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The Rainbow Fountain Guide

by baby_amherst


I suppose you know what the Rainbow Fountain is. It can be found in Faerieland. Now, before I start, I hope you'll enjoy reading my guide and gain more knowledge. Please, let me start now.

Did you ever wish you could paint your Neopet for free? Like, maybe, you found a paint brush on the floor or a faerie gave you a paint brush for free? Well, you've come to the right place! Continue reading my guide for the Rainbow Fountain, and soon, you'll be painting your pet for free!

Have you ever wondered why the Fountain Faerie keeps telling you all the magic has been used up? Well, you'll find the answer soon.

The magic definitely has not been used up. You can only use it once to paint your pet for free. No paint brush is involved! What do you need to do? Well, that's easy.

You just need to get a quest from the Fountain Faerie, and as for how, the next paragraph will tell you. Once you've completed the quest, ta-da! you can paint your pet for free, except for the cost of the item she wants you to buy, of course. But fear not, the cost of the item will be definitely much, much lower than the cost of any kind of paint brush, except for the normal colour - red, blue, green and yellow.

You went to the Rainbow Fountain to ask the Fountain Faerie for a quest, but there's nothing there that allows you to do so! Well, the quest is random. It's exactly the same when a faerie pops up and ask you to do a quest for her, forbidding you to use the Shop Wizard.

Nothing can increase your chances of getting a quest from the Fountain Faerie. Except, maybe, if you keep visiting the Fountain Faerie. Although the more pages on the site you visit, this holds true for every faerie quest. But, it will only increase your chances very very slightly, and getting a quest from her is very, very rare.

This event can happen on any page on the site, and your age is irrelevant. Some people have Neomailed me, saying they donated some money to the Money Tree but still could not get the quest or have chances increased. Truthfully speaking, donating money to the Money Tree does not increase your chances, no, not even that slightly. It most depends on your luck.

Sometimes, you've completed the quest but the Rainbow Fountain isn't working; you won't lose your chance of painting your pet. In fact, most of the times, you can just click refresh and poof! there it is!

After doing a quest for the Water Faerie, you went to the Rainbow Fountain but the Fountain Faerie refused to paint your pet; well, it is probably your own fault. The Water Faerie isn't the Fountain Faerie, and they are not related in any way. Most of the times you see the Water Faerie, she is standing, and you would probably be looking at her back, but her head is turned to face you, whereas the Fountain Faerie is sitting down, only the front of her body facing you. And the Fountain Faerie has highlighted her hair with blue streaks, but the Water Faerie has no blue streaks at all. After all this typing and reading, I suppose you get the message. Remember, the Water Faerie is a totally different person from the Fountain Faerie altogether.

So, whenever you get any quest, they'll tell you which faerie it is. Thus, read carefully! Besides, the Water Faerie will only ask for books. The Fountain Faerie will ask for anything imaginable. After finishing the Water Faerie's quest, she'll bless a random pet of yours an increase in defence, and list the pet's name, but the Fountain Faerie will only paint your active pet and she will not list the pet's name. Thus, be careful who your active pet is!

What will the Fountain Faerie ask for? Many ask this question, and it may include you too. Don't worry. She'll ask you for anything between rarity 93 to 96, which is also known as rare. The most expensive rare item can be above 500,000 NP, so, in exchange for painting your pet, 500,000 NP is pretty good a price! Even the baby paint brush, which is currently the most common of paint brushes, costs more. Note that items with the word 'special' will have a higher rate of rarity than rare items, and they're mostly about 101.

To check what the level of rarity of your item is, click on the item (it must be in your inventory) and below the description of the item the level of rarity of the particular item will be shown.

Some may ask how expensive her quests may get. My friend did the quest and she had to pay 300,000 NP. But, amazingly, my other friend only had to pay 1,000 NP! Which is considered superb! Note that the rarity of the item will and does not affect the price of the item.

What does she ask for? Well, she can ask for these items: Books, Battledome items, Toys, Petpets, Food, Gardening items, Neohome items, and maybe others, which I know nothing about.

Like any quest from any Faeries, with the exception of Illusen, Jhudora, and Taelia, there is no time limit. You can take as long as you want to make NP for the item. But, you cannot use the Shop Wizard, nor accept another Faerie quest until the item is turned in, or until the quest is completed.

You can paint your pet any colour you want, depending on what species your pet is. Some pets are limited to only a few, while others can be painted all colours. To check how beautiful your pet would be when painted with any colour you chose, or if you want to check what colour your pet could be painted, just go to the Rainbow Pool in Neopia Central, next to the Money Tree, and click on All Neopet Colours at the top, where the navigation is.

There are three exceptions, however. They are the MSP Poogle, and any Royal or Robot painted pet. Royal and Robot used to be on the list, but not anymore. So, yes, any other colour - baby, faerie, electric, island, etc. can be chosen in the options at the Rainbow Fountain after you've completed your quest. I am not sure about Ice Bori, though, but you could try.

Does she choose what colour your pet will be painted or do you have the honour? Of course, you are the one choosing the colour for you pets! The Rainbow Fountain is totally different from the Lay Ray, where you cannot choose your pet's colour. Although you can keep going to the Lab Ray, you can only paint your pet at the Rainbow Fountain once, after you've finished your quest, unless you get another quest from her. So, choose carefully; as you know, getting a quest from her is quite hard! Getting a second or third quest from her is even rarer, but, you know, it is possible. It all depends on your luck.

Years ago, you could change the gender, even the species of your pet at the Rainbow Fountain after completing the quest! But, unfortunately, not now. It is not allowed anymore, I'm afraid.

Note: I can in no way help you with any technical issues regarding the Rainbow Fountain, such as if you have completed the quest already, but it still doesn't work. Another thing. I hope you'll get to learn more after reading my article! Goodbye and good luck!

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