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Finding the Perfect Location for your Neohome

by magenta125


Ever contemplated where you should build your neohome? Especially since the new Neohome 2.0 was released? Would you fit in more with the warm sands of Mystery Island or the historical past of Altador? Well, fear no more; this quiz will help assure you to find the perfect site for your neohome based on your personality and needs.

It’s recommended that you record your answers. It may get a bit confusing.

1.) You just finishing doing your dailies and you’ve got some free time. What do you decide to do?

a. Play beach volleyball with some Myncies; they know the game better than they know where their own tail is.

b. Watch some Poogle Racing; that’s enough excitement for a month.

c. Head over to the nearest carnival; you love to waste your neopoints on silly and possibly rigged games.

d. Climb the largest mountain; you love the challenge of a seemingly impossible mission.

e. Play some Tug-of-War; who needs beach volleyball when you can pull a rope with all your might?

f. Go fishing; you love to relax and have patience to spare.

g. Hang out with some newly liberated Grundos. They’re brimming with enthusiasm, but who wouldn’t be after what they’ve been through?

h. See the latest rock concert; you love to hear the hippest music.

i. Search for buried treasure; don’t you want to be a millionaire?

j. Count potatoes; it’s harder than it looks.

k. Hit some main shops; you need to buy food and new clothing anyway.

l. Travel on various flying ships; it’s the best method of transportation.

2.) Who are your ideal neighbors?

a. Local islanders with the usual tan and white skin, grass skirt, and shell necklace.

b. Magical beings with powerful elemental abilities and sometimes wings.

c. Creepy and perhaps wicked residents; they’re not... so bad once you get to know them.

d. Animated cheerful neopets, who love selling and giving discounted items and are extremely energetic during seasonal times.

e. A royal family, with a large history of difficulty that includes poisoning, curses, and betrothal.

f. Excellent swimmers with gills and fins; who wouldn’t be up for a pleasant dip?

g. Space inhabitants, a variety of former slaves and evil scientists.

h. Prehistoric neopets, including your Grarrls, evil beasts, and musicians.

i. Treasure loving Pirates, who may occasionally commit illegal activities such as smuggling.

j. Knights, mages, heroes, farmers, and kings, whether they are a bit grumpy or wise.

k. Typical neopets and neopians, including some fun loving Blumaroos and Kikos.

l. A small cluster of citizens who enjoy your money... I mean company.

3.) What type of climate do you prefer to live in?

a. Tropical, warm, and full of sun; can you have too much sun?

b. Climate? Who needs climate? I prefer to be high above this so-called climate, somewhere in the clouds.

c. Dark, eerie, and spooky. Did I mention dark?

d. Snow and ice year round, a high altitude, and an extreme almost unbearable cold.

e. Arid, dry, and hot all year; that’s why there are fans.

f. Exceptionally moist... actually wet. Completely and utterly wet, almost as if I’m underwater.

g. Controlled climate, who needs unpredictability? I like living indoors 24/7.

h. A mix of both flourishing and sizzling climate. I like the option of being in a lush deep jungle or on a scorching plateau.

i. Tropical with some elevated winds and rain, great for sailing!

j. Lush and anything else that is supportive for growing vegetables, especially marrows and potatoes.

k. A temperate climate, sun, clouds and rain. Nothing too extreme for me.

l. High altitude and cool... but who really cares about climate? As long as it brings customers, I’m content.

4.) It’s time for dinner, what kind of food did you prepare?

a. Tropical fruits, I adore those exotic fruits. They’re so juicy and succulent.

b. Faerie Bubbles and anything light and fluffy. It also has to have an attractive appearance and up to the same standards of the faeries; why would anyone eat anything less than the best?

c. Tongue with Veggies, Snorkle Snout, and some Mummy Spaghetti. I love food that terrifies Neopets just as much as the idea of the Lab Ray.

d. Frozen cold food; it’s the best. Particularly those frosty Ice Lollys, Brucicles, and Chia Pops.

e. Ummagines, Baggusses, and Sand food. I mean, who doesn’t love sand? They don’t call them sandwiches for nothing! If you haven’t already, try some. It’s a bit dry at first, but you’ll get accustomed to it.

f. Fish and kelp; what else is there to eat? Also, if you have the time, I recommend Kelp; it’s the finest restaurant around. And if you have some Breadfish, try it with Butterfish; it’s the perfect combo.

g. Cosmic foods; those Grundos sure know how to cook a delectable meal. It may look a bit foreign to a newcomer, but it’s better than what your owner feeds you. That’s for sure!

h. Omelettes; I can’t imagine breakfast without a slice from the Giant Omelette. It’s just tradition, like doing dailies.

i. Me cookin'? That’s never goin' to happen. I say ye should visit the Golden Dubloon instead; ye haven’t had real food till ye have the food there. Enough said matey.

j. Gruel and stale bread. And you’ve got to try some of the potatoes and peas. They’re nothing like what you’ve had before.

k. Anything really, pizza, hot dogs, baked goods, chocolate, healthy food... I literally mean anything.

l. Dumplings, noodles, and tea. I love eating food that’s different; I’m unique, thus I eat uniquely.

