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Customization and Halloween on Neopets

by yellowbubble7


Once upon a time, way back in the Stone Age, years before Customization was an option, there was an article in Issue 12 entitled "Costume Ideas". It was written by delkins. She had all sorts of suggestions for ways to dress up your pet, using what was available in 2001. It spoke of painting, and zapping, and painting petpets. Well, I’ve got news for you, WE CAN DO SO MUCH MORE! Now that we have Customization, we can dress our pets in a HUGE array of costumes, and not all of them involve painting. Sure, some costumes involve painting. But you can mostly use cheap clothing easily bought from Unis Clothing or user shops. And now for the ideas.

Farmer: This one is very simple. All you need is an Ultra- Fashionable Potato Sack, a Pile of Dung, and some Wellington Boots.

Moose/ Reindeer: This works best for pets that are brown or tan in base color, but it can be done with other pets. The only thing you NEED for this costume is Branched Antlers, and a Brown Paint Brush (Chocolate, Desert, and Island work too) if you really want the full effect.

Cybunny: This one is SUPER simple; all you need is Purple Cybunny Pyjamas and you are ready to go.

Moach: For all of you who are Lost Isle plot fans, this is perfect, and it only requires one piece of clothing, the Giant Moach Costume.

Gobbler: There is actually a two-piece costume out there that is perfect for all petpet lovers. To pull off this look, you need both parts; they are Gobbler Costume and Gobbler Mask.

Pumpkin: This will work best with an orange pet, but again, any pet can pull it off. In this case there are two options: the Jack-O-Lantern Mask or the Pumpkin Lid Hat. (Note: These two pieces CANNOT be worn together.) Another great piece for this costume is the Jack-O-Lantern Pail.

Earth Faerie: A pretty two-piece costume for all those Earth loving pets. All you need is the Pretty Flower Mask, Earth Faerie Wings, and a Basket of Berries or Green Apple Balloon.

Hot Dog: Great for the Hubert fan or Hot Dog eater. All you need is the Hot Dog Mascot with Mustard costume and Hot Dog on a Stick.

Neopian Socialite: There are many ways you can do this costume, and I’ll give you all of them. 1) Veiled Autumn Hat, Wax Lips, and Seasonal Designer Purse 2) Black Derby, Bow Tie, Smarmy Monocle, and Evil Twin Goatee 3) Pretty Pink Flower Hat, Flower Purse or Pink Knit Purse, and Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol 4) Wax Lips, Stylish Red Purse, and Gormball Necklace.

Dark Faerie: Perfect for Purple, Darigan, Green, Glowing, or Shadow pets. All you need are Dark Faerie Wings, Basket of Gross Berries or Purse of Despair, and a Jhudora Kite or Jhudora Balloon.

Fire Faerie: Great for Fire pets! All you need is Fire Faerie Wings, Fiery Dance Ribbon, and torn Fiery Gym Socks.

Altador Cup Super Fan!: Great for all those Altador Cup fans, and there are different options so you can support your favorite team. What you need is Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap, Altador Cup Fan Jersey (Vintage Darigan Altador Cup Jersey or Vintage Haunted Woods Altador Cup Jersey if you supported those teams), and Yooyu Mittens.

Now, the following are only masks, and can be put with a variety of other items. I will make suggestions, but some are NeoCash items.

Spooky Skull Mask: This is excellent for a skeletal look, without the cost of a Halloween or Zombie Paint Bush. It also looks fabulous with the Skeletal Wings, which are an NC Mall item.

Esophagor Mask: Any Haunted Woods fan will love this mask, and it looks perfect alone, and even better on Ghost pets.

Meowclops Mask: Great for petpet fans, and it looks amazing on Grey or Silver pets.

Squid Hat: Perfect for the avid Under Water Fisher.

Edna Costume Hat: Ever wanted to look just like Edna? Well, now you can with this amazing hat. And, if your pet is Glowing or Green it looks even better.

Alien Aisha Ears: Now every Aisha can be Alien, or your average pet can be an Aisha.

Plushie Eyrie Mask: Perfect for all those Eyries who have always wanted to be plushie, and those other pets that have wanted to be Eyries.

Usukicon Y9 Magical Hair Usuki Mask: Perfect for all those Usuki fans! It’s even better for those Usuls and Quiggles who have wanted to be Usuki or Quiguki. Complete the look with an Usukicon Y9 or Y10 Attendee Badge.

Symol Hat: Another perfect costume for petpet lovers and Mysterious Symol Hole lovers alike. It works best on Brown, Desert, Island, and Chocolate pets.

Ice Cream Scoop Hat or Chocolate Sprinkle Doughnut Hat: Amazing for the pet that has always wanted to be Chocolate, or for those pets that are Chocolate and want to increase their tasty look.

Fiery Marshmallow Hat: Great for all those Grundos that want to be Mallow, or Mallow Grundos that want to be Fire. Also looks great on Fire pets and Fire Faerie Wings or Mini Marshmallows on a stick.

Novelty Glasses: With these cool glasses, your pet can be Punchbag Bob.

Fanciful Green, Purple, Blue, Red or Yellow Gemmed Crown: Perfect for the pet that wishes to be Royal (only available from user shops or Burger King virtual prize codes).

Ultimate Arrow Hat: A great way to show off those wounds from the Battle for Meridell, or a timeless costume.

Now that you have heard all my costume ideas, it’s time to think of your own (or to just go out and buy the items I talked about). And the best part is, you can use most of these costumes other times, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. And, if you don’t want to keep the items, then you can sell them in your shop, auctions, set up a trade, or donate them (after all, the Second-Hand Shoppe needs more than just Dung). So, now you have some great ways to get into the Halloween spirit on Neopets!

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