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Halloweenies! Scaring Up a Spooktacular Feast

by mousiedragon


So you want to serve up some ghastly treats that will delight your guests and give them a fright at your Halloween bash? I think I can help you there. After you’ve chosen and set up all of your decorations for the party, you’ll want to start preparations on the meal itself. Let’s start with the basics. For the purposes of this little article, we will only do three courses. You can add or subtract courses as you see fit. We will talk about the appetizers and refreshments, main course, and dessert. Let’s get started.

Appetizers and Refreshments

You will of course want something to tide the monsters over at your party until the main course can be subdued. Something frighteningly light, so they aren’t full by the time dinner is carved up. We have some suggestions that might just hit the spot.

Bat Kebab

A barbequed bat on an oak stick is great to gnaw on in between party games. And when you’re done, you can use the stick as a toothpick. It is a bit on the expensive side, but a great spooky addition to the buffet table.

Deviled Eggs

These deviled eggs are a little rambunctious at the beginning, but as your party starts to really get going they should tire themselves out and be ready to eat. Here’s a great tip: Get them all tired out before the party starts, so your guests can enjoy these devilish delights right away.

Tomb Chips

What could be better than fries served in a tombstone shaped container? Your guests will have a ghastly good time with these. Serve them with your choice of spooky dip. Setting them up in trays that are higher than the rest of the treats will give a graveyard on a hill like appearance.

Refreshments are, of course, to your and your guests' tastes. Here are a few examples to prod you in the fright direction.

Haunted Milk

These drinks not only have a ghostly wail, but also float until your guests gulp them down. You may want to corral them with a decorative haunted style fence to keep them on the table. You can also save the glasses and add candy to them as party favors that are sure to get your guests howling.

Cadaverous Cola

These spooky colas are sure to give your guests a fright. And even better, they’re sugar free. They’ll make a great addition to the table as they are both decorative and satisfying.

Frothy Fruit Juice

Fruit juice that has been frothed makes an excellent addition to any spooky meal. The decorative cups are great party favors and look good either on the buffet table or next to the main course. Your guests will be foaming at the mouth to get one of these drinks.

The Main Course

Nothing is more important than a spooktacular main course that is both filling and frightening for your party. We’ll look at some of the terrifyingly tasty meals you can prepare or purchase before the haunting hour.

Crypt of Spaghetti

Serve each guest their own crypt full of delicious spaghetti to slurp up. They add to the décor of the table and are functional as bowls. Serve with garlic bread halves for those Neopets that don’t have garlic issues.

Brains a la Tree

If you are going for a more Haunted Woods style theme, this dish is right up your dark alley. This disgustingly delectable dish is guaranteed to have your guests shuffling to the table in a zombie like fashion.

Ghost Wrap

Umm... we actually aren’t sure what is in this wrap. But it certainly looks spooky, doesn’t it? It is perfect for a more haunted look at the dinner table.


Now for some bootiful desserts that will finish off the meal... and your guests. Just a few light and scary sweets to send your guests off to their crypts satisfied and talking about your party until the next one.

Spooky Jelly Brains

Braaaiiins! Braaaiiins! These jelly brains wiggle just enough that they seem to still be pulsating. This disgustingly delightful treat is great for zombie themed parties and is sure to satisfy even your spookiest guests.

Spooky Pumpkin Gateau

Add some more spooky fun to your table with this tasty desserts. It looks good and tastes even better. I’m sure the ghosts and goblins at your party will enjoy this dessert that is so tasty that it's frightening.

Edible Plushie

These edible plushies can be eaten or cuddled... or both! They are a definite winner for completing the ultimate Halloween themed feast. Your guests will certainly appreciate all the trouble that went into creating these evilly edible desserts.

Of course these are just a few suggestions to get you be-headed in the right direction. You may want to keep all your foods and beverages matched to a particular theme or just toss lots of stuff together to cater to a more diverse group of monsters. Potlucks are a great alternative to cooking the entire meal yourself. Just be sure that your guests don’t all bring the same dish and that RSVPs are made in advance. You should keep a list of what everyone is bringing and be prepared to substitute your own dishes for any unforeseen events that prevent your potluckers from attending the party.

It is always recommended that you scatter bits of candy and cookies about your parties. Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without a little candy, after all. A few items you may want to acquire are: Candy Peas, Ghost Marshmallows (magic or not), Pumpkin and Bat Cookies, Halloween JubJub Candies, and lots more. Party favors and gifts are a great idea so that your guests don’t go away empty clawed. Just a few little mementos to remind your guests of the fangtastically good time they had at your event. Party games and costume prizes are also a plus. So get out there and scare up some good food and enjoy your party.

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