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Everything You Need to Know About Faerie Quests!

by neckties


Have you ever come across a faerie quest before? If you have, you probably know all too well how demanding these little creatures can be. Some may ask for cheap items, while others may ask for quite expensive ones. Which quests are beneficial, and which ones should you pass up on? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about faerie quests and their rewards.

Firstly, there are nine faeries who may ask you to find an item they have lost in a random event. The Air Faerie, the Dark Faerie, the Earth Faerie, the Fire Faerie, the Light Faerie, the Water Faerie, the Space Faerie, the Faerie Queen, and the most coveted of all faerie quests: The Fountain Faerie. Each faerie asks for different items from certain categories, and the rewards are all different.

A typical question that people ask is, “Are faerie quests worth doing?” The answer really depends on the user. If you like to use the Battledome, then mostly all faerie quests are worth doing for you since the majority of them raise stats. If you want your pet to be a special color, a Fountain Faerie quest is for you. If your pet is starving or not completely healed, an earth faerie quest will be sure to please... Quite honestly, the answer depends on YOU.

What rewards can you get from each faerie, you ask? Let me explain further. The Air Faerie will reward one of your pets randomly with two movement points, if you bring her the grooming item that she asks for. The Dark Faerie will reward one of your pets with two hit points if you bring her back the toy that she has lost. The Earth Faerie will make sure that your pet is bloated with good food if you make sure to fetch the magic item she asks for. The Fire Faerie has a sense of style, so you’d better be ready to provide her with the latest in fashion if you want her to grant one of your pets two strength points. The Light Faerie is constantly collecting cards. If you retrieve the one she needs next, she will raise the level of one of your pets. The Space Faerie can ask for any item that she feels like at any given time. If you return to her what she asks you to bring, she will raise the level of one of your pets four times. The Faerie Queen can also ask for various items, but will reward you quite handsomely with a mix of stats including one raised level, three hit points, and three strength points for one of your pets.

And last but not least, the quest that everyone hopes for is the infamous Fountain Faerie quest. The Fountain Faerie knows that her reward is great, and therefore, she will only ask for items with a rarity of 94 or higher. Sometimes this can be a downer for people who receive a quest from her because the items may be pricey. But if you bring to her what she asks, she will give you permission to use her Rainbow Fountain on one of your pets. The Rainbow Fountain is located in Faerieland and does not work for anyone unless you have completed one of the her quests. The fountain allows you to paint any one of your pets almost any color you wish, absolutely free. The colors that are NOT available from the Rainbow Fountain include: Royal, Msp, Sponge, Robot, Ice, Usuki, and Quiguki.

Faerie quests are awarded randomly to players while browsing the site, and do not require a time limit to complete them. To see if you already have one pending, just check the Shop Wizard located under the ‘shops’ drop down menu. If there is a picture of a faerie there rambling on about how using the Shop Wizard is cheating, then you have one already. Congratulations!

How do you complete it if you cannot use the Shop Wizard, though? There are many different options for you to choose from. You still have access to the Trading Post and the Auction House, which may take a while longer but will still get you the item. If you’re old enough to use the Neoboards, the fastest and most efficient way is to ask someone else to look it up for you. There is a specific board for this called the Quest board.

To complete the quest, just go back to your Shop Wizard page while having the item in your inventory and press, “I have __________!” I would strongly recommend using one of the methods mentioned above to complete your quest. Using the notice board is another way to find the item you’re searching for, but ‘malls’ usually price their items much higher than what the going rate actually is. Don’t get fooled into spending more than you have to for a faerie quest!

There are also other faerie quests that you can do, but these are not random like what we have already talked about, and you are timed. Luckily for you, you are allowed to use the Shop Wizard on these! Taelia, the Snow Faerie who resides at the top of Terror Mountain will reward you with neopoints and a random item if you complete one of her quests. Sometimes the items she asks for can be cheap, and other times, they can be ridiculously expensive. Personally, I would not advise you to do any of her quests that cost over 5,000 NP, because what she gives you could be junk. The first time that you complete one of Taelia’s quests, you will receive an avatar. Don’t worry, though; if you choose not to do one of her quests after you’ve already accepted, you will not be punished in any way.

Illusen lives in a quiet little glade set in the far East of Meridell. She is an Earth Faerie, and will reward you greatly if you can get past her tricky quests. There are a total of fifty available, and you are timed. As you get to higher levels, the higher the rarity Illusen will ask you for. This has proven to devastate many Neopians, especially as they come close to being rewarded with the expensive Honey Potion. If you accept one of Illusen’s quests but fail a level, you are automatically sent back to level one. Illusen may be a good faerie, but she shows no mercy to pets that return to her empty handed.

Jhudora, the hot-tempered Dark Faerie lives in Faerieland on a dark, storming cloud. It is there that she awaits for you to aid her in a plan of utter destruction by fetching the items that she asks for. Like her rival Illusen, her quests also get more difficult as the levels increase, but her rewards can be even greater. The rewards for both Illusen and Jhudora’s quests are repetitive for every user, and are also given on the same levels every time.

There you have it! Now, you have the knowledge to complete any faerie quest that you may come upon in Neopia. Good luck and safe traveling!

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