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Dances with Flowers: Reasons Why I Love Kacheeks and So Should You!

by cyniska


Kacheeks are one of the most beloved species in Neopia. Statistics show that Kacheeks are the second most popular species in terms of creation, hot on the tails of Shoyrus. Popular opinion also reveals that Kacheeks are one of the most common targets of morphing and transmogrification potion users. Unfortunately, the Neopian Census Bureau does not yet keep statistics on potion use and Dr. Frank Sloth did not return my calls.

Nevertheless, it is easy to believe that Kacheeks are widely loved. For those who disagree or do not understand, this opinion piece is for you. In this tribute to my favourite species, I will outline and dissect the many reasons behind my particular affinity for Kacheeks. By doing so, I hope to add to the number of proud Kacheek owners in Neopia.

1. Personality

A favourite pastime of Kacheeks is to dance among flowers in lush meadows. This one bit of information is telling in so many ways. For one, it reflects the fun-loving and relaxed nature of Kacheeks. I would argue that they are one of the most optimistic and joyful species. With the exception of Grey Kacheeks and Eliv Thade, I have yet to see a Kacheek who does not sport a smile. Even Eliv Thade has a twisted grin most of the time.

Secondly, this is in agreement with their reputation as masters of the dance floor. I would even say that Disco Kacheeks are an iconic colour/species combination. Furthermore, Island Kacheeks are well-known for their hula dances. Kacheeks undeniably know how to get their groove on.

Thirdly, it shows that Kacheeks love nature and spending time outdoors. A brief perusal of the gallery of fun images and shopkeepers will reveal many depictions of Kacheeks in the company of plants and animals, lounging among the clouds, and having fun at the beach. Samrin, also known as the Extreme Herder, is a famous example of a kind Kacheek who spends his time protecting Petpets in the fields.

Though it is true that Kacheeks are shy and sweet, they can also be enterprising and spunky. Albert the Kacheek was once an ambitious gardener looking to pioneer Haunted Woods horticulture before he got entangled in the Esophagor’s web. Eliv Thade was a renowned professional puzzle writer before he went insane. To prove that not all successful Kacheeks go crazy, you need only to drop by the Bakery and talk to the Bread Master. Ancient Neopian sources inform me that Kacheeks were originally known as Badeeks. Their modern name seems much more fitting for these cheeky creatures.

2. Species Advantages

Kacheeks are officially described as “shy”, but anyone who has had the misfortune of facing one in the Battledome knows otherwise. It is no coincidence that the front page of the Battledome shows a Kacheek sparring with a Grarrl, a species famed for their warriors. One reason why Kacheeks are so numerous is because they make great Battledome pets. This species usually has three special abilities and three additional abilities on Kacheek Day. In my opinion, only one of them is of note: Kacheek Smile, attainable upon training to level 20. Your pet can do up to 6 icons with this ability and with a high enough strength boost, this can be very useful. I find it immensely fun to be able to repeatedly defeat the Giant Chomby by only using Kacheek Smile to attack, in combination with two defensive weapons.

In addition to abilities, Kacheeks have some notable species-specific weapons. Kacheek Pebble Lobber can deal up to 8 icons comprised of 3 different types. It used to be a popular attack item before better weapons became affordable. These days, they can serve as a cheap alternative for the infrequent Battledomer. An item that remains very popular for lack of comparable alternatives is the Kacheek Life Potion. This item heals to full HP if you use it when your pet has more than 33% of his maximum HP left (e.g. heals to 100/100 HP if used when HP is above 34). If you use it with less than 33% max HP, it heals 33% (e.g. heals 33 HP out of a possible 100 if used when HP is 33 or lower). This is still very good for high HP pets. During peacetime, Kacheek Life Potion costs just over 100,000 NP – making them one of the best items for their value.

Aside from the Battledome, Kacheeks make excellent pets to customise. A fellow guild member who is very active in customising her pets once remarked to me that Kacheeks in particular are fun to dress up. I whole-heartedly agree with this assessment. Kacheeks are one of the most adorable Neopets, with their floppy ears and bushy tails. There are a lot of paint brushes available to them and they are one of few pets who receive a wearable from the Disco Paint Brush (very funky glasses). In addition, Kacheeks currently have 8 pieces of species clothing comprising 2 costumes: swimmer’s gear and a clown suit. I have seen some unbelievably creative ways to include these wearables with others to make smashing outfits. For ideas on how to do this, I would ask fellow Kacheek owners on the Customisation message board.

Lastly, it is rumoured but not confirmed that owning a Kacheek increases your likelihood of getting the ‘Must... Keep... Smiling...’ avatar. In any case, owning a Kacheek means you have the option of matching your pet and avatar in a couple of ways. Mutant Kacheeks match nicely with the ‘Mutant Graveyard of Doom’ avatar while Island Kacheeks are lovely with the ‘Must... Keep... Smiling...’ avatar. Kacheeks are also the stars of the coveted game avatars for Extreme Herder and Eliv Thade.

3. Famous Role Models

Given the great attributes of this species, it is no wonder that there are a number of famous Kacheeks in Neopia. As previously mentioned, Samrin is a hard-working, selfless fellow and the Bread Master is a good example of a successful business owner.

In addition to Samrin, Kacheeks are featured in many other Neopian games. Alton Moughbry is the humble Kacheek who hosts the long-running, celebrated game of Potato Counter. If you’re feeling nice, you can help poor Albert fetch things for the Esophagor in Mutant Graveyard of Doom II. On the other hand, if you want to do more than monotonous tasks, challenge Eliv Thade at anagrams at your discretion. If card games are your thing, Bacheek invites you to play Go! Go! Go! in Tyrannia. Want board games? Look no farther than Kacheekers! It is no surprise that this fun-loving species features heavily in the gaming sector.

Kacheeks are also represented in other areas of Neopian life. Montecito and Babolino are two Yooyuball players. The Blue Kacheek Group is a rock band consisting of 3 members and can be seen performing at the Tyrannian Concert Hall four times a month. Kacheeks are also featured in Neopian history and mythology. For example, Florin the Farmer became one of the twelve Heroes of Altador through his selfless deeds. Siona is rumoured to be a Kacheek with an extraordinary ability to fly, a power she uses to rescue Petpets. Shoonee flies around Neopia trying to spread happiness and love. Sir Cheekalot is a brave knight who sometimes pops up and gives training items to aspiring warriors. We know little about these and other Kacheeks, whether they are real or not, but they nevertheless act as great role models to young Kacheeks.


Kacheeks are one of the original species to be discovered in Neopia. From that moment on, they have been one the most popular and beloved species. In my opinion, the Kacheek is a Neopian icon and could easily act as a mascot for Neopets in its entirety.

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