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Customization Puzzles: Set Two

by ellieq38


Also by sarah12__ss

Already finish the last set of puzzles? You want some more good puzzles to challenge yourself and your friends? Well, you're in luck, as now there are 7 more puzzles for you to solve.

How to play: For those who are new, a customization puzzle is where I will give you a theme, neopet species, and what type of items it takes to complete it. Your goal is to try and guess the color and what wearable items it takes to complete it. Some will be easy, but the others will be hard, but I will give you some hints to help you solve it. It is a great way to challenge your friends by seeing who can complete the puzzle using the fewest hints.

#1: A Tasty Home. Species: Grundo. Difficulty: Easy.

You are looking for a background and a trinket.

Color hint #1: This is a Lab Ray only color.

Color hint #2: This is a tasty Grundo, which Dr Sloth can't wait to put in his hot chocolate.

Background hint #1: This is an Advent Calendar only item.

Background hint #2: This is one tasty neohome.

Trinket hint #1: This is one of the few game themed trinkets.

Trinket hint #2: Ooh, it is shiny. At least that is what one snuffly likes to think while he tries to collect as many as he can.

#2: Wash Up Treasures. Species: Kacheek. Difficulty: Easy.

You are looking for a background and a trinket.

Color hint #1: This is a Hidden Tower paint brush color.

Color hint #2: This color won the first Paint Brush Color contest.

Background hint #1: This is a nice alternative if you cannot afford to take a trip to Mystery Island.

Background hint #2: A lot of things have washed up on shore.

Trinket hint #1: This is one of the four wearable shells.

Trinket hint #2: This shell looks very beautiful.

#3: Maintenance. Species: Techo. Difficulty: Easy.

You are looking for a background and a trinket.

Color hint #1: This is a prized Lab Ray color.

Color hint #2: Soon your neopet will be nothing but nuts and bolts.

Background hint #1: This is a plot prize.

Background hint #2: This is the place to test out your Space Faerie Charm.

Trinket hint #1: This is an Advent Calendar prize.

Trinket hint #2: Handy to have around, just in case your neohome needs repairs.

#4: Our Last Home. Species: Usul. Difficulty: Medium.

You are looking for a background, a trinket, a bow, a shirt and a headband.

Color hint #1: The first paintbrush Neopets has released since their major makeover.

Color hint #2: Your Usul may develop a craving for brains.

Background hint #1: This is one spooky background.

Background hint #2: This background maybe only available in the NC Mall during Halloween.

Bow, headband and shirt hint #1: This is part of paint brush color set.

Bow, headband and shirt hint #2: These may be old and worn out, but they are still decent.

Trinket hint #1: This NC Mall item is hard to get a hold of.

Trinket hint #2: Poor, poor Blooky. He woke up the Turmaculus, and now he is haunting you wherever you go.

#5 Archer at the Gates. Species: Eyrie. Difficulty: Medium.

You are looking for a background, a trinket, a shoes, a coat, and a hat.

Color hint #1: This is a basic color.

Color hint #2: He can blend in with the surroundings of the forest.

Background hint #1: This was part of a NC Mall super pack.

Background hint #2: You must defend the castle. It has been attacked twice by Darigan.

Shirt hint #1: This shirt is worn by Eyries who are about to go to war.

Shoes hint #1: These boots will make crossing difficult terrains easier.

Shoes hint #2: This is part of the neopoint costume set and it is related to the shirt.

Trinket hint #1: This is a nice toy to practice your aim with.

Backpack hint #1: This will be very handy to store your arrows in. Hat hint #1: This is a standard hat for archers, and it comes with a feather.

#6: Pirate Raider. Species: Krawk. Difficulty: Hard

You are looking for a background, a hat, a coat, a hand held, arm bands, shoes and trousers.

Color hint #1: This is a world color that you can use if you like to go hunting for treasure.

Background hint #1: Be brave while you fight pirates.

Background hint #2: This item can be or was bought at the AAA Game Master store in the NC Mall.

Hat hint #1: This is a wig that is only for Krawks.

Coat hint #1: This is themed after a spooky plot.

Coat hint #2: Something is sinister about this coat.

Hand held hint #1: Two arms. This toy will make your Krawk ready for battle.

Hand held hint #2: You have to hold it with two hands.

Arm bands hint #1: This is part of a costume set.

Arm bands hint #2: This will help protect your Krawk's wrist.

Shoes and trousers hint #1: This counts as one item.

Shoes and trousers hint #2: It will keep you nice and warm while fighting in Terror Mountain.

#7: A Fun Family Day. Species: Wocky. Difficulty: Hard.

You are looking for a background, a dress, a hat, shoes, a hand held item, and a trinket.

Color hint #1: This is a basic color.

Background hint #1: What is a better way to spend time than to visit the park?

Background hint #2: This park is celebrating its grand opening.

Dress hint #1: This is just a nice dress. Nothing too fancy really.

Dress hint #2: Just when you thought you had them all, they went and released four more dolls for you to collect.

Hat hint #1: This is a pretty hat with a flower on top.

Hat hint #2: This is one of the few hats that was ever released that your neopets can wear.

Shoes hint #1: This is a decent pair of shoes. It may make you look more wise.

Shoes hint #2: This is one of the NC Mall items that you can also get with a super pack.

Hand held item #1: Aww, isn't this hand held item the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Hand held item #2: This is a nice hand puppet that has its own stand.

Trinket hint #1: It is a plot prize. Not as good as its brother, but it is still a great trinket.

Trinket hint #2: It is a cheap way to sell candy, and the kids seem to love it.

Solutions. So have you figure it out or have you decided to give it up? If so, then here are the solutions to every piece of the puzzle to confirm that you got it right or to see what piece stumped you.

Solutions. #1: A Tasty Neohome. Color: Mallow. Background: Gingerbread Background. Trinket: Green Crystal Shard.

#2: Wash up treasures. Color: Baby. Background: Shell Beach Background. Trinket: Pink Coral in a Shell Pot.

#3: Maintenance. Color: Robot. Background: Melting Test Station Background. Trinket: Toolbox.

#4: Our last home. Color: Zombie. Headband: Zombie Usul Headband. Shirt: Zombie Usul Shirt. Bow: Zombie Usul Bow. Background: Haunted Graveyard Background. Trinket: Here Lies Fluffy.

#5: Archer at the Gates. Color: Green. Background: Guarding the Gates Background. Trinket: Toy Arrow Launcher. Shirt: Eyrie Militia Coat. Shoes: Eyrie Militia Boots. Hat: Eyrie Ranger Hat. Backpack: Eyrie Quiver.

#6: Pirate Raider. Color: Pirate. Background: Attack of the Revenge Background. Hat: Pink Krawk Hair. Hand Held Item: Krawk Axe Wielder Costume Toy Axe. Coat: Sinister Neovian Jacket. Arm bands: Krawk Axe Wielder Costume Arm Bands. Shoes and trousers: Big Fuzzy Boots with Leggings.

#7: A Fun Family Day. Color: Yellow. Background: Petpet Park Celebration Background. Dress: Prissy Miss Usuki Collector Dress. Hat: Pretty Pink Flower Hat. Shoes: Smart School Girl Shoes. Hand held item: Baby Wocky Puppet. Trinket: Abigail Gumball Machine.

Sorry for the delay. Some things have come up, but I will try to give you more puzzles for you to solve. There are still thousands of combinations, and every new wearable that is released opens more combinations and new ideas to customize our pets. I am planning on doing more than customization puzzles, but you are going to have to wait on that. A special thanks goes out to sarah12__ss for editing my article.

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