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An Afternoon with Kira and Natu: Faerie Edition

by ashflash


Also by khmaster324

“Hello, everyone!” says a Christmas Pteri as he sits on a sofa in the middle of the catacombs. “My name is Natu and welcome to the deep cave place under Neopia Central.”

“It’s called the catacombs,” adds a faerie Kougra who sits down next to him. “My name is Kira and I am here to make sure that my brother, Natu, doesn’t do anything stupid.”

“Today we are going to interview several famous faeries,” announces Natu.

“We chose the catacombs as our setting because it is where Neopians discuss current events and art,” explains Kira. “Our first guest is known for her charitable acts. Please give a warm welcome to the Soup Faerie.”

“Thank you for having me,” says the Soup Faerie as she sits down on a nearby chair.

“Why did you decide to make soup for the poor in Neopia Central?” asks Kira.

“One day when I was shopping I saw a poor hungry Aisha on the streets, and then I knew I could help her and countless others,” replies the faerie.

“What is your real name?” asks Natu.

“My name is of no importance,” answers the Soup Faerie.

“Is it true that you do not want anyone to know your name because you are secretly helping the meepits to overthrow Neopia?” asks Natu as he narrows his eyes suspiciously.

“Sorry to interrupt,” says Judge Hog as he enters the catacombs. “May I see the Soup Faerie outside for a moment?”

Suddenly the Soup Faerie gets up and tries to run. Judge Hog catches her and pulls her out of the catacombs, while Natu is laughing hysterically.

“I can’t believe this,” mutters Kira.

“Our next guest is Illusen the Earth Faerie,” announces Natu.

“Hello, everyone,” greets Illusen as she sits down.

“Thank you for coming,” says Kira. “If I may ask, why did you choose to live in Meridell?”

“Meridell is so green and tranquil, it is an earth faerie’s paradise and it is far away from any dark faeries,” explains the earth faerie.

“Speaking of dark faeries, there is a rumor that you are the only being who saw Jhudora doing an act of pure evil. Is it true and what was the act?”

“Natu, you are the only one who has been brave enough to ask me that,” comments Illusen. “Yes, it is true. She was planning to create a spell that would make all other faeries bald! Now, if you'll excuse me, I must continue preparing the counter spell before we are all doomed!” yells Illusen as she rushes out.

“Kira, do you still think Illusen is so cool?” asks Natu, completely ignoring his sister’s angry glare.

“Our next guest is the youngest faerie, the Tooth Faerie,” announces Kira.

“I hear you have questions for me,” giggles the Tooth Faerie as she takes her seat.

“Thanks for giving me 237 neopoints last month,” says Natu, “but I have to wonder how that is possible when Pteris don’t have any teeth!”

“Oh silly, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there,” she replies with a sweet smile.

“Then he can also get invisible cavities,” remarks Kira with a smile.

“Wow! What impressive Kougra teeth you have,” says the Tooth Faerie as she stand up and pries Kira’s mouth open to take a closer look. “These would go great on my wall!”

“Security!” calls Natu. Out of nowhere a shadow Zafara and red Chomby appear and drag the obsessive faerie out of the catacombs. “Now it is time for my favorite faerie to be interviewed. Give it up for the one and only Happiness Faerie!”

“Tee hee! Hi, everyone! I am so happy to be here,” says the Happiness Faerie.

“Technically, she is not a faerie,” mutters Kira.

“Then why do I have wings,” argues the Happiness Faerie.

“She has got a point,” agrees Natu while Kira groans.

“What is it like to have a brother like Dr. Sloth?” asks Kira.

“He is so much fun. If his plan succeeds, we do karaoke to the latest Yes Boy Ice Cream song.”

“Any interesting stories of his childhood that you want to share with us?” asks Natu as he suppresses a giggle.

“He always had a special tea cup at our tea parties. It was pink and had his name on it with several white flowers. He was also cute when he was afraid of warfs. I have to go now and spread happiness to Neopia,” says the Happiness Faerie as she skips out of the catacombs.

