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The Merry Adventures of a Christmas Lupe

by thorandsifforever


Streamers lay in the streets. Buildings were adorned with “Happy Y11” signs and banners. It was only eight hours into the new year, but for McClaws, the Christmas Lupe, things were already changing.

      McClaws had only gotten a few hours of sleep after staying up to enjoy the New Year’s celebrations. His neohome had been the host of a great party, where he had entertained all of his friends and family not only during New Years, but also during the whole of the Christmas season. It was because of this that McClaws had a great deal of cleaning to do, which he took the better part of four hours accomplishing. Once he had his neohome all spic and span, McClaws sat down to a nice snow sandwich and snow crisps. Parched by the salty snack that is snow crisps, McClaws went to his fridge to find some Neggnog, his new favourite treat from the holidays. Unfortunately, it seemed that one of his party goers had taken the last of the Neggnog home with him, and McClaws was left with none. So he hit the town in search of his beloved Neggnog.

      Strolling through Neopia Central, McClaws sought to refill his glass of Neggnog. Alas, the only shoppe that had any was the antique shoppe, charging several thousand for the once abundant drink, claiming that now it was a retired rarity. This was far too much for the Christmas Lupe, who had but a few neopoints remaining in his coffers after spending everything on presents for his friends and family.

      As he left the shop, McClaws ran into a group of not-so-friendly Grarrls. “Hey, look at that Lupe. He’s still wearing Christmas stuff. Hey, Lupe! What’re you doing? Collecting neopoints for the Neopets Salvation Marines?”

      “I was painted during the holidays... it still looks nice,” defended McClaws.

      “Yeah guys,” said one of the Grarrls, “he’s a Lupe, so being painted anything looks a lot better than he normally does.”

      “Come on, guys, I was just trying to be in the holiday spirit. There’s no reason to be mean about it.”

      “Let’s go,” said the lead Grarrl. “He’s obviously got a lot of bell ringing to do.” With that, the Grarrls threw some neopoints at McClaws and walked away laughing. Feeling down about his garb, McClaws picked up the few neopoints and took them to a local store that had a real bell-ringer outside, and donated the neopoints.

      “Ho ho ho, thanks for the neopoints, kind sir!” said the Santa outside the shoppe. “And how festive you look! Have a great day, sir!” With a slight smile back on his face, McClaws set out to find that glass of Neggnog.

      Remembering he had gotten his first glass from the Advent Calendar, McClaws made his way to Terror Mountain. It was a long journey across the seas from Neopia Central to Terror Mountain, and by the time he got there, the sun was just about on the horizon. From the age of a young Lupe, McClaws had been told of the perils of Terror Mountain at night: of the Snowager. As long as he could get to the calendar, get the Neggnog, and get back to the ship by sunset, he’d be ok. It’d only take a few minutes. Only a few minutes.

     Upon reaching the Happy Valley, the Christmas Lupe sought out the Advent Calendar. Once adorned with holiday decorations and signs advertising the free items of the day, the Advent Calendar now only had one sign: “Closed: ‘Tis not the season of giving.” With his head turned down, McClaws went on his way, wondering if he’d ever fill his glass of Neggnog.

      Leaving the Advent Calendar, four Faerie Usuls came up. “Hey, look, it’s one of the Advent Calendar employees. Do you guys really have to work during the rest of the year dressed like that?”

      Confused, McClaws responded, “Uhh, I don’t work here.”

      “Oh, like I was sure you worked here,” said the lead Usul. “You have to with a ridiculous get-up like that.”

      “I got a Christmas Paint Brush, and I wanted to be festive,” replied McClaws.

      “Like, we all got Christmas Paint Brushes; they were handing them out for free at the Advent Calendar, but like, it’s really lame to stay that way. My girls and I all changed to Faeries right after Christmas. We wouldn’t want to be like you, and be a total...”

      “FASHION DISASTER!” all the Usuls screamed.

      “Maybe I should take this coat off...” surmised McClaws.

      “Or like, maybe you should develop a little fashion sense or something,” said the lead Usul.

      With what little fashion sense he had, McClaws slinked away from the valley Usuls, when something happened: McClaws was struck by a random snowball. Slowly wiping the snow off his Christmas coat, McClaws looked around to see where the snowball had come from. Two Chias quickly came over. “Sorry Mister. We didn’t mean to hit you, honest.”

      “That’s okay, kids, I needed something to wake me up,” said McClaws dryly.

      “Well, Mister, my sister and I are heading back to our igloo to have some Neggnog. Maybe you’d like to come join us,” said Mika, the older of the two.

      “Neggnog? You have Neggnog?” inquired McClaws.

      “Why sure. Neggnog is made here at Terror Mountain; everyone here stocks up when they make it during the holidays.”

      “I’ve been looking everywhere for a glass of Neggnog. I’d love a glass,” McClaws expressed excitedly.

      “Well, golly, Mister, why didn’t you say so. Come on back to our igloo and we’ll get you as much Neggnog as you can drink,” offered Carassa, the younger Chia. So the three made their way up to the top of Terror Mountain, back to the Chias’ igloo. Never before had McClaws seen so much Neggnog. The Chias poured him several glasses, and gave him a bundle to take back to his neohome.

     McClaws then started to worry again about the Snowager, as it was getting late, and the night falls quickly at Terror Mountain. “So what’s the best way to avoid the Snowager at night?” said McClaws, putting on a fake sense of adventure so as to not seem cowardly in front of his two new friends.

     The Chia sisters looked at each other, then said, “The best way to avoid the Snowager is to not be outside after nightfall. Why don’t you just spend the night here? We can have a slumber party!” The two sisters looked at each other again excitedly, and Carassa went to get the sleeping bags.

     “Gee, thanks,” said McClaws, “Thanks for all of your generosity. It’s really nice knowing there are neopets as nice as you.”

      For hours, the three neopets exchanged stories about the holidays, about presents and parties, and everything in between. McClaws invited the Chia sisters to his house next Christmas to stay and enjoy the festivities, and the Chia sisters invited him back to their igloo in the summer to enjoy some out-of-season Neggnog. McClaws even bought the Chia sisters some Christmas Paint Brushes so they would be all the rage at the party next year.

     By the end of the day, McClaws ended up with more than a belly full of Neggnog. He now had the knowledge that generosity shouldn’t be limited to the season of giving, that anybody can help cheer somebody up, and that we all have the power of happiness. McClaws made his New Year’s resolution that day: to continue to wear his Christmas coat and to be generous the whole year round.

The End

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