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Jess's Guide to Guild Advertising

by jessitude


Hey There! I’m Jess, and I’m here to give you a couple of easy tips on successfully gaining members in your guild! I made this guide after realizing that using these strategies that my guild grew more every day. It's very easy! Just follow my guide, and soon your guild will be known all over Neopia!

Tip #1: Do NOT Complain and Whine

To the Guild leaders. You know, posting "NOBODY WILL JOIN MY GUILD!!!" or "WHY WON'T ANYONE JOIN!?!?!" will NOT get you members. Do you think a guildless person wants a guild leader who flips out when they don’t get what they want? I don't think so, buddy. Not to mention you’re flooding the boards. Instead of whining and complaining, go work on making your guild better. Give people a reason to join. Get a nice layout, some activities, and a webbie or nicely organized pet page with some guild info. You do this, and I guarantee you that members will come walking in.

Tip #2: Don't "Ad n Run"

Yeah, you all think that works? PSYCH! It doesn’t. This applies to everyone, especially the Guild Owner. Posting a copy and paste ad and running off makes it seem like you’re a careless, member hungry weirdo! Guild Owners: Instead of an ad, approach them with something like this...

"Hello! I’m (Name here), I am the owner of (guild name here), I was wondering if you could possibly check out my guild... etc."

Tell them what your guild can offer. Also, let them know anything they should before joining: the theme, if it's private, and if there are any requirements when joining. Believe me, this WORKS. Just look at my guild if you don't believe me. I gained five members in about ten minutes just by being kind and upfront.

Tip #3: Stay and Chat

Show the potential member that you want them to join. Introduce yourself; ask them how they are doing and if you can assist them in helping them find a guild that suits them. Wait to see if they respond; if not, just kindly leave one more post saying something like "ok, when you get a chance, check out (guild name here). Thanks!" If they do respond, stay! Chat! Make a new buddy! Even if they don’t join, they see you have welcoming members and they will definitely keep your guild in mind. Especially if you are the guild leader or co-owner.

Tip #4: Don’t Beg and Ask Questions

This is the most annoying thing to a guildless person. If you post an ad and they say no to your guild, just say thank you anyway and LEAVE. Don’t play 20 questions and ask "Why”, “Why don’t you like it?!","What's wrong with it??” They really won’t join and definitely will not keep your guild in mind. Also, don’t say "PLEASEEE JOIN!!" or "OMG I WILL CLOSE THE GUILD IF YOU DONT JOIN!!!” That is very irritating and immature. So don't do it. Getting all dramatic about one member is going to make people think you are a crazy person.

Tip #5: At Least Have an Ad

Do not go to a board and say "JOIN MY GUILD NOW!!" At least have a presentable ad if you don't have time to stay and chat. You WILL sound like an overgrown n00b. Not to mention very annoying and rude.

Tip # 6: Read the First Post!

Many people have requirements on what they want in a guild. READ THEM! No matter how much you don’t want to. Too bad. This is an easy tip. If you don’t have what they want, move on to the next post. It is very annoying when someone asks for “NR ONLY” and 20 Celeb and HP guilds are posted. By reading their post and paying attention, this also shows that you’re interested in them as a member and are willing to respect their wishes.

Tip #7: DON’T SPAM!

This is the easiest one. Post your ad only ONCE. Do not keep posting and posting or say “Join my guild” over and over again. It is spam and people will report you. Not only is it spam, it is also annoying. It makes you seem as if you have no experience in a guild and your guild probably looks like somebody chewed it up and spit it back out. Sad to say, I know. But I am here to tell the truth and help YOU out.

Tip #8: Pay Attention To Who You’re Advertising To

If you are determined to find active, helping members, pay attention to who you’re advertising to. If you enter a board and see that the person is a newbie with no font, pets, or anything, don’t post to them. I know it sounds rude, but most of the time, newbies just join a guild just to join. They are not active and don’t help out. You will most likely end up deleting them when the time comes to clean up all those inactive members. Look for people who have requirements and are really focused on what they want. This usually leads to finding a person who is going to be a great addition to the guild and help out as much as possible. But this all depends on you.

Tip # 9: DO NOT Offer Anything You Can’t Give

Ok, you’re a new owner and you want members. Yeah, I get that, BUT do NOT say you have something that your guild does not have. If they ask for activities and you don’t have those, don’t tell them you do. This will make a person join, leave, and then remember you as the leader that lies. I don’t think you want that now, do you?

Well. There you go. See how simple this process really is? Just be polite, show you want them in your guild and don’t be a n00b. XD Impress them and make them interested in your guild. Also answer any questions they have. I really hope my little guide helped. Feel free to neomail me with comments or suggestions. I look forward to them. :) I’m also looking forward to more successful guilds out there! Look for more guides soon!

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