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Handed in for an English Homework: Part One

by ralph89170


This was handed in to me by one of my pupils, for the homework to write about your past. I read it, and decided that the public should be able to as well. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you understand more about the pound, and the pets inside it.

 -Mrs Frost

April 25th, year 9

Once there was a time when I thought my owner would love me, even though I was just a terribly named yellow Gelert.

     Once there was a time when I lived off free omelettes and the soup faerie, but I was never hungry. Never starving like I am now.

     Once there was a time when I had a place I could call home and feel like I belonged there.

     Once there was a time I was called fluffy_neopet123, or Fluff for short, but now I am known as Pixie. My name is the reason I am here.

     But first, a description or where I live.

     We do not live in cages, as is commonly thought.

     Our dormitories are hardly luxurious, but they are not cages.

     The dormitories are one per two neopets. The walls are white. The lighting is dim. There is no heating. The beds are hard.

     But it’s all I’ve got to call home.

     Aside from the dormitories, there is one main room where all the neopets meet and chat. If we got fed, we would be fed here, but we do not, so instead we feed on knowledge about the outside world.

     We rarely see Dr. Death. The neopets we do see with owners are the random helpers who smile at us and try to get us to talk about our problems, the guards who stop us escaping, and the pink Uni who guides the newbies to their rooms.

     I remember the day I came here all too well. It was so many years ago. My owner was getting richer, 10,000 neopoints no longer seemed like a fortune, and she was talking about getting other pets, with pretty colours and pretty names. Maybe even painting me too.

     One day, coming back from neoschool, my owner told me we were going somewhere.

     “Are we getting me a new sister or brother?” I asked, excited.

     “Sort of, yes,” she answered. I grinned. We spent the rest of the walk talking about how our days had been, just like any other day.

     When we got here, there were two options, adopt or abandon. But instead of choosing the one with the pink Uni behind it, she spoke to Dr. Death instead.

     “Fluff, I want you to understand, that I love you, I really do; it’s just your name.”

     “Would you like to abandon your neopet?” Dr. Death asked crankily.

     “Yes, one second,” my owner answered. “I want to have a nice account, Fluff, with well named pets. Try to understand. Anyhow, I’m sure you’ll find a nice new owner in here to take care of you.”

     “But... Mum... I...” I couldn’t put into words how I felt, how to sum up all the happy times we’d had together, the memories, everything. I was her pet, not something she could just throw away when she felt like it!

     “I’d like to abandon my pet, please. Here’s my neopoints.” And with that, my owner left, forever, leaving me speechless.

     “If you come right this way, I’ll show you to your room...” the pink Uni was saying to me, but it was far-away, like something in a movie, something happening to a pet that wasn’t me.

     Six years later, and I’m still here. As far as I know, I’ve been here longer than anyone, other than my roommate 40375983475, otherwise known as Ben, the Lupe. He’s the one who gave me this diary. I don’t know what I’d do without him. He cheers me up and keeps me going.

     April 26th

     Everything changed today. I can’t believe it.

     The first weird thing that happened was that when I woke up, I looked completely different. So did Ben. And every other neopet. But we barely had time to get over the shock when a voice came over the loudspeaker.

     “We are closing for maintenance soon! We are closing for maintenance soon!” Ben and I gave each other confused looks. But then, a teenage girl with glasses and short brown hair came walking up to our room with the pink Uni.

     “Is it this pet you want?” the pink Uni asked the girl. I gasped. Could it be that I was finally escaping?

     “Yes, I’m sure.” The teenage girl smiled. She looked nice. I guess I was finally getting a new owner.

     “40375983475, over here please, you have a new owner waiting for you!” the pink Uni called.

     “Goodbye, Pixie! I’ll write to you, soon as you get out of here as well!” But I did not reply; I was too shocked. Why would somebody choose Ben and not me? My name wasn’t brilliant, and I wasn’t about to win the beauty contest, but surely anyone could see I was better than Ben?

     I paid little attention to my new roommate, who was quietly slinking in, not even turning around to see what it was.

     “We all thought Ben would be the last neopet ever to be adopted,” I said, to nobody in particular. “Well, it looks like he just was.” I turned to look at the new pet, and was instantly surprised. First of all, the pet was a Cybunny. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t read the NT; they’re such a rare sight here. Second of all, instead of being a basic colour like every other pet here, this pet had purple fur with two beautiful wings coming out of her back. You couldn’t help being envious of those wings.

     “Wow, you really do not belong here,” I told her.

