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Becoming A Worthy Council Member

by dylanreborn


In the throne room of every guild, there are five chairs. No matter how the guild rules work, no matter what the theme or the goal or the objective, there are always, and always will be, five chairs, five thrones, five seats.

The center seat, the largest, most comfortable, and grandest of all, is reserved for the honorable leader, a person who, if they have read my other article on being a guild leader ((Rhinolab says I need to stop advertising other articles and focus on writing this one)), possesses a certain respect, compassion, and most of all, love for their guild and its members.

What of the other seats, though? What of the two seats to the left of the leader’s, and the two seats to the right? Who occupies those luxurious and grand posts of respect and responsibility?

The answer is simple, a word every self-respecting guilder knows; a goal in each and every person’s heart and soul.

The Guild Council.

That’s right, those seats, those four seats set bold and high are reserved for the four most dedicated and driven members the guild has to offer. Those who sit there are charged with the task of aiding and assisting the leader in their running of the guild, often times given a select portion of the guild to run, a certain set of duties to perform, or a task to carry out each day to insure the guild is peaceful.

Many ask, “How do I get there?” They wonder how it is possible that they, new member to the guild, having zero posts and zero popularity, could ever be chosen to sit upon one of the golden thrones of management. It becomes their secret goal, obsession, and ambition, and this will either make or break a member, nothing more or less I promise you. ((Moneybagsreturns says I’m being dramatic, but I shall continue)).

There are steps and tasks and objectives one can accomplish and strive for in order to become a Council member, each as important as the next, all battle tested and proven methods in any form of a guild.

The first step and task is easy, but so crucial it cannot afford to be looked over. NEVER EXPECT COUNCIL TO JUST BE HANDED TO YOU. Yes, that entire sentence was subject to caps lock abuse, but I simply have to highlight the importance! Council is a duty, a privilege, an obligation and a responsibility that is not to be just simply handed to you. You must fight to earn it, fight with honor and dignity, come to your guild day in and day out and go above and beyond the call of duty. You must dazzle people with your talents and you must excel at your own pace, but not do it because you want it handed to you, do it because you want to earn it.

This brings us to our next point. Never become involved in a guild just to obtain a Council position. That is, quite possibly, one of the most horrendous and sad things anybody could ever do. When you join a guild, it should be about love and teamwork. You should be joining and doing the good things you do because YOU WANT to do them, not because you have a secret agenda or ambition. Be your own individual and your own person and act on a dedication based on your true commitment.

Point number three is, in essence, extremely simple, a point I have made in other articles ((Moneybagsreturns says if I mention them one more time he’s going to rebel and go on strike)). The point is this; be active. Consistent activity and keeping up with guild happenings is the base of all Council hopes and dreams. If you are not active in the slightest, how can you expect to be a decent Council member, more so even considered for a position on the Council? Activity will make it that people know you, and you know them, which is essential to anybody really wanting to have a strong backing from members if they do, indeed, become a guild Councilor.

Fourth on the list; volunteer and help out. As I stated above, it should be done for reasons of YOU wanting to do it. Once you hit that point, once you know you want to do things because they are in your heart and in your mind, go with it, and do it. When someone needs help on a Faerie Quest, help them. When somebody asks for advice and you know the answer, make sure you let them know it and ask if you can help with anything else. If the leader or other Council members have a task they would like to see done, within reason, and you know you can do it, volunteer, or even point out someone else you know who could. Helping out in any way usually gets you more than a second glance. It shows that you are ready for the big time.

Last, but not least in the slightest, in fact, I find it the most important in terms of a personal perspective; be respectful and honorable.

If you know, in your heart, that you are up for Council, you are told it’s between you and someone else, and deep down, you think that person to be of equal ability to you or better, neomail the Leader. Tell him or her that you think that the other person would be better for the job, and mean it, from the depths of your heart and soul. Make your pets proud and show the rest of Neopia what a true golden user is. Make the guilding world realize that there are people left with selfless hopes, people worthy of their respect and praise. Be true to who you are and be true to those you care for, your neofriends.

I sure do hope that this read illuminated your path to becoming a guild Council member. Good luck to all hopefuls. Take heed to what I have said, and you will be that one step closer to being not only a Council member, but a Council member Neopia can be proud of.

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