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The Art of Key Quest

by fangsiqin1986



Besides it being a fun game, Key Quest is also a wonderful tool to earn great prizes. Winning your Key Quest games is fast becoming an intricate art by itself, and here are some pointers to guide you along the way.


With the attractive array of prizes offered in this new game, Key Quest has certainly become one major talking point amongst Neopians nowadays. Items such as codestones, neggs and even rare paint brushes can possibly be obtained from the Vault as one redeems the various keys they have won. It is said that the better your keys, the greater your chances of obtaining something valuable. The sure way to get better keys is of course to actually win them.

Neopians have paid much attention towards winning their respective Key Quest games in a bid to land up with the gold keys they so desire. Therefore, winning Key Quest games is fast becoming an intricate art by itself. Everybody is trying to achieve some form of mastery in this seemingly easy yet at the same time complicated art form. The following are some useful pointers which you can learn and hopefully utilise in your future Key Quest games:

1. Knowledge

Knowledge is power, as a common saying goes. This certainly applies in the context of Key Quest also, as good knowledge of the game will provide you with a good head start over your opponent. Start off by knowing the fundamental details of the game, such as what you are supposed to do in order to win the game (i.e. collecting keys!). You will also need to learn about the functions of the various power-ups that are available to you during the game. It also helps greatly to familiarise yourself with the effects of each squares on the playing board so that you will know which squares to go for or to avoid.

2. Objective

Have your own objective in mind even before you start a game. The overall objective of Key Quest is to win the game, of course. What I really mean here is how are you actually going to win it? Are you going to win while trying to maximise your Neopoints earnings at the same time, or do you just want to head straight towards the exit once you collect all of the required keys? It is important to stick to your objective as it determines your playing style throughout the entire game. This will in turn influence the decisions you make during each turn as well. Never ever switch your objective halfway as it will render your previous decisions irrelevant and be detrimental to your chances of emerging victorious at the end of the day.

3. Anticipation

I cannot further stress the importance of anticipation when playing Key Quest. Always be alert to the power-ups your opponents hold, and try to guess what will be their next course of action when it comes to their turn. Are they going to roll the die only? Or will they attempt to use a power-up? If so, which particular power-up are they more probable to use and how will it affect you? This definitely reduces the chances of you being caught unaware and provides ample time for you to formulate an even better strategy accordingly.

Anticipation can also refer to planning your moves well in advance also. For example, you should preferably have a brief idea of your intended route in mind as you select your starting location. You can also look at the various power-ups you currently hold and decide how you are going to utilise them in the best manner possible during subsequent turns.

4. Maximising strengths and minimising weaknesses

This pointer is especially applicable when it comes to mini-games. Do you have a slow computer which makes it doubly difficult for you to come out good in mini-games? If so, avoid squares which will activate such mini-games and opt for alternative routes instead. Conversely if mini-games are your forte, then by all means go ahead and aim to activate as many mini-games as you possibly can! Similarly if you are anything like me and think that you are just plain unlucky, then avoid challenging your opponents to Rock-Scissors-Paper duels at all times.

5. Calmness

Beginners to Key Quest should pay particular attention to this pointer. Do not be taken aback whenever you see the timer counting down. This is because whenever you panic, you are more prone to making silly mistakes such as choosing the wrong key for your award and missing out on the key which can win you the game. Believe me, the amount of time given is absolutely reasonable and more than enough for you to make a calm and steady choice. One good way to achieve calmness is through anticipation (refer to Point #3 above).

6. Ample practice

While it is good to be well-versed in understanding the theory behind winning Key Quest games, nothing prepares you better than playing the actual game itself. It is only during real Key Quest encounters when you get to apply whatever pointers you have learnt from this article into the actual game itself. By playing more often, you will achieve an even stronger understanding of the game mechanism which will enable you to think up of even better ways to cope with the demands of this game.

This guide is not intended to be exhaustive on its own, as there are more points left to be touched on when it comes to the strategic aspect of Key Quest. Situational circumstances often play a big role in determining the outcome of Key Quest games as well, as do other factors such as the luck of your roll and types of power-ups received. However, I strongly believe that the six pointers mentioned above are fundamental for anyone who wishes to master the art of Key Quest. While my pointers will not guarantee you a victory in each and every Key Quest game you play in, I am quite confident that they will go a long way in helping you. With the right attitude and the correct strategy, you will definitely get your fair chance of winning this game.

Have fun, and I wish you the best of luck when you turn in your keys to redeem your prizes!

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