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The Do-Gooders of Neopia

by kaitlinlovespuppies


Fellow do-gooders! What is coming up soon this December? That’s right- the HOLIDAYS! Well, what are the holidays all about? Yep- doing good! But the big question is where to start? Where am I to go to make this world a better place? Well, I’ve decided to share my knowledge of doing good to you fellow Neopians, so that you, too, may spread joy throughout Neopia.

Let me just say one thing: Doing good in this wide world isn’t just something you can do during merry holidays. Doing good, is, was, and will be, something that should be done every day, for every day there is a Neopian suffering from the inability to care for their miserable, poor pets. As a hobby or sport, do-gooding should be thoroughly practiced at all times, everyday, week, and month.

We shall now begin.

1. The Money Tree

The Money Tree has always been a place of great excellence, where poor Neopians can find free items that will help them, even if their neopoints are scarce. And this is a wonderful place to perform good deeds to help Neopians.

As you have probably guessed, donating items to the Money Tree is a wonderful way to do good. Donating is easy, of course; simply just pick an item, and select ‘Donate’. But donating your old, useless junk? Don’t even think about it. Why on EARTH would you think donating that piece of barbed wire to the Tree is ‘doing good’? No. If you aim to do good, then good things to donate are: NP, clothes, and (edible) food.

Another thing you can do is try to get items from the Tree. “But, kaitlinlovespuppies, what good could I do by taking items from the lees fortunate? Well, I’m not talking about items that, like I said before, are good to donate to the Tree, I’m talking about junk that Neopians donate to the tree. You see, for the less fortunate, going to the Tree is an everyday thing. But seldom do they get items that could help them (see the ‘good items to donate’ list). This is where you come in. By receiving these items, you are clearing away the junk that crowds the Tree and prevents the less fortunate from receiving good items. You can just take this junk home and carefully discard it. If you accidentally take a good item, you can just re- donate it. Note: Don’t even THINK about re- donating that junk because you ‘don’t want to waste it’. It’s a waste to not only you but the less fortunate. What are you going to do with a bucket of sludge?

2. Kiko Lake

This is a very poor place. Seldom do they get visitors, and therefore seldom do they receive money. Plus, they’re just so lonely there. Well, you can do good here, too! By buying items from this place, you can offer not only NP but great company as well! Plus, this lake really is amazing!

3. Roo Island

This island, like Kiko Lake, is seldom visited. It is just some poor island of the coast of Neopia Central to some. Well, like at Kiko Lake, it wouldn’t hurt to go there for once and buy something!

4. Kadoatery

This is the place where sad Kadoaties go when their owners take a vacation. How does this help? Well, all of the Kadoaties want an item that will cheer them up while their owners are away. You can be the one to give them that item. True, some of the items are thousands of points, but sometimes doing good costs a price.

5. The Neopian Pound

There are always sad Neopets in the cages of the Neopian Pound. Oh, how they wish to have an owner who will feed them, play with them, take care of them… They pace ever so unhappily in their cages. Well, why don’t you adopt one? Taking a sad, abandoned pet home to care for it is a wonderful deed! But one thing you should consider is if you can take care of it. If you already have a good amount of pets, you probably shouldn’t adopt another pet.

6. Adopt a Grundo!

Adopting a Grundo is a great way to do good. Grundos usually aren’t adopted because of their bad reputation, which is a wonderful true history story with a good ending, but whose tedious details I won’t go into. Let’s just say it has something to do with a certain Dr. Sloth. Anyway, these Grundos aren’t adopted, so they wait, sad and lonely. If you look past their history, you’ll realize Grundos are loyal, friendly pets that would be happy to join your family. Grundos can be adopted at the Virtupets Space Station. I adopted a Grundo, and trust me, he is the sweetest pet I ever had! Plus, have you ever seen a Grundo? They're pretty cute if you ask me!

7. Help The Environment!

In this world forgetting the environment, so many places are being wrongfully polluted. I’m sure, though, with hard work this place could get back in its former shape of perfect health! You can help by organizing a group to help you help the planet. Together, you can pick up trash and make some posters to raise awareness of all this pollution! You don’t have to organize a group, though. You can and your family can do this easily.

8. Get A Present!

Getting a present for your friend this holiday is a simple but kind thing to do. Your friend will be happy to receive a present and you’ll be happy to give one! Don’t you just love that warm, fuzzy feeling?

Well, I hope after reading this article you have decided to go out in the world to do good. Truly helping the world gives you the best feeling ever, right? Right. Remember, no matter what age, gently used to the world or just starting to discover, you can change the world and help make it a better place! We can ALL make a difference!

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