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Letters for Lia

by kattrish


She held it in front of her, admiring the perfect little gift with its perfect little bow. Now, all it needed was a perfect little card and everything would be set.

     The Grey Kougra rummaged around the piles of wrapping paper, cards and tape in search for her pen. Beads of sweat trickled down her face due to the excruciating heat.

     She sighed as she struggled to find it.

     The pains of living in a Desert Kingdom. You'd think she'd have gotten used to it by now, having lived there all her life.

     "Looking for this?" a voice called. Lianesa turned and spotted a rather shabby-looking Kougra by the corner of the room. His cloak was in tatters and his dark hair was a mess. As usual.

     "It's quite rude to just magick yourself in here, you know." Lia rolled her eyes as she spotted the telltale sparks left by a mage's work.

     "It's quite rude not to say 'Thank you' at least." He flashed her a grin, and handed the missing calligraphy pen to her. "You really ought to clean up this place." The Kougra frowned as he glanced over the mess.

     "I'm wrapping gifts. Christmas time." Lia took the pen and began to scribble a few notes on the last card. "Don't you have any last-minute shopping things to do, Valor? Tomorrow's Christmas after all."

     He gave her an odd look. "I don't do 'Christmas shopping things.' I don't give gifts at all. Ever."

     "Oh, get in the spirit, Val." Lia stuck the card onto the gift box. "Though it is kind of hard to get in the Winter spirit in this dreadful weather."

     "It's the Desert. What do you expect?"

     "I wish for snow."

     "An odd thing to wish for."

     Lia shrugged. "It's not odd for me." She picked up one of the few Winter decorations from a nearby table. It was a snowglobe with a few miniature Neopets skating around a small pond amidst the flurry of snowflakes. "I find it... beautiful."

     "That's from Terror Mountain, I gather?"

     "Yup. One of my traveler-friends gave it to me last Christmas." She shook the snowglobe and watched the snow fall.

     "Very interesting," Valor said simply, iced with a hint of boredom. "Well, I'm off. Good luck with that wrapping thing you're doing."

     "I'm already done."

     The White Kougra grinned. "Well, then. Good luck cleaning up." He waved and vanished off to someplace, leaving a trail of sparks that flared and faded away.

     Lia pushed her pale white hair away from her eyes and faced the mess that awaited her.

     It was going to be a long day.


      The Ayth’ri Royal House

     Ithalyas, The Southern Desert Realm

     Dear Lianesa,


     I bet you weren’t expecting this... think again, then!

     Anyway, here are some -lovely- clothes to add to that wardrobe collection of yours. Only the finest lace for my -awesome- friend.

     Plus, these are custom made by one of the BEST designers in this part of the Desert, and are made with the softest (and most expensive, if I may add) fabric. I especially love the dark blue one there with the light swirls; it’s so... you.

     I even got Jaeire to magick them for you. I never knew that Draik had a stain-free spell at hand. Usually, he’d have those boring (and useless) ones. Like levitating some random objects and whatnot.

     I hope you like this! (If you don’t, off to the dungeons with you.)

     Kidding. xD

     And come by the Palace later at 7 PM NST. There’s a special Christmas dinner for all my lovely friends.

     Very truly yours,

     Vennaline Tyrane Ayth’ri, Queen of the Southern Desert Realm of Ithalyas


      Dear Lia,

     Since you’re quite into that weaving craft, I’ve got you something that would interest you, so to speak. I found it while searching for a certain book in the Seth’el Library.

     It’s rather old, as most of the books in that place are (from the time of the Ancient Kings and Queens of Ithalyas, in fact), and it looks like a good read (even though I didn’t understand half the stuff written there), something you’d probably enjoy.

     It’s written by someone called Zydra the Weaver? I bet you’d know who that is.

     Happy Holidays! (and enjoy the book!)


     Jaeire Seth’el

     P.S. Venna tried to magick that one pink dress (and the spell went badly), so I suggest that you be wary of that one. I warned her not to include it, but knowing that Shoyru, she probably did.


      The Hollow Hotel

     Sparkspook Lane, Haunted Woods


     We’re back in the Haunted Woods, apparently. They have this Spooky Christmas Bazaar thing going on, and Caylir (that annoying Kor-brat) insists on going. Of course, I had told her, “Dude. Everything’s spooky there all year round. Haven’t you had enough of that since Halloween?”

     And she’s like, “No.”

     That’s said in a very very nice innocent manner.

     I am a very annoyed Peophin. Annoyed, indeed.

     Ah, well. I managed to get a few bargains here and there, though I fear that many of the ones I bought are cursed. There’s this one shop owned by some gypsy Kau or the other. She sold me some weird-looking keychains for less than 100 neopoints, and she did seem glad to be rid of them (like most of the shopkeepers here) which raised my suspicions. Cay insisted on buying them, and I’m like, “Fine. Whatever. Suit yourself. They’re CURSED.”

     Anyway, here’s a keychain.

     50% off from that gypsy Kau.

     Enjoy, my Kougra friend. Enjoy.

     And have an awesome Christmas.

     (No sarcasm intended.)



      The Hollow Hotel

     Sparkspook Lane, Haunted Woods


     Guess where I am? At the Haunted Woods of course!

     I -love- this place! It’s filled with tons of things to see and do... you’d never get bored. You should definitely visit this place sometime.

     I’ve got you something as well. It’s a fan, previously owned by a Noble Lady of Neovia. It has an intricate design of sorts, something I’d know you’d like.

     They’re selling her neohome too, and at a very low price. I had wanted to buy it, but my sister said “NO!”

     I think she heard stories of the Lady’s home being haunted... by the Lady herself.

     Anyways, enjoy your Christmas at the Lost Desert! (We’ll probably come by and visit just in time for the New Year Celebration)

     Your Korbatty friend,



      Tyrammet Village


     To Lia,

     Yes, yes... in Tyrannia here. Why, you ask? WE'RE BOOKED FOR A CONCERT IN THE TYRANNIAN CONCERT HALL!

     The band is pretty ecstatic over this (who in their right minds wouldn't be?) and we've got a few extra tickets (attached to this letter here!)

     We'll be playing during the New Year celebration which is only a few days from now, and I do hope you (and your friends) could come.

     Send Jaeire and Valor my regards! Tell my sister, Venna, not to be too annoying in the Holidays.

     Merry Christmas!




     I found a nifty spell.

     Look outside.



      Lianesa shook her head as she placed the last letter back on the table. Another one of his nifty spells... What's that Kougra going to blow up this time?

     Nonetheless, she headed off towards the window and pulled back the crimson curtains. To her surprise, a flurry of white greeted her.

     Instead of the sand dunes that stretched for thousands of miles, crystal hills sparkled in the distance. The river than ran through their Desert Kingdom had stopped, a road of ice in its place.

     Amidst the snowflakes, a lone figure waved.

     Desert Snow... Who would have guessed?

     Lia smiled, waved back, and without missing a beat, raced off towards the wintry world below.

The End

Author's note: Happy Holidays to all of you! C:

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