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The Basic Guide to Maraquan Neopets

by reeses_pet


"The water isn't part of the Earth, but it is a whole new world all on its own." ~Me

In Neopia (and Kreludor in some very rare cases) there are many Neopians with many types of pets. There are Darigan, Faerie, Spotted, Speckled, Snow, Mutant, and even basic... But one type is the Maraquan Neopet- one that requires extra care because of its unusual appearance. Even though every type of Neopet is different, a Maraquan Neopet is rather unusual. It is one of the few types of converted pets that cannot have wearables except for trinkets and backgrounds. (sighs) With their extra fins and perhaps extra or lack of limbs (such as the Maraquan Gelert and Chomby), they may need more things than average neopets. This is a guide to help you out...

Living Space: Yay- home!

Ok, there are rumors that Maraquans can’t live on land- well, they’re wrong! Sure, it may be slightly harder if they do, but it isn’t impossible. For starters, you won’t have any problem with your Maraquan pet if you live in Maraqua... except maybe the fact that you and your other pets that don’t have gills will have to find a way not to drown while living in Maraqua. You can, though, have air-filled neohomes underwater, only you have to be careful with windows. But there are many Maraquan Neopets living on land all over Neopia in places such as the Lost Desert, Mystery Island, Tyrannia, Terror Mountain, Brightvale, and everywhere else. Some people may relocate to adjust to their pet’s needs, but this is to teach you how make life easier without having to pack up your belongings and move to a spot near or in Maraqua.

Alright, you must keep in mind in your on-land, air-filled neohome that stairs aren’t easy for the many Maraquans with fins instead of four legs. A Maraquan Chomby might not be able to drag them up even with much effort- but it may only be because of their multiple small fins. Some Maraquans, such as the Blumaroo whose body ends in a long tail and who has short arms or the Shoyru with a shell and short flippers, may have a hard time in getting up those stairs also! Perhaps you can build your neohome as a ranch- one floor access and it would be much easier dragging yourself (dragging is something a land-living Maraquan does a lot) around your house instead of huffing and puffing sort of dragging yourself up a steep flight of stairs. And imagine when you have to go down the stairs! Your poor pet might just have to cover their eyes and fall down the steps. If your neohome already has stairs, though, you can probably make some adjustments. Try to teach your neopet how to crawl up the steps or perhaps you can install something else. There are many creative ways to solve this!

Maraquan Neopets naturally dwell in water, so if you live on land you should have large bodies of water available for regular use (no, I don’t mean just the bathtub). You should install a pool in your pet’s room or backyard for easy accessible swimming comfort. Be sure to make it deep and big, though, because a small shallow pool is like swimming in a puddle for them. Their large fins usually make them able to swim long distances easily and they can definitely breathe. Some neopets may be able to walk around as they may have an extra fin or two, but still have four stable legs such as the Draik, Hissi (they slither even if they're not Maraquan), JubJub (they still have two feet) and Mynci. Whatever species your Maraquan Neopet is, it is a good idea to have water available at all times!

Food: One of the sources of life!

There isn’t much to put here, as Maraquans eat pretty much the same things you do. Just be careful when feeding certain neopets food that sort of look like them. Maraquan Gelerts may run away from squid, any type of Koi may flee from fish and pretty much almost every Maraquan will want to avoid seafood (so don’t go to the Golden Dubloon). And obviously Maraquans need to drink lots of water- unless you want to see them shrivel up and dry out... but if you wanted to see that- well, that makes you look like a mean person. But overall, your Maraquan Neopet can eat anything that isn’t seafood, though some may not mind it at all.

Petpets: Your Neopet’s best friend!

Every neopet needs a best friend, right? Well, there isn’t much to say except make sure the petpet won’t mind getting wet for a little. Slorgs, sludgies, and other petpets like that won’t do at all in water (your slorg will either sink and drown with its lack of limbs or your sludgy will melt into a brownish area in your pool). Winged petpets are fine as long as they are able to swim. The best type of petpet, though, is either one painted Maraquan (that would be cute ^^) or one with natural fins/flippers or gills. The Rock Pool located in Mystery Island sells many adorable petpets that would do well with your Maraquan Neopet. If you don’t like anything they stock there, check out Krawk Island or Maraqua.

To Sum it all up...

We’re reaching the end of this short article. So Maraquan pets can be a challenge if you don’t know what to do. Just because they may need extra care doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love them as much. I’ve seen many people dying for a Maraquan pet- they are worth it if they have a kind heart. Any how, Maraquan paint brushes cost millions, so if you can’t get one, do not fret. Time and dedication will get you one. If you’re lucky, you can go pound surfing... though it is unlikely you’ll find a Maraquan and actually get one. I’ve seen many painted pets in the Pound, but I can’t recall ever seeing a Maraquan.

This guide isn’t just for pets painted Maraquan- you can use it for your Koi or Peophin also. They are similar to Maraquan pets with their fins and flippers. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this guide, because it took me a while to make. If you didn’t... oh well, I tried. I wish you luck to those wanting or owning a Maraquan Neopet- and remember:

“A pet is not just for Christmas or any other time of the year... a pet is for life! Let’s keep it that way!” ~Dr. Death, manager of the Pound abandoning ward.

Thank you for reading, everyone. ^_^

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