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Earning Neopoints with Key Quest

by summerofjoy


There have been many guides about how to play Key Quest (one of TNT’s newest creations) and about as many of how not to play. This guide’s main focus is not how to play the game itself but rather how to earn Neopoints while playing the game. Still there will be an introduction to the game in case you have yet to try it out; if you know the basics of the game, feel free to skip that part.

Introduction to Key Quest

Key Quest is a multiplayer board game, where your quest is to collect between two to five keys of different colors.

You are given one of four starter tokens to play with during your first game. The four different starter tokens are: a red Meerca, a yellow Poogle, a blue Bruce and a green Cybunny. To get another token of your choice, you have to buy a Neopets plushie with a specified Key Quest token redemption code. There’s currently no other way to redeem a token. You can view your tokens in your Collector Case.

Since this is a game from 2-4 players, there are also four different starter houses. There are many different theories on which houses are the best to start at; to find which you prefer, just try the different houses out.

You roll dice to see how many moves you can make around the board. There are several different squares you can land on, some of which awards points, others power ups or keys, and some will launch a mini game.

There are currently five different mini games; Petpet Snare, Faerie Labyrinth, Daring Dig, Spyder Scare and Nova Matcher.

You can have up to three power ups, and you’ll get several during the game. Use them! That’s all I’m going to tell you about them; finding out the best way to use them is part of the game.

So now you know the basics of the game. Let’s get to the Neopoints earning part!

The Game

In order to earn as many Neopoints as possible, you want to play a five key game. Five key games mean that you have to collect five keys of different color on the board, which allows you to play longer games and awards you higher ranking keys. By playing a two player game, you will be guaranteed at least a silver key for completing the game, and if you win, you will get that desired gold key. Benefits from five key games and two player games can be read further down in this article.

Earning Neopoints

While playing Key Quest, you earn points in game. All these points will be transferred into Neopoints when you have finished playing. Playing long lasting games will give you the opportunity to earn more points. All NP-squares on the board awards you 50 points, while the X-square will award you random amounts of points (you really want to land on this square!). You can also earn points by winning the mini games, but do not worry if that is not your strong side, though, as there are many ways of earning points on the board using your power ups.


After finishing the game, you will be awarded a key. Depending on how many keys you played for during the game (2–5 keys), and if you finished 1st-4th, you can get a gold, silver, bronze or lead key.

Next you have to find the vault and Bree, the key faerie, to turn in your key. Gold keys award you four prizes from the vault. Some claim that it is by using a gold key you can get rare prizes such as treasure and lab map pieces and paint brushes! (Note that this is very rare and you might have to play a lot of games before this happens.)

Silver keys awards you three prizes from the vault; the bronze keys award you two, while lead keys award you one prize.

You can use 10 keys a day to redeem prizes from the vault; this does not mean you cannot play more than 10 games a day, though! You can always stock up on keys and use them on a rainy day when you have other things to do than playing Key Quest (such as schoolwork or other boring things). Even after redeeming your 10 keys, you can earn Neopoints by playing the game!


The prizes vary from furniture, clothes, codestones, books, neggs and backgrounds to map pieces, paint brushes, food and stamps. Now if you have no need for all of these fancy items, or you get duplicates, you can always put them in your shop. This is another way of making Neopoints by playing Key Quest. By selling prize items you do not need, you can earn even more Neopoints!

Of course, the prizes can be used personally as well; playing Key Quest is a cheap way to get furniture to your Neohome, and to help customise your pet. The codestones rewarded can be used to train your pet to increase its stats for when fighting in the Battledome while the books will increase you pets intelligence. Stamps can be put in the stamp album and the neggs traded for tokens at the neggery. All in all, playing Key Quest is not just for making Neopoints.


The game allows you to invite friends to play and when you’re playing you can use the games scripted chat (while typing the open chat has yet to be released) in order to talk to these friends.

Although alternating wins are looked upon as cheating, playing long games with you friend is not. So why not invite a friend to earn Neopoints with you! You’ll both be able to win Neopoints and to get prizes from the vault – it’s a win-win situation even if you do come in second.

In conclusion

Key Quest is by far one of the best games for making Neopoints on Neopets today. So what are you waiting for? If you have not played Key Quest yet, I recommend you to start! A fair warning, though; the game still has some glitches and you might want to advertise for a serious opponent on the boards to play against if your friends aren’t up for the challenge.

See you in the Key Quest lobby or at the Key Quest boards!

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