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What Color Is Your Owner?

by writingkid


Attention, pets: Do you know what color you are? Of course you do. Whether you’re red, cloud, gold, pink, pirate, royal, skunk, split, island, baby, robot, snow, Christmas, invisible, silver, blue, asparagus, yellow, orange, striped, green, or something else I didn’t mention, you know what color you are because it is part of who you are. It’s the same way with owners, so take this quiz and find out where your owner is.

1. What do you and your owner spend time doing?

A. Reading stories, playing cheap games, and having fun as a family.

B. You and your owner hardly spend any time together.

C. Your owner does whatever you want to do, no matter what.

D. You spend a lot of time at home because your owner is too worried to go anywhere or do anything.

E. You spend a lot of time in the games room or waiting for shops to restock.

F. You wander around searching for Jelly World because your owner still hasn’t figured out that it doesn’t exist.

2. How much does your owner spend on you?

A. Once in a while they’ll buy something nice if it isn’t too expensive.

B. Just what it costs to be in the neolodge for another twenty-eight days.

C. Price is no obstacle They give you whatever you want eventually, although sometimes they have to save up for a while.

D. A couple thousand every once in a while, but they moan about what it will do to the family finances.

E. Not much. All the money is in the bank or has been used to buy items during restocking.

F. Once they remember something important happened, they’re thrilled to buy you something nice, not caring about the cost.

3. When you come home from neoschool, how does your owner greet you?

A. With a snack and ask you how your day was.

B. They aren’t home to greet you.

C. With a hug and a kiss.

D. They tell you everything that went wrong while you were away from home.

E. They aren’t home for a while because they’re making NP, but when they get back they’ll talk to you for a while.

F. If they notice you’re home, they’re thrilled to spend a minute with you.

4. What is your neohome like?

A. A few rooms, perfect for everyday living.

B. You don’t have a neohome.

C. You have your own bedroom.

D. It’s dark and gloomy.

E. Fit to win the Neohome spotlight.

F. Mismatched but cozy.

5. What would your owner be most likely to say?

A. “Let’s clean up, then we can go get a treat.”

B. “...”

C. “What do you want to do today, darling?”

D. “Help! ”

E. “Wanna come restocking with me?”

F. “Oh. I didn’t know you were here. How’s it going?”

6. How do you feel about your owner?

A. They’re nice. Could be better, but they’re nice.

B. You don’t know them at all.

C. The GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D. They’re a little depressing to be around.

E. They’re rich, rich, rich Or working their way there.

F. Fun to be around.

7. Let’s say you break your owner’s most prized possession. What do they do?

A. Clean up the mess, but ground you for a while.

B. They don’t even notice.

C. Give you a hug, tell you it’s okay, and move on with life.

D. Cry.

E. Go buy another one.

F. Once they notice, they either cry until they feel better and then they get over it or they punish you.

8. What does your owner spend most of their time doing?

A. Making meals, cleaning the neohome, helping you with your homework, visiting friends, making money to live off of... you get the picture.

B. You have no idea. They aren’t around.

C. Spending time with you.

D. Crying, complaining, or moaning.

E. Playing games and restocking.

F. Wandering around, doing whatever they feel like at the moment.

9. Why did your owner adopt/create you?

A. Because it was the thing to do.

B. Not even the library faerie could explain this one...

C. They wanted a pet to love and spoil.

D. To have some company when they are upset.

E. To brag about you to all of their friends because you’re painted, have great stats, or are limited edition.

F. You’re not sure. But you’re glad they did, anyway.

And now... the results:

If you answered mostly A, your owner is blue. They are fairly average, but they are a great owner anyway. They take care of you. You’re lucky to have an owner like them, even if they aren’t perfect. They make mistakes (some more than others), but they mean well and will be there for you when you need them most. Congratulations on having this type of an owner.

If B dominated your answers, that means your owner is invisible. They’re hardly ever around, and if they are, you don’t get to see them for very long. You don’t know them, and they don’t know you. Next time you see them, maybe you could talk to them about how you feel about it and see if it helps. At least no one’s telling you what to do all the time... right? :(

C shows that your owner is royal. They care about you more than anything and they’re your best friend. This type of owner will always do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy. Every now and then they can be a bit overprotective, so just remind them that you are capable of handling some things for yourself. Your owner's a great person, so go and have fun with them all around Neopia

If you answered D, then your owner is grey. They’re typically sad, moody, depressed... you get the picture. If it helps, try telling them jokes or reading them funny stories. Try to be as understanding as possible and realize that they may recover from it sometime – in fact, as a pet, you can have an important part of that process.

E means that your owner is gold. They’re focused on bringing in the money. Often they spend a lot of time restocking, playing games, trying on the stock market, and going around doing freebies. Some owners do this because they really do love their pets, but some may need a reminder that you’re worth more than all the neopoints in the world. However, you’ll always have everything you need – and possibly everything you want, too

If most of your replies were F, then your owner is cloud. They can be a little naïve and clueless, but they care about you in their absent-minded sort of way. They can be a little frustrating sometimes. Sometimes they need you to remind them of important things that need to happen. Just remember that they mean well and they’re pretty decent owners. Make sure you give them a big hug and thank them for adopting you.

If you have about the same amount for two letters, that means you have a split owner. If they’re all over the place, your owner is rainbow. Look at the descriptions above to try to piece together what your owner fits best for either of these two.

Thanks for taking this quiz. Now you know how to answer the question “what color is your owner?”

This is purely for fun... don't send the meepits after me.

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