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Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Guide

by lakefox


HAUNTED WOODS - So you want to know how to increase your score as well as earning a trophy. Well then, pay attention and I will tell you how to do so. There are three basic skills you need to be aware of: Required Spooky Foods, Extra Spooky Foods, and Mutant Foes. Are with the three basic skills, I give an overview of all the levels I have personally seen in the game. I hope the following paragraphs help you on your journey through the mutant graveyard.

Required Spooky Foods

Basic requirement to advance to each additional level is to collect all the required food items in the current level. These items include Bloody Ghost Toast, Ghost Marshmallows, Eye Candy, Deviled Steak, and Vanilla Ghost Cake. Familiarize yourself with the locations of these items; they will be in the same place every time. Each of these spooky foods will net you 10 points.

Extra Spooky Foods

In each level you can get the following extra foods: Mummified Neggs, Pink Apple Lanterns, Pink Spooky Popcorn, and Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry). These are the powerups and powerdowns for the game. The Mummified Negg will decrease your lantern level, while the Pink Apple Lantern will increase your lantern level. The Pink Apple Lantern is the best item because if your lantern goes out, you lose a life. Pink Spooky Popcorn will speed up Albert, while the Almost Gummy Rat will slow him down. I do not like getting the Almost Gummy Rat unless I know a Pink Spooky Popcorn is left in the level. After eating the Almost Gummy Rat I tend to be slower than the Mutant Foes, which makes it harder to escape them if they are nearby. After you eat the Pink Spooky Popcorn, you will speed up dramatically and you will need to adjust. As far as I can tell eating multiple Almost Gummy Rats in a row will only slow you down one speed, not slower each time you get one. Same with the Pink Spooky Popcorn; it will not make you faster each time. There seems to be only three speeds in the game: slow, normal, and fast. Each of these spooky items will net you an additional 10 points, so they are worth getting.

Mutant Foes

Mutant Foes are the key to obtaining a high score in this game. Remember, if you are hit by a mutant foe, you will decrease your lantern level. To defeat these mutant foes, you must hit them with a gravestone. The only gravestones you can move are blank with an arch across the top. When a mutant foe is on the other side of the gravestone from you, press the spacebar. Watch out for the ghostkerchiefs, as they move through the gravestones. Each defeated Mutant Foe is worth 50 points!

You start the game with three lives. This game is not a game of speed, but a game of patience to get the high score. The candle in the upper left corner is not a timer, but an indicator of your lives. You lose a life when your lantern goes out from being hit by Mutant Foes or collecting Mummified Neggs. Try to time picking up an pink apple lantern after you have been hit by an enemy. I usually save these for the end of the level if I can. Remember, every spooky food item for a specific level is in the same location, along with a set number of Mutant Foes.

The first five levels of the game are in a Graveyard, the next five are in a Crypt, and then the levels are set in a Cavern.

The Graveyard

These first few levels of the game are by far the easiest in the game. You will maneuver Albert (your character) around the graveyard with the arrows keys. You will have plenty of room to maneuver and if need be to run away from the Mutant Foes. Enough gravestones to kill the enemy and have some to spare just in case you missed. Remember, some of the items could be hidden behind loose gravestones, which means you will have to knock gravestones down to get to some items.

The Crypt

The next few levels you are inside a crypt. Your maneuverability has gone down. You will have to weave your way around candelabras, walls, and one way passages. The good news is you still have gravestones to hit enemies with, although you do not really have enough to spare so make each hit count. Sometimes I am able to take out two Mutant Foes with one gravestone, giving me 100 points. Although hitting two enemies with one gravestone does not give you an extra bonus, it does give you one extra gravestone in case you miss hitting another enemy. You will have to learn to be quick and do an about face if you find yourself face to face with an enemy.

The Cavern

These few levels look like you are inside of a cave. Your maneuverability at this stage of the game is severely restricted. These levels resemble mazes more than the previous levels. As far as I know, you cannot push any of the spikes over, which makes running away from enemies difficult. There are more ghostkerchiefs in these levels than in the Graveyard and the Crypt. You will need to be quick to get the spooky foods and lanterns while avoiding getting hit by the enemies. It seems like they follow you around in this level, but this could be their normal course because a lot of the times there is only one way to go. For example, if you are next to spikes at the bottom of the screen you have to go either left or right, but a lot of times an enemy is coming towards you one of these paths. I generally run the other way and approach the area with caution when I return. As I am moving in this level, I pay particular attention to the ghostkerchiefs since they can pass through the spikes and be in my way.

There are four types of Mutant Foes found in the game. The only one I really concern myself with is the ghostkerchief. I try to kill them first in every level if possible. The other three enemies have to go around the same paths as you since they cannot pass through any walls, gravestones, or other barriers.

The farthest I have been able to get in the game so far is level 14. As with any game, you will have to practice, practice, practice and in no time at all you will be able to master this game.

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