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Stuck in Transfer

by fluttergork


I'm about to be transferred to my sixth owner. My last owner traded me away for another dream pet, a Faerie Krawk with a very good name.

     Hi, my name is Martin, and I'm an MSP Poogle. And this, this is my story.


      On my first day in this life, I was created as a Kougra. I know this because my mom told me, and continued to tell me about how beautiful I was as a Kougra. How soft my fur used to be, and how my big blue eyes were irresistible. No matter how much trouble I got in, she would always forgive me.

     I remember one time I was playing with a ball outside in the garden, and I accidentally kicked the ball through one of the windows in our home. Mom started to yell at me, but when she looked at me, she smiled, and instead of yelling, she was laughing. She gave me a big, warm hug and said it was okay. A broken window would easily be replaced.

     I miss my mom...

     Mom had big plans for me. She bought me a Petpet, a Slorg. He was slimy and green, but cool. A perfect Petpet for a boy like myself. I also got a paint job after a while, and I became a very handsome Darigan Kougra. My mom's dream pet.

     I remember being a Darigan Kougra, because I stayed like that for two years! Two years is a lot for a Neopet. My Petpet, which I called Slim the Slorg, got painted Darigan too. We were quite the team, Slim and I. Always playing, and getting my mom nervous. She was afraid we would hurt ourselves with all the wild games we played.

     Life was good. I was happy, Slim was happy, and Mom was happy. Everything was perfect! Until one day...

     I remember... I remember the first day the ray fired at me. I begged her to not go through with it, but she wouldn't listen to me. She dragged me over to the scientist who controls the ray, and kept firing the ray at me. Day in and day out. Every day was filled with dizziness; sometimes I couldn't even stand up straight.

     I gained stats, only to lose them again. Day after day after day. I never knew what would happen to me. I started to change colour; brown, white, ghost. Species; Acara, Techo, Aisha. Suddenly, one day, I became a Poogle! My mom cried with joy, but she didn't see the tears in my eyes. I used to be a handsome Darigan Kougra, and now I was a Poogle! How could she? How...

     The last day the ray was fired at me, I became what I am today, an MSP Poogle. Mom was happy; I wasn't. I mean, I looked kind of cool, but I was still a Poogle. I guess you can say I don't particularly like being a Poogle.

     I asked her if she was happy about me not being a Darigan Kougra anymore. The answer she gave me broke my heart. She said yes, because she could now get the Neopet of her dream, a Krawk. I looked at her, and asked her if she really wanted to give me away. Me, who was her first pet. Me, who was her DREAM! She closed her eyes, and whispered: Yes, because now, another person could get their dream pet. Someone who would love me forever. Someone who could take care of me, more than she could.

     I couldn't believe it. I was devastated. She was going to trade me away, like I was some kind of toy you didn't want to play with anymore, just so you could get a new toy. Speaking of playing, Slim the Slorg got taken away from me, only to be sold in Mom's shop. Mom said a Slorg didn't fit me anymore. I still miss him, though. Poor Slim.

     The day everything happened was grey. When I say grey, I really mean grey. The whole world seemed to have lost its colours. I begged my mom to not go through with this, that she would regret it the minute the trade was over. She didn't even blink. It was a lost cause.

     The transfer station is this huge building. Almost like a factory. The windows were all shut, so no one could look inside. It was cold, and almost silent apart from the few pets that cried their hearts out. I looked at them for a while. They all looked so sad. Most of them, anyway. Sometimes you could see pets that were all happy about being traded or adopted out. My guess is that some of those pets were really getting a new home, where someone loved them to pieces.

     I looked at Mom again, and was about to say something to her, when this guy showed up.

     "This is your new dad," Mom said. He gave her the Krawk, and Mom pushed me over to him.

     "Be nice to him, Martin," she said. I didn't say one word to her. Why should I? She traded me away for a KRAWK!

     It was time to go now. She said goodbye, and that was it. I saw her leave the transfer station with her new Krawk. She didn't even look back. I was now officially out of her life.

     I took a good look at my new owner. He picked me up, gave me a fast hug. I didn't like that at all. He seemed weirded out, like he was wondering what to do with me. I kept thinking to myself: Please, don't send me back to the scientist with the ray! I really didn't want to go through that again.

     When I arrived at my new owner's house, I realised instantly that I was not supposed to stay there for long. He had many very nicely and expensively painted pets. One of the Krawks that lived there said to me that he didn't want to introduce himself to me, because I was going to be traded away the next day. The saddest thing is, the Krawk was right. The very next day, I walked back into the transfer station. It seemed even colder now. More pets crying.

     Again I was traded away, for a Draik he probably would trade away for something else. A grey pet maybe; I don't know. I never saw him again after the trade.

     I've been traded away so many times now. Pirate, Grey, Faerie. And every time I get traded away again, just so that my new owner could get a different dream pet. A pet who may end up, yet again, being traded away for another pet.

     What is a paint colour anyway? Doesn't it matter that I'm a loyal pet? Why should I respect my owners after the way they've treated me? Sometimes I wonder if I really care what happens to me. I would like to see what would happen if I turned invisible or another basic colour. My guess is that I would end up in the pound, because no one would want an ugly basic colored Poogle. Some people wouldn't mind, I guess. Perhaps somebody who would love me for who I am.

     It's not easy being a pet who once came from a loving home, only to be tossed around like a yo-yo, never knowing where you're going to end up. So many thoughts going through my head. I don't know what to do anymore.

     All I want is a loving family, with someone who doesn't see me as just a colour. Someone who would give me a hug when the world seems cruel and unfair. Someone who won't trade me away for the next best pet that comes up.

     So, now I'm sitting here, just waiting for my new owner to pick me up. I hope this is the home I'm going to live in forever. That is my dream.

     All I can do, is to tell you my story. Until something happens, I will forever be stuck in transfer.

The End

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