding It To Your Pets

This would probably be the first thing that you do with your chocolate, giving your beloved Neopets some sweet treat. You have to be careful, though; you may get a lot more chocolate than your Neopet can handle, and a Neopet that has eaten too much sugar is something that you don't want to see.

Also, don't forget that eating a lot of chocolate can lead to a really large increase in your Neopet's calories. Then, you can probably imagine how active they'll be. Not to mention the tooth decay; for some Neopets, their teeth are everything.

So, while chocolate is a nice treat for your Neopets, and you should try to give some chocolate to them, just make sure that you don't give too much to them. If you want to know how much too much is, then a treat once every day or two days is enough. Also, adopting another Neopet if you only have one can sometimes solve the problem, and it will give you a new buddy and a new home to a thrown-out Neopet.

2. Giving It To Someone

Once you have gotten to the point where you just can't have some more chocolate, giving it to someone might be a good idea. There are a number of reasons to give chocolate:

Valentine's and Anti-Valentine's are nice days to give some chocolate to someone you care about. Since everyone likes chocolate, it's a nice idea to say that you care about someone.

Sometimes, a treat is rarely something that you need for a faerie quest. If you find someone who needs some treats that you have, then giving them away is pretty much something nice to do. Giving it to them probably won't cost you anything.

You could also just give them to say hello to some of your Neofriends as a way to say hello. It's a nice thing to add to a Neogreeting. After all, they are your friends.

Chocolate is a good way of saying thanks to someone, if they helped you out with some quest or gave you some good information. Just giving them to random people is something that you might want to avoid.

3. Putting It On Your Shop Or Auctioning It

If you don't feel like giving any of your chocolate away, you could always put it in your store. Who knows, you might get Neopoints. Auctioning is another option. The only down side to this is that since a lot of people are getting free chocolate, then a lot of people may not want to buy any. Plus, you also have to sell them at a lower price since there is too much chocolate going around.

If you don't have many items in your shop, then you might be able to leave it lying around for a while before someone buys it. However, if you're the kind who has too many items to fit into your shop, then this is not recommended. If you do have too little room, then you could auction it, but remember that you can't take it back if you really need it.

4. Putting It On The Trading Post

It's the same deal with the shops; you may not get a good deal if there is a lot of chocolate going around. Of course, after a while you might get a good deal, but it might be much quicker to just give it or feed it to your Neopets.

5. Donating It

Giving some chocolate to some people who need it more is pretty nice to do. Plus, it helps you get rid of some chocolate that is taking up a lot of space. However, most people do it with much less lovable intentions, thinking that if someone has it, it's better than throwing it out. Still, the result is the same, although most people donate things with those kinds of intention on the tree.

6. Putting It In Your Gallery

I'm not completely with this idea; after all, why would you put some chocolate in your gallery to show to other people? Unless, of course, it is some rare and valuable chocolate that you can't get without being really lucky or through a lot of luck. This might work for you.

I would just like to point out that chocolate is made to be eaten and enjoyed, not to be eating dust on some window while people see it. Oh well, it's all up to you.

7. Discarding It

This is something that you should completely avoid doing. Even donating a few treats is better than them going to waste. You could also just give them, or put them in your shop. Overall, this is the worst choice you could make.

8. Saving It

By saving it, I mean letting it collect dust in your Safety Deposit Box. Why would you do this? Because, maybe chocolate becomes pretty hard to get, and it's way more valuable than it is now. It might allow you to give your pets a treat later, maybe for doing something good, being a special day, or just because you want to give them some love.

Since there is no limit for your SDB, then you could store a lot of chocolate in there, and take it out for the right occasion.

Finally, I would like to conclude with the fact that chocolate is a tasty treat that everyone enjoys, and is meant to be eaten, not collecting dust on a shelf. Chocolate is a pretty good way to express thanks to someone or love to your Neopets or someone else. So, enjoy this tasty treat, and maybe even give it to someone else.

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