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Creating a More Bow-eutiful Neopia

by welikedots


Sure, a courtesy bow can show how respectful a pet is, but did you know that the simple accessory bow can tell you different things about your pet's personality? Whether we're talking about a classy plaid bow or a daring red one, this article will reveal it all! As a bonus, this submission will tell you about some extra Neopets items you can buy to make your Neopian life more "bow-eutiful". This column will tell you all you need to know about bows, and more!

Below is a collection of some wearable bows found in Neopia as well as a complimentary description and what they say about the pets wearing them! Of course I haven't addressed every bow in Neopia, so I'll leave it up to you to find the others. “So, where can I find these bows for my pets?” Below every description is listed where you can find the bows as well as which pets can wear them! Keep in mind bows available to “all pets” may exclude specific painted pets.

Prissy Miss Bow – Decorated in adorable pink hearts, this feminine bow tells a lot about your pet. Mostly worn by Usuls, the Prissy Miss Bow shows the more feminine side of your pet. It implies an air of someone who is spoiled and almost 70% of the time you can hear a pet simply “needing that gorgeous bow” for her collection while browsing the NC mall.

NC Mall:All Pets

Sparkling Red Hair Bow – This bow is sure to catch anyone's attention! With its dazzlingly glittery nature, it is one statement that is bound to be recognized. Any pet wearing this bow definitely stands out of the pack and strives to be a trend setter and leader. I wonder if a pet suffering from NeoPhobia decided to buy this bow after being given a pair of Step Out Shoes – they would certainly match!

NC Mall:All Pets

Bow Tie – Who said bows were just for girls? The classic bow tie adorned with yellow spots displays the more comical side of any pet. Although archetypal, this bow is spiced up from the normal bow tie with its exciting fabric. It implies a fun, playful side of any pet which also comes hand in hand with jokers and class clowns.

Unis Clothing Shop:All Pets

Black Satin Bow Tie – This accessory is the fanciest bow by far. It is perfect for pets who pride themselves on gentility or who love attending balls and classy dinners. This bow tie goes best with suits and dresses and is any elite Neopet's necessity. Made popular by Neovians, the black satin bow tie is a fancy way of showing class.

NC Mall:All Pets

Pastel Blue Hair Bow – This bow is most commonly found on the heads of the simply sweet Neopets. It complements any pet that has a naturally kind heart and attitude towards other Neopians. It is most commonly found upon the heads of those who would “act very friendly” when meeting others. Although this Neopet may appear shy at first, he/she will always be someone you can go to when you need cheering up.

NC Mall:All Pets

Baby Bows – Some bows are found only around the necks of the smallest Neopets. These pets, whether zapped by Boochi or painted with a baby paint brush love their adorable accessories. Some of the babies who come with these bows are as follows: the Bori, Bruce, Korbat, Meerca, Xweetok, and of course, the Usul. These babies tend to need more attention than the other young Neopets, and love being pampered by their owners.

Baby Paintbrush:Bori, Bruce, Korbat, Meerca, Xweetok & Usul

Pink Polka Dot Bows – There are a couple bows that are slightly misleading with their names. The Pink Blumaroo Bow and the Pink Meerca Tail Bows are not only pink but also come decorated with polka dots. These pretty pink items are usually worn by Neopets who almost always have a smile on their face. Even in a time of Sloth, these Neopets will be able to find the best out of situations and their contagiously happy outlook on Neopia will spread like Neopox!

Unis Clothing Shop: Blumaroo & Meerca respectively

Certain pets always come with bows, these include the Usul and the Bruce! These two pets, whether specialty painted or not, will always have a bow upon their neck unless taken off. :) The bow around the Usul's neck is accurately placed, hence their prissy attitude.

Other Bow-themed items:

Bowla – If your pet is a bow-loving Neopet, of course there is a perfect Petpet for them! The adorable Bowla is named after its bow-like shape. They can be found in the rock pool in Mystery Island and love squirting water over unsuspecting Neopians. The Bowla comes in five colors, normal (blue), green, yellow, red, and fire! Give one to your pet today. :)

Bow Books – Have a book-hungry Neopet? Develop their skills on bow knowledge with Tying Your Bow and Life Behind the Bow Tie. These books tell all about Bruce's bows, and the Neopets wearing them. Tying Your Bow is a cheap alternative to the latter; it will explain new and exciting ways for your pets to wear their bows and impress other Neopets.

Studded Bruce Bow of Protection – This defense item is any Bruce's dream. It is “practical and stylish” and looks great as it protects your Bruce in battle. Rimmed with green trimming, this reddish brown bow is rare and a great addition to any battling Bruce.

Are you sick of bows yet? I'm sure not! I could go on forever, until I could fill Maraqua with my collection. I sure hope I haven't put you asleep with this information, but rest well that you will win any bow-themed Neopia trivia in the near future. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to drop me a neomail or say hello to my bow-wearing pets. :) I'd love to hear what you thought of this article; thanks for reading!

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