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A Neopian's Guide to 'Pound Surfing'

by shuvininababa


You may have heard discussions about 'Pound surfing' on the Neoboards. You were probably wondering what in Neopia they were talking about! Is it difficult? Is it a popular sport? Will you need to bring your own surfboard or do Neopets supply them?

First of all, let me explain a few things. You will not require a surf board to go Pound surfing. Why is this? Because it’s not real surfing, silly! Pound surfing is simply a name given to the process of searching the Pound for rare, high level and limited edition pets. The word 'surfing' is simply a metaphorical term. This is because there are many similarities between real surfing and Pound surfing. Surfing is difficult. So what is Pound surfing. Surfing requires practice and skill. So does Pound surfing. Surfing requires you to be quick. So does Pound surfing. I will now stop boring you by stating the similarities between surfing and Pound surfing.

So why Pound surf then? Why not simply create a pet, then paint it with a paint brush? Why not buy a lab ray and zap your pets with it? Why not purchase a pricey morphing potion? I shall give you three reasons.

1) Pound surfing is free!

Well, apart from the few hundred Neopoints you have to pay for adoption fees. Compared to the hundreds of thousands you pay for lab map pieces and paint brushes, these fees are pretty low. Pound surfing is by far the least expensive option when it comes to getting a rare pet.

2) Pound surfing is fun!

Yes, it may take hours. Yes, you may miss out on the opportunity to adopt a rare pet because of your slowness. The negatives of Pound surfing, however, are minor. The great feeling you get when you nab that spotted Bruce or tomato Chia simply cannot be put into words. Despite owning four pets myself, I still surf the Pounds, posting the names of rare pets on the boards for others to adopt just to get a fraction of that feeling.

3) Adopting from the Pound is kinder.

Why create a pet when there are many rare and exciting pets in the Pound awaiting a new owner? These poor pets are simply dying for a new home. Adopting a homeless pet will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, rather like the feeling you get when you mind a mystical codestone lying on the floor. Go on. Give a pet a home today.

So, I bet you now can't wait to give Pound surfing a go. You will be drumming your fingers on your computer desk in excitement. The palms of your hands will be sweating like a Skeith who has been for a jog in the high temperatures of Mystery Island. You will be fantasising about being the proud new owner of a grey Poogle, or a Christmas Grundo. But hold your horses! Or hold your Unis, I should say. I shall first give you a few tips on the art of Pound surfing. It isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

1) Be patient.

Sometimes you will have to spend hours searching the Pound in order to spot a rare pet. Sometimes you will only spend five minutes. Just don't give up! Keep on trying and you will get there eventually. Just keep on clicking ‘view more Neopets’ until you spot a pet you like. It will be worth it in the end.

2) Be quick.

As soon as you see a pet you want, don't Neomail your friends to tell them of your great discovery. Don't read a book to your JubJub. Don’t ask your Petpet what they think of the matter. (It’s likely that they will simply scratch themselves anyway.) First of all, click the adopt button. Remember that there will be thousands of Neopians hungrily searching the Pound for their dream pets too. If you don't click on the adopt button fast enough, some other lucky person will end up with the pet you want. Missing out on a rare pet is probably the biggest downside to Pound surfing.

3) Don't expect to get your dream pet immediately.

Remember that Faerie Cybunnies are very popular pets; so it is very unlikely that someone will Pound one. Aim for less rare pets. Remember that any rare pet is a great find.

4) Have enough Neopoints.

Visit your bank before you go Pound surfing. If a pet costs four hundred and thirty four Neopoints, Dr Death will not accept a measly two hundred! It is unlikely that your orange Koi will still be in the Pound when you get back from your trip to the games room to hastily scrape that last fifty Neopoints. Come prepared!

5) Visit the Pound boards.

There will often be topics where your fellow ‘Pound surfers’ will post the names of rare pets for you to adopt. There will also be Neopians pounding their Neopets at set times. If so, take a note of these times and then search for the particular Neopet at the time given. Be aware of the dozen other Neopians who also will be attempting to adopt the same pet at the same time as you.

6) Make sure you have three pets or less.

There is no point in Pound surfing if you already own four pets. You can only own four pets at a time, so please don’t spend hours searching for rare pets if you already own four. You will simply see a sign from Neopets saying that you already have four pets. I’m sure it would be frustrating to spot a pineapple Chia, knowing that you can’t adopt it.

I shall now leave you to discuss your new hobby on the boards with other avid Pound surfers. Remember not to be too greedy and to take care of all your pets. They are not just showpieces. They have feelings too! Every pet deserves to be fed, played with, groomed and read to. Enjoy Pound surfing and don’t forget to boast to everyone on the Neoboards about your rare findings.

Please note: I take no responsibility for angry Neopians on the boards hurling insults at you for boasting about your findings. I take no responsibility for them calling you a ‘smelly n00b’ or ‘greedy dung’. I also take no responsibility for you catching the disease ‘Poundsurferitus’. Thanks for listening.

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