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An Unexpected Journey of Self Discovery

by do_u_luv_me23


Just as the Library Faerie was cleaning her purple spectacles, a faerie with bright blue hair and a purple dress came up to her. The faerie was walking, but it looked like she was bouncing along, with a spring in her step.

     The Library Faerie put on her spectacles and, in the most helpful voice that she could muster, asked, “How may I help you?”

     “Hmmm... ummm... arhhh," the blue haired faerie replied with a big grin on her face. "I'm looking for a book called Krawk Dental Care, because I know this really nice Krawk, you see? He lives on Krawk Island and he is having problems remembering how to look after his teeth. He has such NICE teeth, but he didn't even realize that he was supposed to brush his gums as well. Can you believe it!?"

     The Library Faerie glanced up at the other faerie and smiled, realizing who this was. "Wow, you are the Tooth Faerie, right? Only yesterday I was reading Tooth Faerie Dental Care and I was amazed at how much you know about teeth. To be honest, I wish I knew that much about books!"

     The Tooth Faerie was gazing intently at the Library Faerie's teeth as she spoke.

     The Library Faerie was feeling a bit uncomfortable being inspected in her own library. "Have you really been to all those other places?" she asked the Tooth Faerie, breaking the faerie’s concentration.

     The Tooth Faerie glanced at her. "Of course, silly! It’s my job, same as this is your job," she giggled. The Library Faerie did not think she had ever heard such a sweet and innocent giggle before.

     “Tell me about your travels! The people you meet! Have you met the other faeries? The only time I have ever seen another faerie is when one named Jhudora came in here. She asked if I had ever heard of Cooking Your Neopet. Apparently it is a book, and I told her I did not know of it. She got a bit nasty and accused me that a faerie called Illusen told me not to give it to her. I really have no idea what she was talking about," the Library Faerie said, almost in one breath.

     The Tooth Faerie thought for a moment. "You really have never met any of the faeries? Or left Faerieland before?" she asked, shocked at how someone as knowledgeable as the Library Faerie could have never even left Faerieland.

     “No, I have never even seen a Krawk! Of course, I have read about them and I have seen them in books, but never have I actually talked to one," the Library Faerie replied.

     The Tooth Faerie clapped her hands, jumping up and down on the spot. "This is going to be so much fun! Grab a bunch of your books that are suitable for children and come with me."

     The Library Faerie glanced up, then realized that this was her only option, unsure of what the Tooth Faerie had in mind. She scooped up Krawk Dental Care and some children’s novels that a group of young Neopians had left out, and followed the Tooth Faerie out the door, locking the library doors behind her.

     The Tooth Faerie led her along the tops of the clouds, passing a neat little row of houses belonging to the faerie neopets that lived in Faerie City.

     She flew by a beautiful faerie, grooming her hair in a pool full of water. The Tooth Faerie saw what she was gazing at and explained, “That's the Fountain Faerie; she never leaves her fountain. When she needs something, she will ask a Neopian to track it down for her. As a reward, she gives them something very special from the fountain.”

     The Library Faerie looked at the Fountain Faerie with envy, wishing she was that beautiful and could do magical things to the Neopians as well. She told the Tooth Faerie this, who just laughed, "You DO do magical things! You have books that teach the Neopians and make them smarter; nobody else can do that!" she exclaimed. The Library Faerie thought for a moment and agreed with her.

     They flew over miles of sparkling blue water and landed on a tiny island. The Library Faerie reached down to feel the ground. "This is sand? I can not believe it; where are we?"

     “This, my dear new friend, is Krawk Island, home to the Krawk I was telling you about. He lives over there near the Buried Treasure. He charges people to guess if they can find where the treasure is hidden. Only a few people do, so that's how he makes a profit," she explained to the Library Faerie. "I will just give him the book, then I will be back. While I'm gone, though, feel free to explore the land!”

     The Library Faerie went off straight away, looking at all the Krawk Island Fashions and realizing how different it was from Faerieland. She saw wonderful petpets and wanted to take one with her, but could not decide which one she wanted. Then, she watched a game of the Krawk Island Deckball Championships and cheered so loudly that neopets glanced her way and smirked. She was completely oblivious to all the whispering and was having a wonderful time.

     When the Tooth Faerie finally returned, she asked the Library Faerie if she would like to help her.

     The Library Faerie was uncertain. “What could I possibly help you with? I am the Library Faerie!”

     The Tooth Faerie smiled sweetly. "When somebody’s tooth falls out, they leave it under their pillow for me to collect. In return for their teeth, I leave them a few neopoints. But you will see how you can help me...”

     The Library Faerie nodded and followed the Tooth Faerie to a quiet neohome in Neopia Central. Inside was a small, sleeping child. The Tooth Faerie quietly lifted the pillow under the child‘s head and grabbed a tiny tooth.

     “Hand me one of your books,” whispered the Tooth Faerie. The Library Faerie did as she asked, and the Tooth Faerie left it in place of the missing tooth. “Do you see how you can help me now?” she asked, grinning.

     As they were flying home, the Library Faerie asked, “What do you do with all the teeth you collect?”

     “I cast a spell on each of them, and at night time, they sparkle in the sky, so bright and high, that way the children will enjoy them, even after they have fallen out.“ The Tooth Faerie grinned up at the night’s sky.

     The Library Faerie thought this was such a cleaver idea and asked that the next time the Tooth Faerie went away, could she go as well?

     “Of course you can come with me! Maybe you could open a Library somewhere else," replied the Tooth Faerie. "You can leave your books behind for the children, encouraging the young Neopians to read. Maybe then they will appreciate you more!”

     The two faeries hugged goodbyes.

     When the Library Faerie got back to her library, she started writing Library Tales, all about her travels with the Tooth Faerie.

     She also changed her mind about helping the Tooth Faerie every night, now only going with her once a week. When she does, in the tooth’s place is a book. When the Tooth Faerie is alone, in its place is neopoints, just as before.

     Since that day in the lonely library, the Tooth Faerie and the Library Faerie have been best friends. After all, they are the two most unusual faeries in Neopia. Even now, you can see the progress the two have made. The Neopian children started doing better in Neoschool, with help from the Library Faerie. And at night, before they fall asleep, they look up and see their twinkling teeth in the sky.

The End

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