5.) How do you envision your perfect neohome being decorated?

a. With bamboo and coconuts, tons of them everywhere.

b. Lots of Fyora, nova, and cloud decorations; who can resist the mystical feel in your own home?

c. Frightening haunted furniture, and possibly something sharp. I love the sinister sense at home.

d. Ice and snow furniture along with some festival decorations. I like to be cold in my own house; it makes me feel warm on the inside. And I’m always in the mood for the holidays!

e. Overflowing with pottery; it’s the best embellishment possible for a neohome, especially the hand painted ones.

f. Coral and kelp furniture, with aqua walls and posters of Isca and Caylis. I adore the sensation of being underwater with my two favorite heroines.

g. Orange, iron, hovering, and glow in the dark furniture, a very space-like environment for me.

h. Stone, dung, and straw furniture, cheap and simple.

i. Pirate ship decoration; my true home is at sea on my ship.

j. Royal rugs and plenty of banners surrounding stone walls and floors.

k. Anything I like, really; I’m flexible and love variety.

l. Exotic decorations with geometry and symmetry.

6.) Time for a fight at the Battledome; what weapons do you choose?

a. My Fruit Bomb and Coconut Slingshot; you’d be surprised how powerful fruits can be.

b. My Glittery Faerie Dust and Air Faerie Token; don’t let the glitter and beauty fool you.

c. My Darigan Sword of Death and Ghostkerbomb; the horrifying sight of these two should make you forfeit already.

d. My Freezing Potion and Sticky Snowflake; getting cold feet?

e. My Sakhmetian Dagger and Dehydration Potion; don’t pass out just yet.

f. My Swirling Seaweed Orb and Runed Maractite Bow; fear the seaweed.

g. My Virtublaster 5000 and Ylanas Blaster; get blasted away with these two.

h. My Fire Hammer and Rings of Fire; do you feel the heat?

i. My Smugglers Treasure Chest and Golden Pirate Amulet, best weapons over the Neopian Seas.

j. My Leaded Elemental Vial and Golden Compass; these two will never fail.

k. My Wand of Ultranova and Rainbow Frost Cannon; don’t underestimate the power of the more typical weapons.

l. My Night Katana and Engraved Chakram; watch out, they’re sharp.

Now that you have completed those questions, tally up your answers and whichever response has the most tallies, you’re best suited for. But before you build your neohome, you should explore the land and find out if it is really right for you.

If you mostly answered A, then you should live on Mystery Island. You’ll fit right in with the islanders. You love to relax and spend your days sunbathing on the beach. It’s hard to aggravate you; you tend to stay calm and not let stressful things bother you. At Mystery Island you might want to spend your time taking a Tiki Tour, training your pets at the Training School, or maybe visiting the local Island Mystic. Now if you’re not very fond of Mystery Island, don’t tell the natives that, but you should check out Lutari Island. You might like the mysterious island and its Lutaris more.

If you mostly answered B, then you should build your neohome on Faerieland. You love the idea of living on a Cloud, high above everyone else. You’re not afraid of heights or to be a bit more daring than most others. You adore luxury and don’t mind splurging your neopoints as long as you’re living on top like the faeries do. At Faerieland, you might want to take some time to spin the Wheel of Excitement, get your Neopet a job at the Employment Agency, or solve the Faerie Crossword of the day.

If you mostly answered C, then you’re meant to live in the Haunted Woods or on the Darigan Citadel. You love things that would frighten the life out of most Neopians and their Neopets. You don’t mind the dark and sinister aspects of these lands; in fact you might even be a bit evil yourself. You probably plot to rule the world in your spare time, but if you ever do take a break in the Haunted Woods, you might enjoy completing quests for the Brain Tree and the Esophagor, venturing into the Castle of Evil Thade, or visiting the Deserted Fairground. If you decide to live on the Darigan Citadel, then you might enjoy playing Cellblock with the local inmates, testing your Petpet’s strength in the Petpet Arena, or visiting Lord Darigan to see if he’s rebuilt his kingdom.

If you mostly answered D, then you should live on Terror Mountain. You love the snow so much you could live where it never ceases to snow. You enjoy living at such a high altitude; the journey back to civilization doesn’t scare you. You love challenges and thrill of adrenalin. One of your favorite pastimes is celebrating; you go all out during the Month of Celebrating. Nothing can bring you down; you’re always merry, probably a bit too much at times. At Terror Mountain, you might want to visit the Igloo Garage Sale and Tarla’s Shop of Mystery, journey into the Snowager’s Ice Cavern, or maybe play a round of Snow Wars.

