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A Neopian's Super Guide to Super Hasee Bounce!

by facetiousmind


If you are as big of a fan of the game Hasee Bounce as I am, then you were probably stoked when the new, super fun, game came out called Super Hasee Bounce!! In this super edition of Hasee Bounce, Jimmi and Woogy have stepped it up and are going for bigger and better things – doughnutfruits AND balloons! I have written this guide as a huge fan of this game and after playing for hours and hours, I hope that my tips will help you improve your score, or maybe just help you have more fun while playing!

I like to think of this game as a cross between pinball and, well, Hasee Bounce! The music is quite fun so if you need a little break from homework, or just want something fun to do, why not try out Super Hasee Bounce today! It’s Super! (ok, that last bit was kinda cheesy, wasn’t it? That’s what I get for playing this game over and over... )

In this game, you control both Jimmi and Woogy by taking turns bouncing them on a wooden seesaw. You have two different options of how to play the game; either on regular mode or hard mode. There are other differences between regular and hard mode that I will discuss shortly.

The object of this game is to collect all of the letters that spell out H-A-S-E-E in each level. There are 5 different balloons containing each of these letters spread throughout the screen in each level and you must bounce Jimmi and Woogy to try and collect all 5 letters! Once you collect the 5th letter in a level, that level ends and you continue to the next one. Of course, just collecting the letters would be too easy, right? Of course! So many power-ups and obstacles have been placed in your path to either help or hinder your mission of collecting these letters. You have 5 lives for both the regular and hard mode, so use them wisely! You will lose a life if you fail to catch Jimmi or Woogy with the seesaw, causing them to hit the ground. You should also note that it is bad to catch your hasee on the wrong side of the seesaw (aka the side with a hasee already on it), because this causes BOTH Hasees to be in shock temporarily, which means you can’t move your seesaw!! This can very often mean that you will lose a life, so try your best to catch the hasee on the empty side of the seesaw.

It is really a matter of preference whether you choose to play in regular or hard mode. In regular mode, you have 15 levels to give it your best shot and get the highest score you possibly can! Every 5 levels, fireworks go off and Jimmi and Woogy do a (very cute) happy dance! Regular mode does not have as many obstacles as hard mode, but there is also less of a chance to get awesome power-ups (such as the x2 or x5 balloon! More on these later). After 15 levels, your game ends and you can either send your score, or try again!

In hard mode, you are given many more obstacles which makes this mode much more challenging! If you have tried regular mode and want to challenge yourself, give hard mode a shot. From what I’ve seen, there is a much higher chance that you get multiple power-ups in each level while playing in hard mode. However, with the good comes the bad! There are also unique obstacles in hard mode that you won’t see in regular mode. For instance, there is wind in this mode (shown by a flag in the top right hand corner which tells you which way the wind is blowing) which could hinder your hasee from jumping the way you want it to. There are also different power-ups in this mode explained in the power-ups section. You won’t miss out on the happy dance in this mode; they still do it every 5 levels! I personally prefer hard mode because not only does it challenge you, but I tend to get a higher score while playing in this mode.

It is quite helpful to know the differences between all of those symbols in various balloons on your screen. Some are helpful; I call those power-ups, but others are harmful, called obstacles. I’ll go over the obstacles you want to avoid first:

Black Balloons: These are no fun at all and should be avoided. They also have a few different outcomes. They have the ability of stunning your poor Hasee, placing him in shock for a limited amount of time and making him unable to collect any power-ups, pop any balloons, or collect any balloons with the Hasee letters! Sometimes you need to collect two in a row for this to happen, but other times just one black balloon will be enough to stun poor Jimmi or Woogy. Also, and probably the more common outcome, these balloons will give your hasee a little pinprick, causing him to bounce lower than normal. No fun. :(

Balloons with stars: I have only come across these one or two times, so they aren’t very common, but still worth mentioning. These balloons will temporarily shock your hasee (similar to the possible outcome of a black balloon). Or, in other words, make him “see stars.” ;)

Metal Spike Blocks: These are even worse than the black balloons! These start appearing in level 9 of the Hard mode of the game, so they do not appear in regular mode. If you hit them, your Hasee dies instantly, causing you to lose a life. DON’T HIT THESE!!!

Metal Blocks: These are placed in random spots in each level and can make it quite hard to reach a certain letter. Although it is sometimes impossible to avoid these, it is best to try not to hit them, since they often cause Jimmi or Woogy to go flying in random directions, causing you to panic as you frantically try to catch them! But don’t worry, they don’t do any specific damage to your hasees.

