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Food for the Frugal

by doopingla


Ah, hello there, reader! I see you’ve stumbled upon my article, or perhaps you were hoping for something like this. You’re saving for something and can’t afford expensive Gourmet food for your pet, yet it seems awfully mean to force nonexistent jelly and omelette down their throats day after day as a meal. After day. So, you’ll ask yourself, what are some cheap, but not disgusting, foods that will fill them up? Not just that cheap brown sauce or scrawny fish? Here’s your answer! Not really, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t eat the screen, or me. Thanks, a little safety tip before we get started.

We’ll have one item from almost every food related category, judging on how filling and cheap it is. Starting with...

Hero Gyro

It looks rather filling, doesn’t it? A lovely soft shell stuffed to the brim with delicious meats and veggies, served on a platter; what more could you ask for only about 20 neopoints? It looks nice and spicy, too! What a bargain. Aren’t you glad you read this article? You might get really lucky and find it cheaper!

Seaweed Sandwich on Coral Bread

An Aquatic Food, this one isn’t as cheap as the last, nor does it look quite as tasty, but it’s a perfect cheaper food for that aquatic pet of yours! Peophins, Flotsams, Jetsams, even Acaras, they should all enjoy this sandwich for about 125 neopoints, or perhaps cheaper. I’m sticking with the Hero Gyro myself, but in case you’d like to treat your pets to something... damp, then this sandwich is the way to go!

Slice of Neopets 7th Birthday Cake

Under the category Baked, this yummy slice of cake can be yours for around 80 neopoints. As you can see, it’s chocolate with some kind of frosting layers in between. Perhaps not the greatest choice for a meal, but if your pet’s demanding dessert, this could be a good choice. Or, on his or her birthday, you could simply put on a new candle.

We’re skipping Brightvale Fruits, but if your pet’s looking for a tasty, cheap fruit, go for a Tangella. And a Chocolate Coated Mint Bar if their sweet tooth is calling.


Despite the fact that most of the cheaper Desert Food is scorched, burnt, melted or otherwise, you should still be able to enjoy this soft bready treat for anywhere from around 20 neopoints, to 1! Pretty cheap, eh? Who said cheap foods were all disgusting?

Green Tea Custard

Had a bad day? Now you can look forward to this yummy dessert that will calm you down for sure; you can share it or keep it to yourself. One of the cheapest Exotic Foods, this food is likely to cost you perhaps 10 neopoints. Another bargain, and it’ll save you, the owner, a headache from any ranting your pet might have done before you presented them with this!

Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie

Light and fluffy, and exceptionally sweet, this Faerie Food is sure to have your pet begging for more, and you can easily promise you’ll have enough for it again anytime they want! For around 70-100 neopoints, you can treat your pet to something besides the old Plain Omelette. Pie never tasted this good!

Orange Chicken

Cheap food at its best, this crunchy looking meal will easily fill up your pet with orange flavored goodness. It may sound a little weird, but trust me, your pet will enjoy it. And if not, it only cost you about 10 neopoints. Sounds pretty promising to me, and it surely won’t make your pet sick just by looking at it!

Baby Tomatoes

If your pet’s looking for a more healthy approach, feed it some Baby Tomatoes! Healthy Food that doesn’t taste like cardboard, you can say tomayto, I’ll say tomahto, but we can all say, pretty cheap! For anywhere around 200 neopoints, or cheaper if you’re lucky, your pet will feel healthier, and satisfied, in no time!

Tigersquash Corn Dog

Another interesting food; don’t be fooled by the appearance. This corn dog should taste absolutely nothing like a corn dog, but like a Tigersquash instead! That’s pretty strange, but hey, you’ve already heard of Orange Chicken! For around 100 neopoints, you can fill your pet up with this food! Huzzah!

Bag of Peas

Enough peas to turn your friends green, with envy of course, this Medieval Food is simple enough, and probably even healthy! Fresh peas drenched in Meridell Gravy, if you’re brave enough to try it, could be the next Neopian craze! Honestly, I’m not just making this up! Okay, I am, but it’s a neat idea, right? Exactly. For about 50 neopoints, it’s all yours.

Meat Feast Pizza

If you’re tired of anything out of the ordinary, around 250 neopoints and this pizza could be in your stomach! One of the Blumaroo Chef’s fine creations, your pet should love this hot, cheesy slice of pizza! Under the category Pizza, no surprise there, you can find plenty of other cheap, but tasty, pizzas!

Qando Pita

A little boring as far as looks go, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this cheap food of Qasala! The description says it all, so I don’t even need to. A delicious sandwich of Qando in a pita. There you have it, exactly what it is; an excellent bargain for only about five neopoints, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Snowghetti and Meatball

I know this looks like the most unappetizing thing in all of Neopia, but if you’re looking to cool off, and I mean really, really cool off, then there’s no better food for you! Any cold loving pet should try this tasty food, even if it’s completely frozen! For 200 neopoints, it should taste pretty yummy, don’t you think?

Space Tots

A Space Food, you can expect that these will be tasty! Really, who doesn’t like tater tots, and shouldn’t they taste even better in space? You bet they should! For around 50 neopoints, they may taste better than some of the really expensive Gourmet foods! You may be shaking your head, but most of us are perfectly happy with these cheap meals.

Chokato Ghostkersandwich

I know what you’re thinking, how on Neopia can this be a tasty food? Well, take a look at it! It’s merely some nice, spooky bread in the shape of a Ghostkerchief, with Chokato in between! How gross can that be, honestly? A lot of pets love daring each other to try Spooky Foods, and isn’t this a perfectly safe, yet still suspicious, food to let your darling pets try? And for only 50 neopoints, why not?

Geraptiku Burger

Does your pet enjoy pretending they’re from the deserted city of Geraptiku, or do they simply like Tropical Food? Are you a little poor to be spending lots of money on their Geraptiku craze? Then here you are, a perfect solution! For somewhere around 10 neopoints, you can let your pet go wild with their love for all things Geraptiku! Isn’t that nice?


We end this rather long list of cheap foods with this! Yes, it looks disgusting. Completely and utterly disgusting; a horrible food to feed to your pets- but no, it isn’t. That’s right, this food is actually sweet, and the creepy tentacles? Yeah, those are said to be the best part about it! So treat your pet to something new, like this! For merely about 15 neopoints, your pet couldn’t ask for anything better!

So that’s right, you haven’t an excuse for feeding your pet omelette and jelly day after day, because there’s all this cheap, but tasty, food to try. In fact, there are even some cheap Gourmet foods that’ll leave your pet’s mouth watering! Honey Blossom is just one example!

What are you waiting for? Get out there and get your pet some real food! No more omelettes or jelly, but you can still save plenty of money. Right?


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