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Day of Giving Presents

by tiquandowitch


The Day of Giving is possibly one of the most important and exciting days of the Neopian calendar. It’s a time of togetherness – and of course, exchanging presents! Shopping for the Day of Giving should definitely not be left to the last minute, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to buy your beloved pets. So here’s your easy guide to presents and buying them!

Sporty Things

For those Neopians who just won’t stop charging around the house or garden, those who are easily bored, you want some sports products! These may include the troublesome Meerca, the bouncy Blumaroo or the energetic Mynci. Here’s a rundown of the best sporty toys!


Yes, the most obvious choice! Bouncy balls can provide hours of throwing and kicking fun. The basic bouncy ball comes in three colours. Then there’s the beach ball, perfect if you live on Mystery Island! And finally there’s the more fun and unusual patterns like the Symol bouncy ball and the stamp bouncy ball! Remember, while bouncy balls are great fun for large pets, they may be intimidating for the smaller species! And all these balls can be found at the Toy Shop!

Bowling Set

Bowling sets are fantastic fun! Indoors or out, you can practise bowling in the comfort and privacy of your own home! Each set comes with a bowling ball and several skittles! The basic choice is the wooden bowling set – simple but sweet. There’s other designs, even one by the company who made Usuki dolls!

Tennis Set

Tennis is a classic game and no pet should be without a tennis set. Full sets usually include two rackets and a ball, like the Bori tennis set. And if there’s a sport that the NeoCash Mall loves, it’s tennis. If you have the NeoCash you can enjoy buying sporty tennis uniforms and shoes, as well as equipment!

Girly Things

A lot of pets love fashion. Clothes, accessories, and all things girly. If you’re looking for a present for a female pet, or perhaps the fashion-loving Usul, Cybunny or of course, the Uni.


As well as the Uni Clothes Store, the NeoCash Mall carries hundreds of beautiful dresses for the girly pet. The more profound pet will adore an elegant feather dress. But the more extravagant kind will enjoy large, sparkly gowns like the sparkly faerie dress. Cute pets will look fantastic in cute dresses, like the ‘Prissy Miss’ range and the fancy chef dress. And finally for the more Gothic pets, a Spyder web dress will look fantastic – even though Halloween is over.

Usuki Doll

Ah, the Usuki. It’s a classic toy. The perfect present for female pets to dress up and play with in plastic play scenes. Now, Usuki dolls come in all shapes and sizes – Magical Hair Usuki, Maraquan Usuki, Flight Attendant Usuki...The list goes on. But of course if your pet already has a doll, which is likely, there’s a truly endless list of play sets to customise and dress your Usuki in. You can buy your Usuki a Petpet, a funky wig with hair accessories, cute clothes and even dress-up outfits. Available from Usuki Land in the Neopian Bazaar. And of course, every Usuki-collector needs a copy of the book ‘Usuki Collector’s Guide’. Also, don’t forget that the NeoCash Mall stocks some fun Usuki clothes.

Make-up and Grooming

Every female pet likes to look good. Grooming products are simple but are a sure-fire way to make your pet happy. Choose from every colour of lipstick and eye shadow! Buy a shiny mirror for pets to admire themselves in! Soap will keep your pet smelling fresh and the more fancy soaps such as Fancy Star-Shaped soap, Pink Usul soap and the delightful Meerca Toy surprise soap with a tiny toy inside will make bath time luxurious and fun! And finally, do not forget hair products. Brushes, combs and clips will ensure that your pet will be grooming for hours.

Creative Presents

Arty pets will love these suggested crafty activities – perfect for the cold, wet days that happen so often during the Month of Celebrating!

Cook Book

There are thousands of recipe books out there – bake anything from Kreludan cookies to Petpet pies! Not that this is recommended...


If your pet loves to draw and colour, why not buy a pretty painting for their bedroom to give them inspiration? Or if your pet is more hands-on, buy a notepad or paints! There are even a large selection on how-to-draw and painting books to help your pet on its way to artistic fame and genius such as Rainbow Painting and Painting Zafaras! And for the beginning artist, try the always popular Learn to Paint set.

Study Things

There’s always that pet who loves to read, who excels in everything they do, who concentrates hard and does well at Neoschool. This kind of pet might like some school supplies for the Day of Giving – if you want to do well in Neoschool, you always need a clean notebook and a sharp pencil. Or a book will go down well, novel or non-fiction. And for the talented pet, try buying a musical instrument from the Musical Shop in the Neopian Plaza – it might make a perfect new hobby! Be careful, though; some instruments are pricey.


Where do you go for gifts? The Gift Store, of course. There are kinds of basic gifts such as teddy bears, cards, photo frames and boxes of chocolate. Although they aren’t very personal, you can’t really go wrong.


The Day of Giving wouldn’t be complete without candy in your pet’s stocking or as a treat. Chocolate is a safe bet – and you could buy your pet a chocolate in the shape of its species! Thanks to the Chocolate Factory in Neopia Central, there are hundreds of delicious candies to make your pet drool...


Available from the Gift Shop or the NeoCash Mall, don’t forget that half the fun of presents is opening them – choose colourful wrapping paper, boxes and ribbons to decorate and hide those presents!

Things Not to Buy...

There are certain things no pet will appreciate, and frankly giving your pet these presents on such a joy-filled day is almost cruel. The top five things you should NOT get your pet for the Day of Giving are junk from the Fishing Hole, including single shoes or kelp, gross or poisonous food – who wants to be ill on the Day of Giving, pretty much anything to do with dung or sludge, anything from the Second Hand Shoppe – fair enough on any other day, but a shirt that some other disgusting person may have worn doesn’t exactly say love, and finally, a trip to the Pound. Please don’t dump your pet on the happiest day of the year!

Thank you for reading this article. I hope it gives you some ideas on what to buy your family for presents! Happy Day of Giving!

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