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From Meridell to Neopia Central

by smiles8887



     I officially despise the world.

     Not that I don't usually hate anything that moves (and isn't you), but my anger for life in Neopia has reached new limits. And I bet you can guess why.

     Life is horrendously boring without you here. Yes, Kitty and Pet still live next door, but they have to be the most dull pets I have ever seen. Don't get mad, I know you like Pet. I guess the fact is, they aren't as crazy as you. They'd never think to pour a bottle of blank ink into the Rainbow Pool, or to convince Bridget that we were being sent to the Pound if she didn't give us ten thousand NP (ahh, good times). And anyways, even if they were completely insane like you, they still wouldn't be my big sister.

     Neoschool's been the same as ever. I already got detention for missing my homework. Psssh, as if anyone cares about Meridell's imports and exports. Well, actually, you probably do.

     Actually, why am I even talking?! You know what it's like here, in boredom central. Interesting things are happening to YOU.

     How's the family you're staying with? If they're mean to you, I'll beat them up, and you know it!

     Is school different in Meridell? You won't have any trouble, duh, 'cause you're brilliant. Why else would you get into a big shiny, special exchange program?

     And finally, how many times have you eaten potato since you got there??

     Awaiting your speedy reply (HURRY UP AND WRITE ME BACK!),

      Ari (aka Your crazy baby sister)


     Ari (who is very crazy indeed),

     Breathe, hun. I haven't dropped off the face of Neopia. I'm only one (long) ferry ride away.

     Because your letter was rambling and made no sense whatsoever, I shall answer your question in order, in an attempt to forge some meaning out of your senseless drawls.

     The family I am staying with is very nice. It's just awkward staying with other people. I wish you were here; maybe you could alleviate the tension.

     The family consists of the owner, Jesse. He's not the brightest paint brush in the marketplace, though he is very kind. He's trying very hard to have me feel welcome. He counts potatoes for a living. Yes, I don't understand it either, but it must pay well because this house is huge. And yes, we have potatoes for dinner every night. I'm dying for some pizza.

     After Jesse, there's Shell. She's around my age, and a faerie Uni. So far she's been friendly. She even offered to share some of her numerous beauty products with me. I hope I didn't offend her when I declined her generous offer. It's just that I don't want to be any more of a burden than I am.

     School is wonderful. I'm learning so much more! There's an absolutely huge library with books from all over Neopia. There's so much to see and do here. The culture is absolutely fascinating. I wish you were here... You'd love it.

     Which reminds me, keep your grades up! No more missing homework, and no more detentions!

     No matter how AMAZING it is here, I still miss home. How is Pet? Did she save up enough for her plushie paint brush? Tell her I miss her loads.

     Kitty may be Pet's sister, but I don't want you hanging around with her. She's a bad influence on you.

     I have to get to school now. The walk to school is so pretty, with flower fields everywhere!

     Write me later,




     First off, Kitty is not a bad influence. She's the coolest person I've ever met, save you. And just so you know, I'm hanging out with her after school every single day! Pet would join us, but she has to study like a total nerd. Haha, just kidding. She says, "I am not a total nerd, I am smart. And tell Lene I miss her as well, and hope she is having fun." I'm at her house, eating pancakes and playing with Kitty's new snorkle, Tuney. It's absolutely adorable.

     Pet hasn't been painted yet, but she's buying the brush tonight. We're all really excited.

     My grades are fine. Don't worry.

     Gotta go,



     Ari dearest,

     I must say, I was very disappointed with your last letter. You only barely addressed my concerns and questions, then left. What was so important you had to leave me hanging? How are you? And not just good or bad, sick or well. How are you? What have you been up to?

     My life is going just fine.

     Shell has a pink wreathy named Elle. I play with it a lot, since she never seems to have time for it. Shell has so many amazing toys! I'm sorry to say it, but she almost seems a bit spoiled. Jesse bought her a new plushie today for no apparent reason. And she didn't even say thank you!

     However, I won't go on, because so far Shell seems like a sweet person. She shares all her things with me.

     Today in school we started calculus! Imagine! It's hard, but I think I understand it.

     Anyway, hope to talk to you soon,



     Hey Lene!

     Calculus sounds fun. You were always good at math.

     Today Pet got painted. You should have been there! I helped run the slippery brush over her fur as she waded into the water. There were sparkles and smoke and BOOM! Instead of plain ol' Pet, there was gorgeous plushie Cybunny standing in her place. She looks amazing; everyone at school was jealous.

