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Terror Mountain Tilt Guide

by kissamus


Hi, I’m Lia and I’m here to help you in your tilting skills. TMT, or Terror Mountain Tilt, is a fun to play every day game and somewhat trouble-free to reach the high score list with. Currently the NP Ratio is 1.00, so send in 1000 game points, and you’ll get 1000 NP! W00t!


Your goal is to guide the Bruce into his color correct hoop. Example: red Bruce in the red hoop, green Bruce in the green hoop. Easy enough, right?

In the main menu, choose if you want to play with Sound/Music on or off, and then hit Start Game. I usually turn the music off, but leave the sound on. I learned that in further levels, the sound aids me in knowing if I’m still in time to make that hoop or not. Meaning you get sound warnings of what’s going to happen. Ex.: if the Bruce or the hoop will switch colors, if a bonus/life shows up, if the hoops will move, etc. If you need to restart the game, right click with your mouse; and if you need to pause, press the space bar key.

Before the game starts, position your game window in the center of your screen and your mouse pointer in the center of the game window. When the game starts, direct it to the hoop the Bruce needs to go to. As soon as the Bruce enters the correct hoop, again quickly position your mouse pointer to the center. This method works towards not losing your mouse pointer, and those precious lives.

If you need to make time, because the hoops are on the move, try to center your Bruce or make him rest against some sort of obstacle. Be careful, the stage is constantly moving.

You receive 25 points each time you place in a Bruce in his accordingly colored hoop. They have a timer so if you wait too long, the points will decrease up to only 5 points. Now, let’s talk about bonuses.


Your final score depends on the bonuses you get, so it’s extremely important to get as many positive bonuses as they come. Here are the available positive bonuses:

  • 35 points star
  • 50 points star
  • 75 points star
  • 100 points star!

There are also negative bonuses available, which will take your hard earning points:

(I don’t need to tell you to NOT get those, do I?)

  • - 15 points star
  • - 35 points star

The third kind of bonus is a Gold Bruce that strategically makes the stage rotate. I always thought this final one was kind of useless, and I still do actually.

Finally, you receive lives which are shaped like a Green Bruce; this isn’t really a random bonus, because it shows up periodically in each stage.

First stage – 1 life at level 5

Second stage – 2 lives: 1 in level 10, 1 in level 15

Third stage – 3 lives: 1 in level 20, 1 in level 25, and 1 final life in level 30

Game levels

Every time you successfully enter two Bruces in their correct hoops, a new level starts. TMT has 30 levels divided by three major stages.

First stage - Easy

  • Level 1 – 5

Second stage - Medium

  • Level 6 – 15

Third stage - Hard

  • Level 16 - 30

The game ends in level 30, when you successfully enter two Bruces in their correct hoops.


Your strategy will be to obtain many positive bonuses throughout the game. Duck and cover when those negative ones show up, and collect the beautiful green Bruces, also known as lives.

In the first stage, there’s 5 levels; try your best to gain at least 400 points. You will have 5 given lives and three random bonuses will come up, so hopefully they will all be positive bonuses. If they’re not, then restart the game; do the same if you lose a life. This stage helps you in your maneuver the mouse training because it has really slow levels. But, as you develop skills, try to go through this level faster, as to not become sluggish. Why? The next stages have a much speedier pace. Lastly, don’t forget to collect the life that shows up in the beginning of level 5.

In the second stage there’s 10 levels; thus, try for 1200 points. I know this is hard, and if you just started the game, it’s flat out impossible. But I assure you the last stage is harder and faster and you need to gain as many points as possible in the first two.

Two new things start to happen in this stage: your Bruce will randomly change colors and so do the hoops. Yaay...

Ok, so 2 lives will show up which added to the 5 you started with, and the 1 on the first stage, total 8 lives. Try your best to not lose any at this point. The same thing goes for bonuses; get as many positive ones as are given out.

If you’re in the third stage with around 8 lives, give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Make that quick as you really need to focus now. This stage has a lot more obstacles for your Bruce, and I truly look down on the Snow Beast’s job of whacking the Bruce if he’s near so he doesn’t enter that hoop. He had a similar job on the previous stage, but now he’s just flat out mean. Try to be really fast on those exits then. Now calm down and make the effort to match the Bruces with their hoops as fast as possible. Sometimes it helps to hold the Bruce in a safe place and let the hoop come to you. When he’s about to change color, WAIT! Only place him in the hoop of the randomly decided color when he’s done changing. If you’re feeling confident, then go for as many bonuses as you can, but I urge you to concentrate only on getting the Bruces in the hoops.

Relax, take your time, and you’ll finish the game in no time.

Trophy tips

For the trophy you need about 1700 points, depending on the trophy and the month of course, so here’s some tips:

  • Try to end the first two stages with the points I pointed out previously.
  • Collect as many positive bonuses as possible.
  • Collect as many lives as possible.
  • Practice, practice, practice and don’t give up!
  • Watch out for the warning sounds; they warn you! Duh!
  • When the hoops are on the move, memorize where they’ll stop, so to not waste the timer.
  • Be super fast in getting those Bruces into the hoops to get the full 25 points.
  • Last, but not least, on the final stage you may sacrifice lives to get positive bonus points, especially if it’s the 100 points one.


Well, I hope this guide has helped you better your TMT score, and maybe even in adding a trophy to your collection. You may neomail me for questions, or to show your gained success. Thanks for reading and good luck with those hoops! Wheeeeeee...

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