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Advent Calendar Characters

by babyazndragon


It’s the Month of Celebrating once again, and Neopians all around the world are gathering at the Advent Calendar to pick up their daily prizes. Throughout this month, you’ve probably received an abundance of new, exciting items. What does how you use your advent prizes say about you? Take a close look at the following descriptions of behaviors and find out which personality best fits you.

The Nurturer

The Nurturer loves to take care of his pets and give them the best of everything. You can be sure that he will immediately use all of his Advent Calendar prizes on his pets. If he receives a toy, he will use it to play with each of his pets, making sure that each one gets a fair turn. If he receives food or a book, you will see him scurry out to the marketplace despite fierce winds and stinging snow to buy a few more portions or a few more copies so that each of his pets can have one. Wearables are lovingly placed on his pets. Furniture is artfully set up in his neohome. Petpets are carefully matched to the perfect pet owner.

The Nurturer makes use of his Advent Calendar prizes with his pets first and foremost in his mind. He has a caring, protective nature and strives to provide his pets with all that he can afford. For the Nurturer, the Month of Celebrating is a time to celebrate his pets and their special relationships.

The Giver

The Giver picks up his Advent Calendar prizes along with everybody else, but unlike everyone else, he ends up giving them away. The Giver finds great joy in making others happy. For him, the best gift he can receive is the contentment and satisfaction of brightening someone else’s day. He will often give away his items to friends who missed getting some of their prizes. Sometimes, he will make a special trip to the Money Tree and hand out his items to complete strangers! Indeed, the fact that many of these Neopians specifically gather at the Money Tree to take advantage of his and other Givers’ kindness does not bother him.

The Giver believes that the Month of Celebrating is a time to give rather than receive. His generous and benevolent nature endears him to many, ensuring that he is never without friends.

The Pack Rat

The Pack Rat loves all the cute items that the Advent Calendar gives out! After receiving his gifts, he oohs and aahs over each one and then promptly tosses them into his Safety Deposit Box for safekeeping. He likes knowing that he has all of his prizes tucked away, safe and sound from the Pant Devil or Dr. Sloth. Having all of his advent prizes ready for easy access makes it convenient for him to take them out to admire whenever he wants.

The Pack Rat finds it hard to give away or sell his items because he believes he may want or need them sometime in the future. Unlike the rest of the characters, the Pack Rat finds delight not in what the Advent Calendar prizes can do for him, but in simply what they are and that they exist. The Month of Celebrating is an ideal time for the Pack Rat to expand his hoard of treasures.

The Collector

The Collector likes to make sure that he owns one of every item that the Advent Calendar gives out. He tries to never skip a day lest he miss out on something. If he does happen to neglect to pick up his prizes, he will venture out to the marketplace to buy replacements. The Collector takes pleasure in knowing that he has the entire set of Advent Calendar prizes and that his collection is complete.

The Collector is conscientious and often a perfectionist. He likes things to be just right and just the way he wants them to be. The Collector pays close attention to detail and takes pride in working towards and achieving a goal. The Month of Celebrating brings a slew of attractive items to collect.

The Businessman

The Businessman sees the Advent Calendar prizes as a chance to increase his wealth. He loves a low-risk business prospect where his expenses are low. Profit equals revenue minus cost, and when cost is zero, you can bet that the Businessman will seize the opportunity. He makes sure to pick up his daily gifts and then takes them to his shop, where he sets them out for other Neopians to buy. You may also see the Businessman scavenging about other Neopians’ shops. He does this to pick up more advent prices at a bargain price so that he can resell them in his own shop. The Businessman values Neopoints over his prizes because he knows that he can use Neopoints to buy whatever he wants.

The Businessman finds the most excitement and enjoyment from amassing wealth. Nothing pleases him more than to know that nothing is out of his reach and that he can afford anything he wants. The Businessman is ambitious and hard-working. The Month of Celebrating is a time for him to take one step closer to his goal.

The Investor

Like the Businessman, the Investor also seeks to augment his riches. Unlike the Businessman, the Investor takes a more studied approach. The Investor recognizes that many of the Advent Calendar prizes were only given out this one time and will never be given out again, and he uses this knowledge to his advantage. The Investor will analyze the advent prizes and carefully select those which he believes will be the most in demand in years to come. Then he not only saves his own prizes, but he also hurries to the marketplace to purchase other Neopians’ prizes to put aside as well. The Investor does this because he knows that any increase in the prizes’ values will be multiplied by the volume, and the greater the volume, the greater the profit.

The Investor is patient and shrewd, with a knack for discerning patterns and thinking ahead. He also views the Month of Celebrating as an opportunity to expand his wealth.


This list encompasses the most common behaviors I’ve observed, but it is by no means exhaustive. Also, of course, many people may find that they are a mixture of a few of these characteristics rather than just one. In any case, I hope that this article has given you greater insight into how your fellow Neopians use their Advent Calendar prizes or perhaps, even, greater insight into yourself. Whichever one of these categories you fall into, I wish you a very happy holiday season!


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