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Handed in for an English Homework: Part Two

by ralph89170


August 8th

I can’t write it. Not until they find her. Oh please, let her be okay.

     She wasn’t such a bad pet, really. Just a spoilt one who couldn’t get used to our way of life. I wish I could tell her that. And I’m sorry. Because it’s all my fault she’s missing.

      August 9th

     They’ve found her! It’s all okay! I haven’t had the courage to face her though. You see, I said some stuff that made her run away. Sort of.

     It all started three days ago, when I walked in to find Fyora missing, which wasn’t unusual. But then, I saw what looked like a book on my bed. It was actually a diary I kept in my first year here.

     All through it, in red pen, were bits circled and comments written in Fyora’s spidery handwriting. A few phases caught my attention as I flicked through.

     ‘My owner will come and get me soon. It has to be a mistake.’

     ‘My owner loves me. She would never abandon any of her pets.’

     ‘I’m not like the other pets here. My owner wants me. She’ll come back, I know.’

     But worst of all were the pictures in the back, ones I drew of all the faeries, and me in the middle, with a beautiful set of wings. I had written ‘Who I want to be’ at the bottom of it.

     Then, last of all, she had written ‘Sorry for what I’m about to do.’ My blood ran cold. Was she going to tell everyone I liked faeries? Or maybe sell my diary to another pet? Whatever it was, it wouldn’t be good.

     Quickly, I rushed to the main room and started to look for her.

     “Have you seen Fyora?” I asked everyone. They just shook their heads. Nobody had seen her. I looked around. Were they all laughing at me? Had word spread around? Those pets over there were giggling- was it at me? And was that neopet looking at me funnily? I was going to explode if I didn’t find Fyora.

     “Hi, have you seen Fyora?” I asked one of the assistants. “She’s a faerie Cybunny.”

     Normally the assistants don’t care much about us going missing, but because Fyora is painted she helped me look. We looked in every dormitory, but she wasn’t there. She wasn’t in the main hall either. Then we double checked all the rooms. No trace.

     “I’ll make an announcement,” she said. “She can’t have escaped. She’s maybe playing hide-and-seek.” I nodded, but I didn’t really believe her. We spent all day looking in every place we could think of, and the next. Then, one day, in Crazy Chris’s room, I heard sobbing. It turns out they never properly covered up the hole he dug, and Fyora had been hiding out there all this time. They’ve moved her to another dormitory. I’m too scared to visit her yet.

     August 11th

     Fyora visited today. She says she’s sorry, when really it should be me apologising. I didn’t really know what to say. Awkwardness hung in the air. Silence screamed its name. I told her it was okay, it didn’t matter. And then she left.

     She hasn’t told anyone I like faeries yet, I don’t think. Maybe she doesn’t think of it as a big deal. Maybe it isn’t. I might tell Fuzz about it tomorrow. After all, she wouldn’t tell anyone else, so it’s not like my reputation’s going to be ruined.

     August 12th

     I told Fuzz about how I like faeries today. She smiled a bit at first, but she told me it was alright, she didn’t care. I can’t believe I was so paranoid about it.

     August 14th

     I can’t believe it! I was walking down the corridor today, when I passed the popular three. When I passed them, they giggled.

     “Hey, faerie girl!” one shouted as I passed.

     “How do you...” I turned around sharply. Then I saw Fuzz with them, laughing. “Fuzz? I thought you hated the populars!”

     “Why would I hate them?” asked Fuzz. “I’ve wanted to be one my whole time here! And all it took was a little secret to get me in.”

     My eyes stung. Here was my best friend, telling me she was using me to become one of the populars.

     “Fuzz... why? We were such good friends! Doesn’t it mean anything to you?”

     “I could say the same for you. Ever since you got a nice painted pet in your dormitory, all you can talk about is ‘Fyora this’ and ‘Fyora that’. If she’s so amazing, why don’t you be her best friend instead?”

