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Seasonal Avatars

by yampuff


With the Day of Giving coming ever closer, the Month of Celebrating in full swing, the Advent Calendar up and running and snow falling all over Neopia, you're probably already celebrating. No doubt you've painted a few pets or petpets Snow or Christmas, invested in some Holiday gear, fancy warm hats, silly Reindeer antlers and stuff like that. But have you given any thought to the avatars you'll be sporting all the long month? Maybe you haven't and now you want to, or maybe you have and are panicking, trying to figure out which avatar would be the best to show off your holiday spirit with. Well, either way, this article is here to help you out!

Fifteen of what I consider to be the best holiday avatars out there, from the rare to the clickable, are all listed here just for you. Listed in no particular order, as I think they are all wonderful and none better than the others. Rest assured, you'll know which one to choose once this article is done! If you don't, then... might I offer you some delicious freshly baked cookies?

Of course, I can't tell you how to get all these avatars myself; that's something you have to find out on your own, whether through trial and error, a helpful Petpage or some of the friendly folk found on the Avatar Boards, or the AC as it is also known. (But beware the craziness of the AC; it can be quite scary for the unprepared!)

Without further ado, here's the list:

1. Snowmuncher

A cute Polarchuck munching on colourful snow; that's as seasonal as it gets, isn't it? And, not only is it quite spiffy on its own, it's quite the impressive game avatar! You'll be sure to get plenty of admiration and lots of attention sporting this shiny avvie, so what are you waiting for? With a matching signature, this avvie is all you need!

2. Let it Snow!

Such a cute avatar; a little blue Bruce inside a sparkling snowflake. Pretty and seasonal, this avatar has it all, not to mention it being one of the most elegant avatars out there. One of the more expensive item avatars, this little guy will not come cheap, so be warned! However, it is undoubtedly worth the price.

3. Whee!

Few Petpets can claim to being cuter than a Snowbunny, and the same can be said about this avatar and its fellows. Not only does it sport gorgeous shades of blues and purples, it's quite rare and hard to obtain! Way to impress friends and strangers alike on the Neoboards sporting this spiffy avatar. A Snowbunny sliding down a snowy hill? That's a win in my books!

4. Jetsam - Bah!

Hate the holidays? Do they get you down? Never fear, you're not alone. You can show off your hate of the season by sporting this shiny avatar, with its seasonal colours and unseasonal sentiment: Bah! Carolers and well-wishers alike will be sure to give you quite a wide berth once they catch sight of this fearsome avatar.

5. Snowager - Rawr!

Don't want anyone stealing the hard-earned Christmas gifts you bought for your friends? This is the avatar for you, but be warned, the Snowager guards this avvie more carefully than he guards his precious treasure. This very rare random avatar is quite sought after and you'll be the envy of everyone while sporting it! It also matches beautifully with any Ice or Snow pets you might be lucky enough to own.

6. Seasonal Attack Pea

With the craze over the Super Attack Pea! avatar (also known as SuAP) being crazier than ever, some of you may find this avatar to be something of a cruel joke on TNT's part, a poor replacement for the real thing. But, disregarding that, it's a beautiful avvie with great colours! And, a pea is a pea after all, even if it's wearing a red hat instead of a little red cape, right...? Well, maybe not. Still, this avatar is quite easy to get and looks great! Not an avatar to be sneezed at, certainly.

7. Plastic Fir

This avatar may be a little too obvious a choice for your tastes, but disregarding that, it's cute, seasonal and cheerful! Like Firs? Like Christmas trees? This is the avatar for you!

8. Taelia the Snow Faerie

For fans of the holidays and Taelia alike, this avatar is a definite win. It's sparkly, with a unique shape and plenty of great colours for making a great matching signature! Plus, Taelia will thank you for it! Who knows, maybe her next quest will be that much easier if you sport her avatar all around? Well, maybe not, but it's worth a try, right?

9. Chocolate!

What are the holidays if not an excuse to eat lots of yummy chocolates and candies? Hot chocolate, borovan, chocolate-covered cookies, the list is endless! If you're the kind that loves giving yummy chocolate gifts to your friends, this avatar is for you! It's a friendly, warm and inviting avatar that is hard to resist! Quite hard to get, can you win this avvie in time for the Day of Giving? Just make sure no one eats it!

10. Christmas Rock - Lumpy

Oh my, a default avatar! I wouldn't be seen dead on the boards with one of those! If that's what you thought upon seeing this avatar, then maybe it's not for you, but surely someone can find a use for this unloved little rock with its cute little red bow. It may be lumpy but it wants to be loved as much as anyone! And anyway, the holiday season is about being generous and kind, not about showing off shiny avatars and making others jealous, right? Hmm, well, be that as it may, give a rock some love and post with it this holiday season! You won't regret it!

11. Cliffhanger - Game Over

Well, it may not seem very seasonal at first, but after you've spent all of your hard earned Neopoints on gifts for your friends, 'Game Over' might just be exactly what you'll be thinking and falling off an icy cliff into unknown territory beyond may be a very accurate description of your financial state.

12. Grundo - Snowthrow!

After a while, all those snowballs getting thrown at you gets more than a little tiresome. My Safety Deposit Box is filled to bursting with all the Snowballs I've found in random events around Terror Mountain. This cute but angry little Green Grundo looks quite fed up with all the snowball throwing that's been going on! If you are too, this tricky game avatar may be just the thing for you.

13. Raindorf

Forget Snowbunnies! This Raindorf is too adorable! Look at those shiny green eyes! That appealing little smile that just says, "Take me home with you!" For fans of the holidays and Raindorfs alike, this avatar cannot be beat!

14. Not For Wreathale

Christmas just isn't the same without a Christmas wreath hanging from your door. Or a Wreathy sleeping peacefully by your Neopet. Or especially a Wreathy as your avatar, making all your posts seem that much more festive and cheerful. Who would resell a Wreathy? I wouldn't!

15. Broken

As difficult as it was for me to settle for fifteen avatars only, this one had to be the final one. The last, but by no means the least, the 'Broken' avatar sends a beautiful message to all, besides having the perfect seasonal colours. Just look at that little toy; he's broken up but he's still smiling. Possibly he soon shall be fixed by certain little elves? Who knows, but with the gift giving season at an all time high, sometimes we need to take the time to remember our old, dearly loved toys that sometimes get forgotten in all the chaos that comes with piles of shiny new things.

And there you have it, fifteen of what I consider to be the top holiday avatars, without which you should not be seen on the boards! (I'm only half serious!) I tried to include as wide a variety of avatars as I could, with all different rarities and difficulties so that anyone reading this article could benefit! Of course, there are many more to choose from, be creative as you like! I've seen some very un-seasonal avatars made quite holiday-appropriate when combined with the perfect signature!

Of course, maybe you just don't feel like taking off your hard-earned MSPP avatar just to celebrate, but in case you were in search of a seasonal avvie, I hope this guide was of some help! Have a great day, happy avatar collecting and most especially: Happy Holidays!

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