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Second-Hand Scores!

by valikthebuilder


The festive season has come and gone and gifts between neofriends all across Neopia have been merrily exchanged. However, no matter how frugal you tried to stay over the holidays, it is quite likely that, in the spirit of giving, you got caught up in the festivities and spent more of your hard earned points than you had intended. While it is true that giving and receiving gifts make the holidays much more enjoyable, it is important to remember that for many of us, we now find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of winter. This means that unless you permanently reside in the scorching heat of the Lost Desert, it is most likely quite chilly and perhaps even rather snowy in your little corner of Neopia. Here, my friends, is where the problems begin to present themselves.

Spending all of your neopoints on gifts for your lovely friends, family, pets and yourself has left you very few resources with which to combat the cold. Things that your pets will need if they wish to play outside like scarves, hats, even a nice woollen pair of gloves, become luxuries that are seemingly unattainable. “Fine,” you think, “I’ll just keep my pets indoors, in that case!” Yes, you would think that. The funny thing about most pets, however, is that they have their own opinions which can be quite distinct from yours. That is to say, if your adorable Baby Aisha would like to go outside and build snow Gelerts, it would be in your best interest to bundle her up and let her have her way before she can begin to vocalize her dissatisfaction.

This may leave you wondering how on earth you can afford to bundle up your pets when you have already drained your bank account, stocks and shop till. Well, dear friends without a neopoint to your name, I come to you with an exciting solution! In the hustle and bustle of the busy Neopian Plaza, just West of Neopia Central, lies the answer to all of your winter woes. Nestled right in between Pizzaroo’s Pizza Parlour and the Neopian Music Shop is a fine establishment that will never be a burden on your budget. This great place is the one and only Second-Hand Shoppe, run by a yellow Ruki with kind eyes and a faboo argyle sweater-vest. The Second-Hand Shoppe is kept going by the donations of generous Neopians all across the land so that when you find an item that you like, it is all yours completely free of charge. However, before you run to the Shoppe and start grabbing at everything in sight, I feel that it would be wise to read through the following guidelines so that you can make the most of your second-hand shopping experience!

Make a note of greeting the kind Ruki on your way in.

Immediately upon walking through the doors of the Shoppe, it is very tempting to make a buzz-line to the quaint items that await you. However, you know that the kind Ruki who runs the place all on his own would appreciate your acknowledgement and perhaps even a polite little exchange of words. Let him know that you are thankful that he is providing you with this opportunity and he will surely keep the lovely place running for many years to come.

Be quick, but use your better judgement.

Items that are donated to the Shoppe tend to be snatched up quicker than a stray peanut at an Elephante party. However, it is still important that you use your better judgement in choosing which items you would like to take home with you. Otherwise, you might end up with an inventory full of Chia Clown Balls flashing you their big, creepy smiles. This would be quite unnerving, to say the least.

Don’t be greedy!

It goes without saying that there are many Neopians out there who could use a little help in attaining nice, warm clothes for their pets. Please only use the Second-Hand Shoppe when you really need it and don’t take more than you require. If we could all remember to stick to this guideline, it would make such a big difference for so many other users.

Don’t get discouraged.

As I mentioned earlier, items that are donated to the Shoppe are usually picked up pretty quickly. Don’t get discouraged if the item that you have your heart set on getting is picked up by somebody else in the blink of an eye. Simply keep trying and you’ll eventually have some great new freebies of your own! As well, seeing how hard it is to actually get an item of your own should offer a great incentive for you to help others get the items that they desire. Do this by giving back to the Shoppe when you are able to and by taking no more than what you need.

Give back when you can.

Although at the moment you may be experiencing financial difficulties, it will not always be so. When your neo-wallet is bulging once again and you no longer have to rely on the Soup Faerie to keep your pets well-nourished, remember how the Second-Hand Shoppe helped you out in your time of need. When you are able to, donate a few wearables so that you can help your fellow Neopians when they need it the most.

One final note:

Please, for the love of Fyora, do NOT donate any dung to the Second-Hand Shoppe! It is in everybody’s best interest to keep the Shoppe smelling as fresh and clean as possible, especially for the sake of that poor Ruki who has to sit at the front counter all day long. As well, if you notice anybody carelessly donating their dung to the Shoppe, please try and intervene. Let them know that while their intentions were clearly good, it is simply not conductive to good shopping if you have to breathe through your mouth from the minute that you enter the Shoppe. Use your spare dung in your neogarden instead; it makes for great fertilizer!

In the end, it is safe to say that we should all be thankful that the Second-Hand Shoppe is a great, free service that is available to all Neopians. By following the simple guidelines that I have set out for you, we can all work together to ensure that this Shoppe will stay up and running for as long as we keep overspending.

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