     “I know,” she said. Even though her voice was quiet and uninteresting, you couldn’t help wanting to hear what she said because she was so beautiful. She had a nice name too. “I was only going to be here for a second, while Sophie transferred me to another account... but then it closed for maintenance.”

     “My owner was called Sophie too.” A memory of happiness washed over me, but I fought it off. Best to forget.

     “Yes, she spoke of you sometimes,” the pet answered. “Fluff, isn’t it? I’m Fyora.”

     “Not any more,” I answered. “I’m nothing to do with Fluff. I’m Pixie. I’ve forgotten all about Fluff and Sophie.”

     “I think you’d be better off remembering the old times,” she answered. “A pet like you isn’t going to get a better life than the one you had.” And with that she left, her fur standing out against the white washed walls, wings lit up even in the dim light.

     As said, I can’t believe it. I have no Ben and I’m stuck forever with a stupid spoilt Cybunny.

     Later on

     I can’t get to sleep, due to the complaining of one particular neopet.

     “The beds here are so hard!”

     “It’s so cold!”

     “I’m hungry!”

     On and on and on. As if I’m any better off.

     “Stop whining, will you?” I hope I didn’t wake anyone up.

     “But I want to go home!”

     “Well then, you’re just like every pet here.”

     “No! Don’t say that! I’m not like you! I have an owner who loves me, and when I’m getting out, I’m going to be with her again! My owner would never abandon any of her pets!”

     The words hit me, leaving a painful mark. I took a breath.

     “Goodnight, Fyora. I’m going to sleep now.”

     “Goodnight, Fluff.”

     I lied to Fyora. I’m not asleep. I waited until I heard her quiet breathing go even, then took a breath and began to think.

     Words are echoing around my head.

     ‘Goodnight, Fluff... my owner would never abandon any of her pets... a pet like you isn’t going to get a better life... I’m not like you... Fluff... my owner would never... I’m not like a pet like you...’

     I hate her. I was doing okay before she came, bringing back memories and hurtful comments. She had no right! Who did she think she was anyway? Just because she’s painted doesn’t mean she’s better than me!

     May 3rd

     The week’s gone by as usual, except for the fact there are no pets coming or leaving. Fyora and I avoid each other; she stays in our dormitory all day, and I stay at my friend Fuzz’s before returning late. Usually she’s asleep by that time; however, if she isn’t, I have to listen to her complaints until she is.

     “I’m going to die of hunger if I don’t get out of here!” was her complaint yesterday.

     “Pets can’t die of hunger.” I should know; I’ve been dying of hunger for six years.


     I thought she had fallen asleep, but then a few moments later, she spoke again.

     “So, does that mean if they just forget about us, we’ll be here forever?”

     I didn’t answer.

     June 3rd

     Another month has flown by. I feel bad not writing in this diary, but there’s nothing to write. Fyora still has no friends, but she’s learning to settle. She has stopped complaining, which is a relief, and she’s started coming out of our room into the main hall and other dormitories. One day I felt sorry for her, being alone friendless, so I asked her if she’d like to come with me to a friend’s dormitory.

     “I’m busy,” she answered, which I figured was just a nice way of saying no thank you. After all, what could she be doing that would keep her busy?

     “Maybe she’s building a tunnel to get out of here like Crazy Chris,” joked my friend Fuzz, a blue Grundo. Crazy Chris is a pet who had dug a huge tunnel, hoping to escape. He had been caught, although there are rumours going around that he had another escape plan, an even better one.

     “Yeah, maybe.” I laughed. Crazy Chris has never really been normal, and he certainly wasn’t now. He has no friends, and spends all the time muttering to himself alone in his dormitory. A bit like Fyora, minus the muttering.

     June 14th

     When I came into our dormitory today, Fyora was sitting there writing. I guess that’s what was keeping her so busy.

     “Hey, what are you writing?” I asked her. “Can I see?”

     “No way!” she yelled, snatching it away from me. Just like a little kid. I sighed.

     “Fine then, I wasn’t that interested anyway.” This pet seriously needed to grow up.

     July 28th

     Sorry for not writing for a while, but there’s nothing to write. Life is so monotonous. When Ben gave this diary to me, I thought maybe I could write a story in it. Well, here’s a story I wrote:

     Once upon a time there was a princess. She was quite ugly, but she thought she had a prince who took care of her. But one day the prince took off his mask to reveal he was actually an ugly witch, and locked the ugly princess in the tower and forgot about her. Then, one day, she put another princess in the tower. She was very pretty and always boasted about it. Then one day her brave prince came and rescued her, and they lived happily ever after.

     The ugly princess stayed in the tower forever.

     August 7th

     I am so scared.

To be continued...

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