And now for the power-ups!

Balloon with target: This power-up looks like a target and can come quite in handy! Remember those metal blocks mentioned earlier? Well, if you collect the target balloon, your hasee becomes a temporary bomb and will destroy any metal blocks that come into his path!! Woohoo! Quite useful. :)

Balloon with Meridell sign: This power-up is also helpful. When collected, two rather dashing looking Draiks hold up a black line that allows your hasee to bounce continuously without you needing to catch him with your seesaw. This power-up is also temporary, so keep an eye on your hasee so you can quickly catch him when those two draiks take their lunch break (AKA, leave).

Balloons with the x2, x3 and x5: Pretty self explanatory, but these balloons will double, triple or quintuple the points given to any Hasee letter or doughnutfruit you collect while it is active. I have only ever seen the x2, x3 and x5 balloons, but there may be even higher ones! No matter what number you see, it is a good idea to collect it if possible. And since it is temporary, make sure you try and collect as many points as possible before it runs out!

Balloon with flag: These are only available in hard mode because the wind flag is only seen in hard mode. There will either be wind pushing your hasee to the right or left in this mode, but if you collect the balloon with a flag in it, your wind will drop to 0 (meaning there will be no wind) for a temporary amount of time. These could be good OR bad, depending on the situation, so collect at your own risk. ;)

Balloon with two arrows: This balloon is also related to the wind (thus it is only available in hard mode) and will switch the direction of your wind. For example, if you have -2 wind and you collect this balloon, you will now have +2 wind temporarily. So you will have the exact opposite wind of what you have when you collect this balloon.

Balloon with orange ‘S’: These balloons make your hasee super bouncy!! Again, this could be good or bad depending on the situation. (Note: these are not to be confused with the ‘S’ that you need in “Hasee” to beat each level. This power-up is orange with a yellow ‘S’ inside of it.)

Other good things to collect:

Hasee letters: Well, this is quite obvious, as it is the point in the game! Each Hasee letter is worth 6 points.

Doughnutfruit: Each is worth 10 points, yay!

Hasee letters and Doughnutfruit are your only means of getting points in this game. Power-ups are helpful, but they do not give you points. Neither do any balloons that do not have the Hasee letters in them.

Please keep in mind that all of the power-ups as well as the effects of the black balloons are all temporary! This means you should not fret too much if you hit a temporary obstacle since the effect won’t last forever, but also that you should take advantage of power-ups while they last since they don’t last forever!

As with any other game, a better score will come with practice. Although a big part of this game is luck (as to what power-ups you get and such), practice does help because you start to learn strategies of how you should position your hasee to make it bounce higher or in the specific area you want it to. Here are some last few tips I will pass on that will hopefully help you better your game and score:

- If you bounce your hasee closer to the edge of the seesaw, this will make him bounce higher. Bouncing him closer to the middle will not make him bounce as high. This strategy can be helpful if you are aiming for a specific balloon.

- Use the mouse, not the arrow keys. This only works if you have a mouse, of course, but I have found that I have much quicker and better control over the seesaw when using the mouse rather than the keyboard keys. Sometimes your hasee will be bouncing all over the place at warp speed and you will need to quickly catch him! The mouse is much more efficient for this.

- Collect the doughnutfruits before you collect the hasee letters. This is because once you collect the last letter, your level ends and you can no longer collect any more doughnutfruits in that level. This will take some strategy since you will have to try and control where your hasee bounces.

- Use the seesaw to your advantage. By this I mean that you can actually force your hasee to bounce in a certain direction just by moving your seesaw a certain way! To explain further, if you want your hasee to bounce to the left of the screen, quickly jerk your seesaw to the left while you catch your hasee at the same time. Do the opposite if you want your hasee moving to the right. You must be careful with this because you don’t want to move your seesaw too quickly, otherwise you won’t catch your hasee and you’ll lose a life. The more you practice this, the better you will be able to time when exactly you should move your seesaw. This strategy can only be accomplished using the mouse (since it requires a quick, swift movement), another reason why I recommend using it. It can be helpful if you are trying to force your hasee into a corner to try and aim for that last hasee letter!

I hope these tips and this guide have helped you and motivated you to give Super Hasee Bounce a shot (or, erm, a bounce). Whatever you do, just don’t get frustrated. If you miss all the doughnutfruits or lose all your lives in one game, that’s ok! Just restart and try again! Games are meant to be fun, so have fun with this game too! So, my friend, practice, practice, practice and maybe one day I will see your username in the limelights! Or... maybe just the high score table. :)

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