If you mostly answered E, then you should build your new neohome in the Lost Desert. You can take the heat; there are so many activities that you don’t even think about the heat. You’re an active person who doesn’t let obstacles get in their way. You can be a bit impulsive at times; maybe that’s how you ended up living in the middle of the desert. However, during your stay or permanent residence in the Lost Desert, you may choose to visit Coltzan’s Shrine, shop for scrolls at Sutek's Scrolls, or maybe play a round of Sakhmet Solitaire.

If you mostly answered F, then pack your bags and head to Maraqua. You love salt water enough to inhabit it. You’re a fun loving Neopian who enjoys spending their time swimming and stroking through the water. You’re one of the most graceful Neopians today. You tend to be more careful and conscious of your decisions; you might over analyze from time to time. While Maraqua may be rebuilding and lacking in activities compared to other lands, nonetheless you might enjoy fishing at the Underwater Cavern, eating an excellent meal at Kelp, or assembling shells at the Collectable Sea Shells shop.

If you mostly answered G, then you should prepare for your move to the Virtupets Space Station. Just watch out for Dr. Sloth and his plots to invade. You like being ahead of the game, and love competition, it doesn’t stop you, only fuels you more. At the Virtupets Space Station, you may find pleasure in trying your luck at the Level of Doom, playing Spell-or-Starve, or adopting a Grundo. However, if you’re not a big fan of the Space Station, you might want to check out Kreludor; where you may find delight in mining at the Kreludan Mining Corp, reading some new books at Booktastic Books, or pushing a token into the NeoCola Machine.

If you mostly answered H, then you should live in Tyrannia. Beware of the evil pterodactyls, though! You’re generally a person who likes things simple; there’s no need to complicate anything. You also don’t feel to lavish your neopoints; you buy items based on functionality and necessity. And you love to shop around for the best price out there. In Tyrannia, you might want to spend your leisure time playing Grarrl Keno, seeing the hottest rock concert at the Tyrannian Concert Hall, or spinning the Wheel of Monotony.

If you mostly answered I, then you should live on Krawk Island. The pirate life is for you! You love to loosen up after some hard work making neopoints... doing what it is you do. You have an inclination to spend a lot of neopoints at once, whether it is on a paint brush or at the casino, but every time you do spend your neopoints you enjoy it. On Krawk Island, you’ll find bliss in dining out at the prestigious Golden Dubloon, playing a game of Dubloon Disaster, or enrolling your neopet at Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy.

If you mostly answered J, get you and your neopets to Meridell, Brightvale, or Altador. You’re a person who likes do to things the traditional way, no need to have the latest gadgets. You complete your tasks the way your forefathers did; if it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for you. You have patience and a sort of wisdom that may seem unattainable to others. You’re quite fond of historical items and events. Nonetheless, you may want to set time aside in Meridell to place a bet on Turdle Racing, attempt to wake the great Turmaculus, or tell a joke to the Grumpy Old King. In Brightvale, you might want try spinning the Wheel of Knowledge, visiting the prominent window shop Brightvale Glaziers, or imparting knowledge to the Wise Old King. In Altador, free time may be spent gazing upon the great legends in Hall of Heroes, reading famed history at the Altadorian Archives, or wasting neopoints at the local shops such as Magical Marvels.

If you mostly answered K, you’d be fit to live in Neopia Central, Kiko Lake, or Roo Island. You’re the classic kind of Neopian who spends time with their devoted neopets. You cherish time with family and friends as well. You are likely to be the fun loving and happy-go-lucky Neopian. You live for the simple delights of life. In Neopia Central, time is well spent purchasing items at the various shops, buying rare merchandise at the Auction House, or admiring artwork at the Art Centre. On Kiko Lake, you’ll find delight in the tiny pleasures of the Glass Bottom Boat Tours or browsing the Carpentry and Treats shops. On Roo Island, many spend time riding the local Merry Go Round, playing the renowned Dice-A-Roo, or purchasing keepsakes at Roo Island Souvenirs.

If you mostly answered L, you should find a neohome in Shenkuu. You’re the kind of person who is fond of being distinct; you don’t really mind what others think of you. You have a unique and sometimes foreign taste. However, you do have an inclination to be a bit materialistic; you’re quite attached to your neopoints. Your greatest enjoyment is earning those neopoints. In Shenkuu, many find amusement in mixing ingredients at Culinary Concoctions, participating in a game of Kou-Jong, and shopping at the numerous shops such as Fanciful Fauna.

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