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The Real Dark Faeries

by a_greenparrot


Completing Illusen's quests can be quite annoying. Jhudora is even worse. However, these two faeries are really very nice compared to some of Neopia's other faeries. Faeries that you do not want to mess with. If you ask for a quest, you can bet you will have a heavy price to pay. Right now you should be begging me to tell you how you can get through life without having to meet one of them. So I have written this article to explain. There are five major faeries that you should never demand a quest from.

#1: Ilere

She may not be evil, but you would be smart to avoid her. She is an earth faerie, yet some claim that she is a dark faerie in disguise. She stays in the Haunted Woods shrouded in mystery. She also has a short temper. By asking for something like a simple quest, you might make her furious. That is assuming you made it through the Haunted Woods. If she wanted people to be bringing her stuff, then she would have made it more obvious. It seems as though she has everything she need, so even if she was in a good mood, she probably would not ask for anything.

#2: Eithne

I do not see why anyone would be so desperate to ask this fire faerie for a quest. She is trapped in the core of a volcano, possibly in the stomach of Moltenus. If you think that you can handle that, I will ask you if you have forgotten that she tried to release Moltenus. In my book that counts as evil. Helping evil faeries is nor a good way to make sure Neopia stays safe. Do not start complaining that we always help Jhudora, because she has yet to do anything evil. Just because someone is in the Gallery of Evil does not make it true. Anyway, Eithne would probably ask you to bring her something to do with her malicious plan. After we worked so hard to stop her last one, it might be best if we keep away from that situation.

#3: The Drenched

This is not really one faerie, but three. Like most of these undesirable faeries, they like to stay hidden. If you have time to explore the depths of the Neopian ocean, you must have a very blank schedule. In addition to time, you will also need some way to breathe underwater. I heard that the Drenched had some potion, but if you had that, you would not be looking for these water faeries. If, by some rare chance, you actually run into the Drenched, you should leave and not bother asking for a quest. I am sure that they could use some passions, but the main thing they will want is you. So unless you want to be locked up in a dank, underwater cell, you should stay clear of the Drenched.

#4: The Darkest Faerie

Why would you even want to help this faerie? Even if you had no idea who she was, the word "darkest" normally means something really bad. The Darkest Faerie is considered a threat to all of Neopia. You live in Neopia, so she is a danger to you too. This dark faerie betrayed the people of Altador. Even Fyora needed help to defeat her. And she could be back anytime. She was only locked up, never destroyed. Oh, and about what I said about the Gallery of Evil, that does work for her. I hope you understand that the Darkest Faerie is not someone to be around. However, if you think that maybe she will give you a quest, it is still futile. The last time I checked, she was a stone statue. It is not very easy to communicate with stone. If you want to see for yourself, you can plan it into your next visit to Old Maraqua.

#5: Fyora

Fyora is the great queen of Faerieland; what could be wrong with her? She is not evil, but she is very powerful. She has a busy schedule and only has time to give out quests if she asks you, not the other way around. After having to work in the Hidden Tower all day, she would be pretty irritated. Who could stand selling things to those snobs (no offence)? She has a big wand; if you just dash up to her and demand for a quest, she might use it. Fyora is probably one of the richest persons in Neopia; if she wants something, it will be hard to get.

Thank you for finishing my article. I hope you do not make the same mistakes I did. Yes, it is true that I came in contact with each of these faeries. I thought that Ilere was Illusen. I was wandering around alone in the Haunted Woods; I almost got eaten several times. When I finally got to the earth faerie, she said that if I did not leave immediately, I would be turned into a Slorg. I spent another five days trying to get out of the woods.

Later I climbed to the top of Mount Techo. When I looked in, I came face to face with Eithne. I thought that she might have an interesting quest. She wanted me to get her some weapons from the Hidden Tower. I was arrested by the Defenders of Neopia for aiding the fire faerie in her plan for Neopia domination.

After that was all settled out, I did some exploring in the ocean. By some weird coincidence I found the Drenched's lair. When I asked for a quest, they locked me up. I think that Judge Hog would have saved me, except I was recently arrested. Eventually, I was rescued by Garin and Isca. I was there when they saved Jacques; you just cannot see me in the comics.

While I was still in Maraqua, I decided to visit the Darkest Faerie statue. It took twenty minutes of begging for a quest for me to realize that she was not going to respond. I think that it is best if I do not go into details of my Fyora dilemma. So that's the end of that. I hope you have a better view of Jhudora and Illusen, because they are the some of the only faeries who will let you ask for quests.

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