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10 Ways to Break From Your Neopets Routine

by puffalump10


This is something that happens to many Neopians. You get into your daily routine, you have all the places set out to go, and certain games to play. You have your mouse hovering over the spot where Coltzan’s Shrine will appear before it has fully loaded. Having a routine is great because it means you earn your living. However, it can get you stuck in a rut, and can eventually make Neopets boring. Do you find yourself stuck? Has it become nothing more than mindless clicking? Here are some ways to mix it up, and put some excitement back into your dailies.

1. Explore! Everyone has their dailies set out; Tombola, Fruit Machine, etc. This time try something new. Why not head on down to Meridell and Guess the Weight of the Marrow? Take a chance at Bagatelle in the Deserted Fairground for a change. Sign up for some jobs at the Faerieland Employment Agency. Visit a world that you have hardly ever seen, and check out what it has to offer. You may find something you have never seen before. This is a great way to discover the world of Neopia and try out new things.

2. Read the News. This is updated every day during the week, and keeps you posted on new things around the site. Some of you probably already do watch the news, but some might not. Every so often there are plots, wars, challenges; events that give Neopets a bit of a twist. These present great ways to make the day more interesting. The News also can update with new games, contest entries, etc. It is the best way to stay connected to what is happening.

3. Check out the competitions. There are numerous ways to express some creativity, and to try for shiny new trophies. Challenge yourself and compete! If you like to draw, check out the Beauty Contest and Art Gallery. Good at games? See who the challenger is at Better Than You or make your own Faerie Caves level. Writers should try out the Story Telling Contest, Poetry Contest, or Caption Contest. The Neopian Times is also a good way to express yourself. See what there is to do and give it a try.

4. Set some new goals. Give yourself something to work towards; a paintbrush, petpet, gallery, avatars, stamps, game trophies, training a Neopet. Sometimes it might seem impossible, but keeping track of your progress can be a good motivator. Work towards the dream you have always had. Be inspired. Reward yourself when you reach your goal; you earned it!

5. Chat with fellow Neopians on the Neoboards. If you already do, check out some forums that you never go to. It is a great way to meet people, and to share common interests. Topics vary greatly, and you should be able to find something to catch your interest. This is a good way of mixing up routine. For some fast paced conversation, the Avatars/Neosignatures Chat is the way to go. You can do some volunteer work at the Quests Board, and help Neopians on faerie quests find the items they need.

6. Join a guild. This is not for everyone, but it can be a great way to meet people and participate. Guilds are very diverse, so you can find one for practically every interest or theme out there. You can look at advertising guilds on the Guild Boards or simply do a search. Guilds will often have activities and members to chat with. If you are interested in developing closer friendships, a guild is a good way to do so.

7. Develop your Neopets’ characters. Even if you already have stories written out for them, why not try expanding or creating new ones? Make a cool pet lookup or petpage to write more about your Neopet. It is a fun way to build on their appearance, and to give them their own personalities and place to shine. Trust me, people find it interesting to read about your Neopet! With customisation, you can even turn your Neopet’s character into a visual story.

8. Make an interesting petpage site. If there is a game you are particularly good at, create a guide for others to check out. If you are great at making up pet names, start an untaken pet names list. Petpages offer the chance to be creative in a non-competitive atmosphere. Maintaining a site can be a good way to mix up a dull routine. Create a banner for people to link back, advertise on the appropriate board, and find affiliates; this will help create some awareness about your petpage. If you are not great at coding, there are lots of people with premade petpages available for use.

9. If you have the Secret Laboratory Map and are not making use of it, volunteer to foster pets from the pound. You can even foster pets without the map, simply by feeding and caring for them until a permanent home can be found. It will give you a warm fuzzy feeling when they find a new home to live. You can usually find sites where people have listed their dream pets; you can surprise someone with their dream. Basically, do some good deeds to Neopia and enjoy the results. A little kindness goes a long way.

10. Enjoy whatever you do. This is not a specific idea, but just advice for avoiding boredom. Find your own ways to make it fun. Everyone has their own things they like to do, or that they are good at. Discover those small things that make your daily routine something to look forward to. This is what will ultimately put the spark into Neopets for you.

If you find yourself stuck in a mindless routine, just try to shake it up somehow. Neopets has much to offer that many users do not take advantage of. Try new things, see new places, and keep yourself challenged. It is the best way to keep your Neopian experience fresh and fun.

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