     I ran off. Everywhere I went, people who I thought love me hated me. My owner abandoned me, Ben left me, and now Fuzz had told my biggest secret to a group we both hated.

     When I came back to my room, who was there but Fyora?

     “What do you want?” I tried to sound normal, but words came out fast and sharp.

     “I... heard about Fuzz. I’m sorry. This is my entire fault, isn’t it?”

     I should have said no, it’s Fuzz’s fault, you didn’t do anything. But it felt good to have somebody take the blame for once.

     “Yes! It’s your fault! Everything’s gone wrong since you got here! I hate you! Get out!”

     But Fyora didn’t get out. She didn’t stand there, looking confused, or even yell back. She sat down and cried.

     “I know!” she sobbed. “I tried to make you like me, by keeping out of your way, even though sometimes I blurted stuff out. When I found your diary, I shouldn’t have read it, but I did! And instead of keeping it a secret, I ran away and made a big fuss out of it!”

     She dried her eyes and looked at me.

     “Do you forgive me?”

     I sat down next to her.

     “It’s not your fault, Fyora; it’s mine. I should have known you wanted to be my friend, but instead I hated you because I was jealous. I should have thrown away that diary, instead of keeping it where you could find it. I should have visited you when you moved dormitories, instead of being scared and hiding like a coward. Do you forgive me?”

     Fyora nodded. “They say I can move back in here, if I want. I said I’d ask you.”

     “I guess I’m getting kind of lonely here. Yes, you can move back in. If you don’t mind.”

     She smiled.

     August 20th

     Fyora and I have become really good friends since she moved back in. Sometimes she blurts stuff out, but it’s not her fault, and it’s kind of funny most of the time. Most pets think it’s odd, and some hate me for it, but I don’t mind. Fuzz is still a popular, although I think she’s still an outsider, still trying to impress them. I can’t believe she was ever my friend. Or Fyora was my enemy.

     September 2nd

     Fuzz got dumped by the populars today. In front of everyone. I guess she deserved it, after what she did to me, but you couldn’t help feel sorry for her, embarrassed and friendless. I ran after her, like the fool I am.

     “Fuzz!” I called after her.

     She turned around, and she had such hate in her eyes, it burned me.

     “What? You want to make fun of me? Say I told you so? Go ahead!” she yelled. “I know! And I don’t care! You’re friends with Crazy Chris! Everything’s fine for you! You’ve always had it easy!”

     “For six years I’ve been here! I’ve had Ben taken away, I’ve put up with Fyora and I’ve had you betray me! How is that an easy life?”

     “You don’t understand!” she yelled, and fled.

     “Would you like to hear her story?” Ayla, leader of the populars, stepped up next to me. “It’s rather interesting.”

     I knew I shouldn’t have, but curiosity got the better of me.

     “She used to work for Dr. Sloth.” Ayla began telling me. “She wanted to be his sidekick, help him take over the world. But one day she messed a really little thing up, so he got rid of her.”

     “She never told me that!” I didn’t know whether to believe her or not.

     “It is not a thing she likes to tell people, with good reason.” Ayla answered. “It was only until we told her she must provide more gossip to remain one of us she told us.”

     She left, graceful as ever. Graceful and pretty, but also mean and spiteful. It was said she was so mean that every owner she had put her back here again because of it.

     September 25th

     It’s Fyora’s birthday today. I wish she’d told me; that way I’d have had time to get her something. Or at least think of something to get her. After all, I have nothing but my pen and this notebook, and I do not wish to part with either of them.

     September 26th

     I have an idea for Fyora’s present! But I won’t tell her what it is. I think it might take me a while, so I’ve told her I’ll have it done by the 1st October. I hope it’ll be ready in time.

     September 28th

     Working hard at Fyora’s present! It looks amazing so far, I hope she likes it. She certainly should do, after all the time I’ve spent on it.

     September 30th

     Just finished Fyora’s present, in time for tomorrow. It’s taken me forever, but it’s definitely worth it. What is it? Wait and see!

To be continued...

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