“I can’t believe I am saying this, but she was the most normal of our guests,” admits Kira. “Please give a big welcome to the faerie above all faeries, Queen Fyora.”

“Thank you for that marvelous introduction,” says Fyora as she sits down gracefully.

“What responsibilities as queen do you have?” asks Kira.

“I settle disputes between the faeries, particularly between light and dark.”

“I have been wondering for some time, why do you sell the items in the Hidden Tower personally, instead of hiring somebody else?” asks Kira.

“I want to ensure that the neopet does not have any evil intentions.”

“Yet you sell items created by Jhudora,” adds Natu.

“Of course, she is such a sweet faerie,” replies Fyora, oblivious to the shock in everyone else’s faces.

“Is it true that you have bewitched the Hidden Tower items to control minds to help the meepits overthrow Neopia,” accuses Natu.

Before she can answer, Judge Hog comes back into the catacombs. Fyora responds by uttering a spell to make everyone forget Natu’s question and disappears in a flash of pink light.

“Sorry, for interrupting,” apologizes Judge Hog. “I don’t even know why I am here,” he adds before walking out.

“Natu, what did you do?” accuses Kira.

“What are you talking about?”

“You must have done something to make the Queen leave so soon!”

“I didn’t do anything, but we should continue. Our next guest is the Negg Faerie.”

The red Chomby security guard enters and whispers something to Kira and Natu.

“We are deeply sorry,” apologizes Natu, “but she is too busy watching her neggs to come today.”

“Our next guest is the famous Space Faerie!” announces Kira.

“I am honored to be here,” says the Space Faerie as she sits down on the chair.

“Why do you lead the fight against Dr. Sloth?” asks Kira.

“He is evil and needs to be stopped! I lead the fight because no other faerie will do it.”

“Do you get along with the other faeries?” asks Natu.

“Not particularly. Queen Fyora only negotiates between faeries. The Negg Faerie spends her time watching neggs. The tooth faerie obsesses over teeth. The elemental faeries spend their time asking others to complete their collections of junk. Jhudora is evil and stays in her cloud all the time, while the fountain faerie is so vain and sees her purpose in life to paint neopets expensive colors. I respect Illusen because she is fighting against Jhudora’s evil. I also like the Soup Faerie, the Snow Faerie, and the Healing Springs Faerie because they help needy Neopians.”

“I understand completely,” says Kira. “In fact, the Snow Faerie and the Healing Springs Faerie said they were too busy with their jobs to be interviewed. Several Neopians say that you are never here when we need you. What would you like to say to them?”

“I have Neopia’s best interests at heart. Sometimes you have to do things yourselves, because if a day comes that I can’t help, then you will have nothing.”

“Do you think Dr. Sloth is gone forever?” asks Natu.

“He will never be gone. I must fight him forever. I bet he is planning his most diabolical plan this very moment. I have to go!” shouts the Space Faerie as her eye twitches, and then she vanishes in dark blue smoke.

“For a moment, I actually thought she was sane,” remarks Kira. “It seems all faeries are obsessive about something.”

“Our last guest is the infamous Jhudora,” says Natu.

Jhudora appears with a dramatic flash of purple and green light. “I am so pleased to be the final and greatest guest.”

“You obviously didn’t witness our other interviews,” mutters Kira.

“I didn’t hear you,” says Jhudora. “What did you say?”


“Why do you fight with Illusen?” asks Natu.

“Something just came up; I have to leave,” says Jhudora in a rush. “Please have this lollipop, darling Pteri,” she says before disappearing in a flash of color.

“Natu, I don’t think you should eat that,” warns Kira.

“You worry too much,” scoffs Natu as he licks the lollipop. Suddenly blue and green spots appear on Natu’s feathers.

“Thank you for stopping by,” says Kira. “I better take my brother to the Neopian Hospital. Have a good day!”

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