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Adjusting to your Neohome 2.0

by bluecloud300


As many of you may not be aware, Neopets has just released a groundbreaking new feature: Neohomes 2.0! You can do never before imagined things, such as customize your floor and walls, view the outside of your home, and even see your neohome furniture in 3D!


What’s that you say? Neohomes 2.0 has been around for how long?! Well, piffle. I guess I’ve been stuck at NeoQuest for too long. At any rate, I’m sure you’ve noticed some of the changes aren’t so great; namely, how you have to fit your whole Neofamily into one tiny room (which allegedly takes up the space of an entire house).

Those of you who are used to the classic Neohome will undoubtedly miss having your impressive mansions: being able to have up to three floors of nine rooms each for your pets, kitchens, living rooms, or Meepit Pits of Doom...

Well, get over it. With prices the way they are (10 NP for an apple that’s already bitten?), times are tough; even Nigel the Chia is considering downgrading to a Red Bike. So thank your lucky Novas that you have a Neohome to go to, instead of having to live in the Forest or Mountains and having to Smile Sweetly at everyone you meet.

All joking aside, it will take some adjusting to get used to your Neohome 2.0. Right now your pets are probably fighting over how many wooden floor boards belong to them, the petpets are tracking dirt over what you think is supposed to be your kitchen floor, and you’re all feeling cramped and unhappy. But there are steps you can take to put the “home” back in “Neohome 2.0.” In this guide, I have a few pointers on how to make the most of your new surroundings, at least until they invent second floors.

One of the most important things I can mention is to make the best of what you have. You only have one room, true, but with some creativity you can make it work. Even with one room, you can create a separation of space, the illusion of space, and simple touches of comfort that will use the limitations of your room efficiently.

To create a sense of separation of space, for example, try using room dividers. If you don’t have any, you can create your own by using wardrobes or shelving units; these not only divide up the room perfectly, but they provide storage space for your Usuki collection (don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me). This method is great in particular for creating “rooms” for your many pets, who are probably used to having their own space and privacy. Pets these days, they just aren’t happy with a 1/3 Plain Omelette and a Blue Flotsam Plushie anymore.

Moving on, another great way of creating a sense of separation is to use different flooring for different parts of the room. For instance, you can use Simple Wood Flooring for your living quarters, and Basic Red Floor Tiling for your kitchen area. While there won’t be an obvious physical difference in space, it will help give you the feeling that you are in a kitchen eating your bread and butterfish sandwich, and not just eating in the far left corner of your one room flat. Plus, tiling is easier to clean up food spills from than wood anyway.

Along those lines, you can buy several cheap rugs *cough*Altador Rug*cough* and place them together to create a carpeted area for your living room; this gives a warm and inviting feeling to your visitors, and prevents their paws from getting splinters from your Simple Wood Floor.

If you feel your settings are rather cramped (and they are, trust me), try creating the illusion of space. A great way of doing this is by adding windows. Not only are they a really cheap light and heat source, but they keep those four walls from closing in on you; namely because there are now holes in those four walls. And if you splurge on the stained glass variety, you’ll be adding a beautiful and colorful piece of art to your Neohome as well.

If tearing down parts of your Neohome to install windows isn’t within your means, then a cheaper and less permanent alternative is to use mirrors, such as the Antique Full Length Mirror or a Fancy Wooden Mirror. Mirrors reflect everything and give you the feeling that your space is doubled. And your Uni will definitely appreciate a chance to look at themself over and over again.

Also, proper lighting helps make a space feel more open. If your Neopet is huddled in the dark, then obviously your home will appear to be smaller than it already is. Ambient lighting, such as a Bone Chandelier or a Crystal Leaf Lamp, will brighten up your home and increase the sense of space.

Lastly, a Neohome just isn’t a Neohome without those simple touches of comfort. Try to make your new Neohome a place your pets would want to live in. Bare walls and cement floors do not a nice Neohome make.

Try adding plants to liven up your Neohome. You can now use Garden plants inside, although you shouldn’t go overboard; just because you can put a Snow Covered Tree inside your Neohome, doesn’t mean you should. Colorful or fragrant plants, such as Pink Lilies or Blue Columbines, are a wonderful addition that will make your home relaxing and comforting.

Finishing touches will help complete your Neohome’s look. Find furniture that compliments your taste, and there are a decent range of beds, tables, and chairs that are compatible with Neohomes 2.0 to choose from. Decorative items such as pillows, curtains, wall hangings and rugs add that little part of you into your home that helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In closing, having a small living space doesn’t have to be the end of Neopia as we know it. By working with what you have and being creative, you can have a Neohome that you and your pets can all be happy to live in.

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