     Kitty wants a grey paintbrush, so I'm helping her save a bit. With half of her allowance and half of mine going into the fund, she'll get it soon.

     I'm not sure I want a paint brush. I wouldn't feel like myself if I was suddenly an electric Xweetok, or a baby Xweetok. I'm perfectly happy with my regular yellow color.

     I was really upset today because I was wor-

     Oh dear, I have to run. Kitty's come over!!

     See you,




     I feel bad. I wish I could have seen Pet get painted. I'm sure she looks great.

     However, I'm worried that you're giving half of your allowance to Kitty. Can't she save her own money? It doesn't seem right for you to give her what's rightfully yours.

     Why were you upset today? Finish the sentence!

     I'm having lots of fun here! I miss you, though.

     Shell and I are going to Darigan Citadel today! It'll be fascinating, I'm sure, I just hope Shell doesn't freak out. She gets scared very easily. I wish you were here... Visiting the Darigan Citadel with a spoiled faerie Uni isn't quite as fun as visiting it with your wild baby sister would be.

     I'll tell you how it goes!




     That sounds like so much fun!

     I wish I could go too.

     I miss you.

     Today we had a huge test on Lutari Ancient History! I think I bombed it.

     See you soon, I hope.




     Well, that was short. HOW ARE YOU? I miss you, hun! How is Pet doing? How's everyone at school?

     Give me something to work with.

     The citadel was really cool and really creepy! I bought a Darigan jump rope: It has spikes all over it! I got you a souvenir I'll give you when I see you again. You'll love it!

     We watched a few fights in the Petpet Arena. It was thrilling!

     Overall, the experience was unforgettable. Yes, Shell got frightened. Even with that, I had tons of fun.

     Write to me soon, okay? I miss hearing from you.




     Dear Lene,

     Guess who just got painted?!

     Yup, it's me! I cannot wait to show you how amazing I look! I know you'll be completely envious.

     I wish this letter was just to brag about how cool I am as a plushie, but I'm afraid I have a much more serious purpose in writing. It's about your little sister. It's about Ari.

     She's alright, I suppose. I'm just worried about her, and I thought the right thing to do would be to tell you.

     Her grades have been falling. She does all her homework (I make sure of that), but she doesn't pay attention at all in school. And, if you didn't guess, Kitty and she are in the same class.

     I love Kitty. She's my baby sister, just like Ari is yours. But I know she's the reason Ari's failing a few subjects, and is probably the reason she's been depressed.

     Yes, Ari, eternally optimistic Ari, is depressed. Whatever time is not spent up playing games so Kitty gets Neopoints is spent moping alone. Sometimes when she thinks I'm not paying attention I catch her crying. I wish I knew what's really going on, but I don't seem to have the whole story. Whatever is happening between her and Kitty is frightening me.

     I hope I'm not worrying you, and I hope you're having a good time.

     Your best friend,




     Before your letter even arrived, I was worried. Ari hasn't written to me in two weeks. I feel terrible. What could have happened so that she doesn't even want to talk to her big sister?!

     I know you think this is Kitty's fault, but it is most certainly mine. I left my stupid, naive baby sister all alone for completely selfish purposes. Her sadness, her depression, is my fault.

     Thank you for telling me.

     Tell Ari I miss and love her. Tell her I apologize with all my heart. Please have her write me.

     Your best friend,



     Dear Lene,

     I'm not sure how to tell you this. I'm not sure there is a right way to tell you this.

     Ari and Kitty painted themselves shadow and ran away.

     I have no idea where they got the Neopoints!

     They're in the Haunted Woods. I'm not sure how I know this, but I do. I just know for certain that's where I can find them.

     And I will. I promise you, I will get our siblings back. I will find out what is going on. I will set everything right.

     I'm sorry.

     Hoping you are well,




     Don't you dare apologize. This is my mess.

     Don't bother looking for them. I will. I'm leaving this place. Meridell isn't all that great anyway. I spent most of my time here missing you and Ari. Stay home and hey, maybe they'll come back. It's worth a shot to wait for them.

     I'm going to the Haunted Woods. It's dangerous there, and you can't get hurt over my mistakes. I promise I'll bring Ari back. After this, I'm never letting her out of my sight again. I'll get the money to repaint her something else. I'll do ANYTHING to get my baby sister back. Anything.

     I know you care about Kitty. But if I find her, I'm finding out what she did to Ari, then leaving her. Filth like her doesn't deserve to go home, especially to a great big sister like you.

     With any luck, I'll be back with Ari soon.




     Dear Lene,

     Good luck.

     I'm sorry.

     Your best friend,


The End

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