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Celebrating Sloth Appreciation Day

by jeff1233219


Now that the Day of Giving has passed and the New Year has just begun, you might think there are no more exciting holidays until the next holiday season, or your pet’s birthday. Fear not, though. There is a holiday that some of us occasionally miss. That holiday is Sloth Appreciation Day on the Fourteenth of the Month of Sleeping. This holiday may not sound as exciting as the gift giving holiday, and you might not even celebrate it since Sloth did try to take over Neopia. I’m going to show you that Sloth Appreciation Day is the best day on the calendar.

First, Sloth is a very nice man. If you celebrate his holiday, he will spare you when picking who to vaporize in his yearly visits to Neopia. You can run away happily while the other disobeying Neopians have to pay the price. To prove his niceness, look at how many adorable Grundos he made so the public could enjoy their cute faces. If that’s not nice, then I don’t know what is.

Second, Sloth Appreciation Day is very cheap. Unlike the Day of Giving where you have to go out and completely empty your bank account to buy gifts for all 250 neofriends, some of which you don’t even know, Sloth Appreciation Day can be celebrated by buying inexpensive presents. One example is a cheap Dr Sloth Poster, which is only about 6,000 neopoints. You can easily make that in less than a day, but to your neofriends, it would seem like you spent a fortune because of the impeccable quality. Did I mention that this can go great inside your new neohome!

Another cheap gift is a Dr Sloth Sock which sells for about 4,500 neopoints. With this item, you can warm your entire paw (or hand) while enjoying Dr. Sloth’s wonderful face. You could also be eating a Berry Sloth Ice Cream (which is a cheap 2,000 NP) while wearing the sock. If you give both of these wonderful gifts to a neofriend, you don’t have to give them anything for the Month of Celebrating.

If you can’t afford any of those items, an ultra cheap Dr. Sloth Toy Blocks will do the trick. This item is only about 1,000 neopoints (you probably have that in your bank, don’t you?). The toy blocks can give you endless hours of fun while enjoying Sloth’s favorite items, which are pictures on the blocks

If you want a very expensive gift, because you are really into Sloth Appreciation Day, I suggest an I Love Sloth Cushion, which sells at about 3-4 million on the trading post. For all of those rich people with millions of unused neopoints, this could do you a favor by cleaning out your bank account! If that’s not enough, an I Love Sloth Stein, I Love Sloth T-shirt, I Love Sloth Poster, I Love Sloth Rug, I Love Sloth Lamp, and an I Love Sloth Bean Bag which is about 15 million combined with the cushion will put you inside a coma of excitement. 15 million might sound like a big price tag, but it is worth it after you consider all the envy you will bring to your neighbors. Dr. Sloth himself might drop by and congratulate you for being such a devoted fan.

If the Dr. Sloth Toy Blocks seem too cheap for you and the 15 million price tag seems too high for you, an I Support Sloth Badge which is about 4,000 neopoints will do the trick. You can pin this badge to your backpack to show all your friends at school, or just put it on the front of your I Club Sloth T-Shirt, which is about 2,000 neopoints. Both of these items are not in high demand yet, so you better get some now!

If none of those ideas sound good to you, I still have some more items to suggest. You could eat a Plain Sloth Day Burger and fill your stomach with food straight from Sloth’s kitchen! That is about 4,000 neopoints, but buy more so all of your pets can enjoy it! While eating this scrumptious meal, you could read Scary Sloth Stories (about 1,000 neopoints) and drink a Secret Sloth Slushie (for about 350,000 neopoints). All of this would go great with Sloth Day Nachos which sell on the shop wizard for about 6,000 neopoints. A Sloth Day Pasta (about 4,000 neopoints) and a Sloth Day Soup (about +5000 neopoints) will complete the meal. You could even have the food served to you with a Robo Sloth Butler which is about 350,000 neopoints on the trading post.

If all of these prices are still too expensive for you, I will scale down now. A Sloth Faerie Plushie for about 35 neopoints will give your pets an interesting play toy. Combine this with a Plastic Ring of Sloth, which is about 160 neopoints, and a Sloth Cap for about 200 neopoints and you will have the best surprise present pack you could ever give to your pets on a budget.

Wouldn’t you just love to have a picture of Sloth right in your room? Well, now you can! A Sloth Painting, which is about 500 neopoints, will give your Neohome a new meaning to enjoying Dr. Sloth. While staring at your brand-new painting, you could eat some delicious Sloth Gummies, which are about 800 neopoints!

Now that I have finished talking about gifts, you can celebrate this wonderful holiday by sending a few Neogreetings! Neopets has a ton of Sloth-themed greetings, and some of them are even animated. In these greetings, you can even type in your own personal message! The Neogreetings page can be easily found in the Welcome Center in the Neopian Plaza which is in Neopia Central. Just send one of these to every friend you have, or even to people you don’t even know! Since they are all free, you can go crazy on how many you send! Just remember not to spam!

On Sloth Appreciation Day, there are also sometime wonderful Sloth related avatars to collect like the I *heart* Sloth avatar, and the I ♥ Happiness avatar! On this special day, Neopets also creates new items for Neopians to enjoy! Last year, there were new grooming items and toys! If you buy some, they might even go up in price so you can resell them in your shop and make a HUGE profit! On this day, Neopets also has a Sloth themed caption, too!

Lastly, Sloth Appreciation Day not only appreciates Sloth, it appreciates the beautifully designed Virtupets Space Station! If any of your pets live there, or if you just love hanging out there, celebrating this holiday would be the least you can do for the creator of the space station. You can appreciate him by playing a very fun game called Splat-A-Sloth which can be found under Action in the Games Room. This game can be very fun, while speeding up your reflexes and earning you some neopoints.

Most of you might not even be aware of the holiday called Sloth Appreciation Day. It is a holiday full of gift giving and receiving, fun and laughter, and a great day for collectors, too! Celebrate this wonderful guy by participating in his very own holiday. Remember to save the date of the 14th of the Month of Sleeping!

Note: All of the items I have listed above are real Neopian items, and the prices I have listed for them were all found to be the average in either the Shop Wizard, or the Trading Post. Both of the avatars are real avatars, and so are the Neogreetings. Just in case you didn’t know, there is such a date as Sloth Appreciation Day.

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